This interview with the guitarist / vocalist Vidar W. of Diabolical was done through e-mail in April 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
- Hello Vincent. I知 doing perfectly fine. I知 having 2 days off right now, so I知 in Sundsvall, trying to get some things together for the european tour that we値l do in April. Details such as t-shirts, CD痴, backdrop etc., have to be solved. There痴 a lot of work, for sure. And tomorrow I知 going to Stockholm to raise some hell in the studio!

Your new album "A Thousand Deaths" has just been released, are you happy with the result?
- I知 very happy with the result. It came to be exactly what we were aiming for; faster, harder, heavier, thrashier, more intense, brutal and aggressive than anything that we have done before. And it is not only the actual 都ound that have improved; the songs are also better on 鄭 Thousand Deaths than they were on 鉄ynergy. This is the best DIABOLICAL recording so far.

In what way do you feel that you have improved since the last album?
- The 都ound have improved, with a faster and more aggressive touch to it, the production is better on 鄭 Thousand Deaths than on 鉄ynergy, the actual songs are better, and the individual musical performances are also better, in my opinion.

You are one of several Swedish bands signed to Scarlet Records. Are you happy with their work so far?
- They are doing a very good job, most of the time. Scarlet is the best possible label for DIABOLICAL at this point, and we will continue working with them on upcoming albums as well. I mean there痴 no need to do like other bands, and run away as soon as things are not going exactly as expected. It痴 better to work things out. I have had a lot of arguments with Scarlet, sometimes over longer periods, but we have always tried to work things out, and succeeded.

DIABOLICAL was at first known as MISANTHROPIC ORCHERSTRA, why and when did you change the name?
- We changed name in May 1998 (I think), when Sderberg joined the band on drums. The reason we changed name was because our style developed so much, from having been in the Black Metal vein, to become something different. We play and worship the Metal of Death and will always write and perform diabolical music.

You have had a number of line-up changes during the years. Do you know what your former members have been doing since they left the band? I know that Agilma played with HAIMAD.
- Yes, Agilma is still singing in HAIMAD. But for the other members; I have no idea what they are doing! I知 not in touch with them anymore, except for J.Berndt of course. He is still very active in MヨRK GRYNING of course. Maybe it sounds as if I致e made enemies with the former members of DIABOLICAL, but that is definitely not the case. It痴 just that I don稚 have much of a social life besides the Metal of Death. So, I don稚 take much notice of what痴 happening around me, if it doesn稚 affect me personally. Another reason why I don稚 know much about the former members of DIABOLICAL is of course that they still live in Sundsvall, and I haven稚 lived in Sundsvall for three years. I知 only there 3-4 times / year, and the days in Sundsvall are usually spent rehearsing or meeting other people than former members of DIABOLICAL.

You were recently supposed to go on tour together with SINS OF OMISSION but that never happened, how come?
- Never happened? It hasn稚 happened, but it is just about to do so! If you don稚 have more information than I do, of course (which wouldn稚 surprise me though). We will do 23 dates in Germany, Holland, Beglium, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Switzerland etc., together with AMON AMARTH, VOMITORY, CALLENISH CIRCLE and SINS OF OMISSION. I think that it痴 a great package, and that it痴 going to be a very interesting tour. This is the first real european tour of DIABOLICAL, but it痴 the same for CALLENISH CIRCLE and SINS OF OMISSION, so I guess you could consider us 土oung & hungry in some ways. I hope that the audience will show up, and that we値l be able to thrash em down.

Are any of the current band members involved with other bands or projects?
- Nothing worth mentioning at this point. Maybe later, when something has been released.

You once again chose to conceive the album at Studio Underground. Wouldn't it be exciting to record somewhere else?
- We felt that there were a lot of things to improve from the production of 鉄ynergy, and that recording with P.O. Saether again would give us the opportunity to improve these things. And I believe that we succeeded too! The production on 鄭 Thousand Deaths is thickers, heavier, more powerful and intense than the production on 鉄ynergy.

You live in Sundsvall in the north of Sweden, what is the metal scene like there? What do you think of the Swedish metal scene in general?
- Like I mentioned above, I haven稚 lived in Sundsvall for 3 years. I don稚 know much about the local scene in Sundsvall, but there痴 a lot of cool people here, and probably some good bands too. Our new live basist Roger Bergsten has a band called HECTORITE which I think is quite cool. More in the techno-thrash-vein. I also know that IN BATTLE, ODHINN and SETHERIAL are rehearsing together again, so await a couple of cool 田omebacks within a not too distant future!

What goals and plans do you have for the nearest future?
First we are going to do the european tour for 鄭 Thousand Deaths with our new basist (April/May), which is going to be really interesting. And after that, we池e planning to do a couple of festivals (June/July), probably only in eastern europe though! And after having done that, we値l record the drums for our next full-length album (August). And when the Autumn has come, we池e going to try to get back on the road. That痴 where we belong.

Now to my own and brand new right or wrong section. You are just going to tell us whether you think the following acts would be right or wrong:

a) If someone killed Hitler prior to his mass murder campaigns.
- Hitler? Mass murder campaigns?

b) To burn down a church because it's "evil".
- Right! It serves a cause, and I don稚 give a shit why someone does it, as long as the job gets done!

c) To burn down a church because it represents oppression.
- Right again.

d) Sado-masochism.
- I have no opinion on this subject, so I must assume that it痴 right.

e) Death penalty.
- Wrong, considering the fact that it usually are CHRISTIANS that decides who are going to die. The ones who deserve to die are the assholes themselves; Bush goes first, and the followers follow. Liberty and Justice for all!

f) To lie if it will be of benefit to yourself.
- Depends on who you lie to, of course.

g) Censorship.
- Wrong.

h) Religion.
- Religions have killed billions. It must never stop. As long as the followers stay out of my way, they should feel free to do and worship whatever they want, because in the end it leads to Death! The problem is that they usually don稚 stand out of my way, so the low-lives must pay the price.

Any final words of diabolical worship?
- Big thanks for the interview, Vincent. Your support is truly appreciated. Check out 鄭 Thousand Deaths, if you see it in your local record store, or whatever. Or get it from any underground distro of your own choice. That痴 better. Otherwise, check out [http://come.to/diabolical] for more information about DIABOLICAL, and what we池e doing. Stay true to the Metal of Death!

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