This interview with bass player S. Berserker of Deströyer 666 was done through e-mail in May 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
Giving money to the Dutch governement.

You have just released your fourth full-length album "Cold Steel...For An Iron Age" through Season Of Mist, are you happy with the result?
All in all, Iīm happy with the end result, particularly the sound. The songs are written well we think. we were all blown away by the sound of "Strange old brew" by Carpathian Forest, harsh and raw yet clear and HEAVY. When people think raw, they immediately think of "Transylvanian Hunger", but to me it can still have plenty of crunch, just minus the over polishing in the mix. But anyway, it turned out that Terje is now based in Marseille so our label being from there too struck up a deal, killer shit, the sound is heavy. The only complaint about the album is that the cover was fucked up.

Deströyer 666 has existed since 1994, do you think you have ever been as strong as you are now?
The name is certainly growing, and I think yes, the status is more wide spread than itīs ever been.

You are playing very violent music, do you think violent music equals violent souls?
To some degree yes. This doesnīt mean people who make violent music go out and bash in peopleīs heads with crowbars, playing violent music releases heaps of aggression and energy. On a more defiined note Iīd say violent music by aggressive souls.

Where do you find inspiration when writing music and lyrics and who does what in the band?
At this stage we all contribute to the songs. All members energy is put into every song, even if one person wrote that song, either through ideology or music, Warslut uses his perceptions and ideologies for the bandīs basic ethos. As far ītryingīto evolve, forcing evolution in creating music always comes out sounding contrived, the band has specific aims for example, in nominating a style in metal and trying to play just that style, if the riff sounds good itīs built into a song, no matter if it sounds either black or death or thrash metal. If itīs heavy then thatīs all that matters.

Black metal has grown to become very popular during the 1990's, do you think black metal can go commercial with bands like Cradle Of Filth signing with Sony and Satyricon with EMI for Scandinavia?
I canīt ever imagine black metal will flood the top 40 charts, but if a few bands can make their way to the "top2 then good for them really. Iīm not really a fan of the bands you just mentioned but Iīd rather hear that than some bullshit fabricated bitch with a hot arse singing about her high school love.

You are originally from Australia but as I understand you have relocated to Europe. When and why did you take this decision?
We moved to Holland a year ago. As is probably obvious, Europe is where there is the best chance to promote your band, ESPECIALLY if itīs metal, thereīs plenty of places to play, and Holland is obviously central. It was a case of taking the plunge and dedicating ourselves to living in Europe for the sake of the band, or īwaitingī in Australia as everything happens in Europe and hoping that someone will pay for regular trips, itīs not going to happen, so it was a fucken good decision I think. Also for the fact that if we did maybe 2 tours in 3 years in Europe (while being based in Australia) and that was it, the name would be quickly forgotten shortly after. Being here and playing regular gigs shows that weīre taking action 100%.

Is Season Of Mist a good label for the band or do you wish for more?
They have been very good in most regards. They have got us on many festivals and 2 tours. My only complaint is their lack of aesthetics when it comes to merchandise and marketing. Plus they completely fucked up our CD cover, BUT, they have been excellent in all other regards.

I know that Bullet Eater played with Hobbs Angel Of Death, have any other members been involved with other bands?
Warslut was involved with Bestial Warlust some years back. Bullet Eater left Dī666 in ī99 to concentrate on his own band Long Voyage Back.

Do you know what your former members Deceiver and Ballistic Howitzer have been up to since they left the band?
Howitzer has been fronting the mighty Gospel of the Horns for around 5 years now and Deciver is involved in the War Metal band Destruktor.

What are your plans and goals for the nearest future?
"Cold Steel for an Iron Age" is out now! Buy it ya bastards! We are releasing a 7" called "Of Wolves, Women and War" through Satanīs Metal rex. here in Holland very soon. Aswell as plans for a mini album towards the end of the year to be released by ourselves. Also we have a tour at the end of the year with Behemoth and Diabolic throughout Europe which should be a ripper.

What are your top five albums ever?
Thatīs a fucking hard question.......Itīd have to be:

Kreator – "Pleasure to Kill"
Slayer – "Reign in Blood"
Exodus – "Bonded by Blood"
The first 4 Metallica albums
Most Sodom plus Iron Maiden and Sadistik Exekution and Necrofuck.

Thereīs 8 "categories"...................

Australia seems to be spawning mostly harsh black metal bands, is there a strong metal scene in the country?
Yeah, the Australian scene certainly has the reputation for raw aggression, Australia had really violent bands from a while back with the likes of Slaughter Lord and Sadistik Exekution, that traidtion seems to have been carried through to today with killer bands like Sadistik Exekution, Gospel of the Horns, Vomitor, Long Voyage Back., Abominator etc. The scene is a killer one, quite small but most people know each other.

Now to my own and brand new right or wrong section. You are just going to tell us whether you think the following acts would be right or wrong:

a) If someone killed Hitler prior to his mass murder campaigns.

b) To burn down a church because it's "evil".

c) To burn down a church because it represents oppression.

d) Sado-masochism.

e) Death penalty.

f) To lie if it will be of benefit to yourself.

g) Censorship.

h) Religion.

i) Communism.

Fuck off to all of it.

Any final words you want the world to know of?
Thanks a lot for the interview and good luck with everything in the future!

Suck more piss! Cheers for the interview and the support...............666

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