This interview with Iscariah of Dead To This World was done by e-mail by Sam Chronic in June, 2006.

After departing Immortal prior to the band hanging up it’s spikes; former bassist Iscariah has done just the opposite; playing with the numerous projects: Necrophagia, Wurdulak, Amok and now with his own creation; Dead To This World. This Thrash/Black metal outfit has ignited the metal community with a demo and recently a 7” split with Audiopain. I recently caught up with Iscariah to discuss the upcoming Dead To This World upcoming full length as well as what sort of horror movie we would see with himself in the director’s seat. Read on to find out more….

To start off with tell us a little about Dead To This World and how the project came to be.
I decided to start up this band as a project back in 2002 after I had left Immortal. I really needed a creative outlet at that point since I had not been creative since I joined Immortal 3 years prior to that. It was crucial for me to get back into this, so I started playing around with some ideas, and time went by quite quickly. Last year I decided to really start pushing forward with it properly and recorded a demo and got a full lineup set up. I am very pleased with the situation now.

You have taken multiple elements of thrash and black metal for a grim yet unique sound - did you have a certain idea in mind when you began writing material?
Well, yeah kind of since I was quite fed up with the extreme metal scene after I left Immortal in 2002 and I felt that I had to write my own music of what I would like to hear. I thought quality was poor around me, so I had to sit down and come up with something which I would like to hear myself and things which I felt had been very absent for the last decade.

Just wanted to comment and say that I think the material is killer and I think it is great to hear something with an innovative edge to it....
Thanks bro - I appreciate that a lot. We are quite happy with the direction things are heading towards now and the overall response has been phenomenal!

You have two releases now - one of which is a split with Audiopain - is this a collaboration that you had in mind when recording material?
Actually no. The whole idea for the split came from Hearse Records who asked me if I could think of any band that we would like to do a split with, and I thought Audiopain was the best idea we could come up with at the time. I know Sverre a bit and they are great! I am very pleased that they accepted to do it.

You are currently now writing material for a full length - is the first for Dead To This World to have additional musicians with Lava and Mord?
Actually they are playing on the split 7 as well, and I am really proud of having these guys in the band. Good friends & equal goals. I played already with Lava in Amok and so when the time came to get a full lineup together it was obvious he should be in this band. Also, Lava suggested us to try out Mord on drums who I also knew a bit from before, and its been great so far.

When can we expect to see the full length in release?
I am working on a lot of material now these days and doing preproductions, but I really hope we should get to record the album during late autumn or so. We are also negotiating with a label who should hopefully come through and do it.

With also being a member of Necrophagia, Wurdulak and Amok when do you find time to even go home and sleep or spend time with your family?
Man, its sounds like a lot of work, but seriously its fine & also Wurdulak hasn't done anything for years! Necrophagia is pretty much recording and writing this year and no tours, so I am left with Amok and DTTW which we hope to push hard through this year. We just finished the Amok debut album Necrospiritual Deathcore now and we will have it out through Planet Satan Revolution during August. Finally!!! Still loads of time for family!

Would you say that one of the above projects comes first in importance to you?
I would say that Dead to this World has top priority for me now although I am still up for working on Amok and Necrophagia of course! I am not the main creative input in those bands either now, so it is not a problem. My creative outlet now stays with Dead to this World. It just seems like the best solution, but I will put in some bits and bobs here and there for amok and necro as well of course!

Is it a struggle to meet up with the other members to rehearse or write?
Actually, no! All 3 of us live in or around the city of Bergen, so we have plenty of time to hang out, rehearse and whatnot!

You were back in forth from England to Norway was this due to musical projects or just personal?
I felt that it was time to get some new impulses. I was quite tired of the Bergen scene at that point. I also had a musical project over there, but I knew even before I went that it would only be temporarily. I could never live in the uk. It was still a pleasant change for me and I grew a lot as a musician over there working and learning from some really great British musicians.

Being somebody that has been in the scene for so long and been a part of many bands - how do you feel about the evolution of the music scene in Norway?
To be honest with you I am not really that updated and I guess I havent really been in at least 10 years. There are so many bands now, but if a friend recommends a band I try to check them out. Some really nice surprises though this year so far with the new Keep of Kalessin and the new Enslaved album.

What bands are you currently listening to or recommend?
Since I am in the middle of the writing process for the debut album, I don't really listen much to metal now. I just cant do that cause it gets too interfering and annoying for me, but there is one album which I really enjoy now and that is the new Celtic Frost album. It is definitely growing on me.

In a Wurdulak interview a few years back we discussed horror movies for some time - tell me what you think about the following films if you have seen them.

1) Hostel
Haven't seen it yet

2) The Devils Rejects
I really enjoyed this movie and its soo much better than the house of a 1000 corpses I think. I saw this at the premiere in Hollywood and it blew me away. Can't wait for more!

3) The Hills Have Eyes (remake)
Haven't seen it yet

4) House of Wax (remake)
Haven't seen it yet

5) Saw and Saw II
Haven't seen the second one, but the first one was ok I think. Nothing too impressive though.

Having seen the originals - how do you feel about the trend of remakes in the last couple of years with some of the horror movies?
To be honest with you, I am not that interested in remakes as they tend to loose the magic and the creepy feel to them. Just look at The Ring and you will see how much the US version sucked! I am dreading to see what they did with The Omen. Pretty sure I wont watch it though hehe.

If you were to make a horror movie tell us what the storyline would be.
Actually I was thinking about this the other day and it would most likely be something about how religious groups teaches small communities to indulge in the great arts of depraved sexual cleansing. Christian Hardcore Porn. Would be great! Haha would be tricky to get in the 5 year olds though cause without them it just wouldn't be very realistic.

Back to the band - what the plans for the future of Dead To This World?
Right now its just to keep working on the material for the debut album. It will take a lot of work and also a lot of preproductions, but we hope to get it recorded by early November. Also, some shows will follow through the winter. Gigs in England, Greece & Norway are already being set up.

Do you have anything else in the works for other projects?
Actually no! Right now its strictly Dead to this World then move on to next album of Necrophagia after the Amok album is finished. One more project would be too much.

That is all for my interrogation - do you have anything else you would like to add?
Thanks man for yet another interview! Great support! Speak soon! Oh and should be up and running in some time. All hail!

Thanks to Iscariah for taking time for this interview - entertaining as always! This is definitely a highly recommended band so make sure to look out for the upcoming full length from Dead To This World and visit the Myspace page linked below for recent news and updates.

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