This interview with Lars Löfven from the Swedish death metal band Defleshed was done by Josh Ngolls through e-mail in late August 2002.

After 11 years as a band, Sweden's Defleshed are preparing to release their 3rd full-length album upon the metal world. Along with some recordings in their early days, the deathrash 3 piece are also responsible for 1997's "Under The Blade" and 1999's "Fast Forward", both of which embody the catchy riffing of thrash and violent urgency of early death metal. Songs like "Metallic Warlust" and "Feeding Fatal Fairies" tear along and embed themselves in your brain with the addictive melodies and natural appeal of the band's now trademark sound. Despite these solid efforts, the band has been oddly silent since their last album, so I decided to find out what was going on from guitarist and founding member Lars Löfven.

So we haven't heard from Defleshed in a while. What have you been up to?
- We have been taking it easy for a while to recharge our batteries, and try to figure out what we wanted to do for our next release. Matte also been doing some work with Dark Funeral, so we decided to take it slow until they had done most of their touring for their new album. Our new record will probably be released by Century Media in the US.

How did you hook up with your new label? This is twice that Defleshed has released a great album on a large label in North America, only to end up shopping around in the end.
- Jesper from In Flames has a side project called Dimension Zero on the label Regain Records.(interviewers note: awesome band! Check them out!!) He mentioned that we were looking for a new deal, so Per from Regain called us up and offered us a deal. In the end, we decided that he had the best offer and signed.

What are some of the differences you notice in Sweden between now and when you were growing up?
- Alot more violence than before. People raping & murdering each other; it's fucking sick!

Do all the members of Defleshed like the same kinds of music, or is it a fight to have certain influences come in and out of the band?
- We all listen to different stuff, but we never have any problems with what direction we should go. It's pretty simple: I do all the music, Gustaf does all the lyrics, and Matte and I put the drums together with the guitars. It always works out.

Your drummer Matte also plays with Dark Funeral. Are either of you other two in other bands?
- I personally am too lazy to be in another band. Gustaf will be touring with Denmark's Illdisposed untill they find a new bass player.

What are some of your favorite new bands?
- The Haunted, Raised Fist, Halford, Vomitory, Witchery.

What are some of your favorite older bands?
- AC/DC, Dio, Testament, Exodus, Forbidden.

Do you ever want to get a second guitar player, or do you enjoy playing as a 3 piece? I suppose the sound of the band might suffer from having another member, yet new fans might be attracted with some experimentation.
- We have thought about it before, but decided not to have another guitar player. I mean, it's so easygoing being a three piece. "The more the merrier"?....... I think not.

Your lyrics are brief and objective. Who writes them all and are they written before the music or added after the songs are done?
- Gustaf writes them all. I've never taken interest in writing lyrics, since I suck at it. We always do the music before adding the lyrics. I don't think that I would be able to unleash Gustafs' fury and then try to make a song out of that.

How often does Defleshed practice? Do you all play on your own as well?
- We used to rehearse alot before, but now we only rehearse when were going in the studio or out for shows. I don't have a guitar or an amplifier at home, so I don't practice alot. I'll maybe go to the rehearsal room once a month.

What are recording costs like in Sweden?
- I can only speak for us because I don't have a clue what the studio rates are. The studio costs for "Royal Straight Flesh" were about 8500 US dollars.

You have some shows in Germany coming up. Where is the biggest Defleshed fanbase?
- I would have to say Germany and France. We never been over to the States, but we are getting a great response from there also.

Bands like Spawn of Possession, Nile and Cryptopsy seem to be taking metal to new limits. Do you try to keep up, or just play what you like and keep the Defleshed sound?
- We do our stuff and are not trying to compete with anyone. You can take speed to a certain point and if you lose the rawness and structure of a song just going 100 miles an hour, then what's the point? Defleshed will always stay Defleshed.

If there was a war, would you fight for Sweden?
- If it would be for a very fucking good reason, not if Sweden would try to expand its borders.

According to their website,, we are mere months away from a new slab of raging deathrash. If you need to hear a band tear shit up with down-picking mayhem and thrash rhythms abound, Defleshed is a band that you should definitely investigate. They are simple, to the point and accessible. Their site includes full lyrics to all the Defleshed songs, as well as photos and all the other information you could possibly want on the band.

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