This interview with the Polish death metal band Dissenter was done by Georgios Sidiropoulos in May 2002.

Tell me a few things about your new album. How would you describe it to someone that has never heard it or has never heard of Dissenter?
Itís difficult to advertise a record that Iím one of creator.. he, heÖBut I could to recommend this record to all maniacs who is fascinating brutal death metal with good production, lots of interesting ideas, no devoid of climateís bit and murderous motionÖ

I would like to know how you view the Polish Metal scene of today and the progress that it has made through the years.
Polish Metal scene is really very interesting and strong. No miss very good bands. I think over the last years metal scene developed, more bands introduce really high standard. Next bands sign contacts with western labels and have a chance to play on world tours. Itís very good, a several years ago situation was somewhat differentÖ

Do you feel that Dissenter is an active part of your local scene? Do you play live often either as headliners or as a support band? Can you mention some of the most important concerts that you have played?
Sometimes we play as headliner, another time as support band. Till today we didnít play tremendous numbers of gigs, but we played on the same scene with BLOOD, VOMIT REMNANTS, HOUWITSER, DISGORGE, PROFANITY, SEVERE TORTURE...

What is the current situation with concerts in Poland? Are concerts well attended or is there a drop in the numbers of people who bother to turn up to see gigs nowadays? (If the numbers are not satisfactory can you tell us why Ėin your opinion- is this happening?)
Last time situation with concert in Poland donít look impressive. Many gigs were cancel. Reasons are various, among others things with too high ticketís price, especially on bigger gigs. 5,6 years ago more maniacs was on concerts. Unfortunately people havenít money to go to all concerts which they want. The same about prices of records. Them prices are really cosmic to our conditions. But I assure than Polish fans are really madÖ

Some bands more or less think that once they get signed and have their album released they are done with what they have to do and they are not actually bothered to do put any serious effort after that. What are the steps that your band is willing to take in order to promote the name of the band?
Youíre right. Recordís publication donít take care everything. I think than a lot depends from bandís manager, he have to show professionalism with working. Now we are preparing to gigs with new guitarist because we want to show our material live to a lot amount of maniacs.. Itís very important to usÖ

Can I have an opinion with regards to how you view the current state of the music business? My view is that there are too many labels around that can not promote their bands as effectively as the top independent Metal labels, for the simple reason that these top labels are becoming very dominant by each passing year and as a direct result they suffocate the smaller labels and their acts. The small labels have to push their acts very hard if they are to achieve anything and their bands will have to work really, really hard if they are to become even slightly successful. However most bands donít do that, because they are mistakenly thinking that their labelís promotion is the most important factor for their development and recognition.
I think, the main reason of small labelís failure is no enough money to good promotion of bands. Unfortunately itís realities so without adequate finances small labels not many could doing although big determination, involve and hard work. But I always claim, small labels have a big importance! Small labels give rise to cooperation with bigger labelsÖA glory to them! SoÖÖ

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