This interview with Daniel and Mikael Lindgren of the Swedish melodic death metal band Divine Souls was done through e-mail in July 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Mikael Lindgren: we are wery good. Today is the release of our album!!!! Hope your fine to!!

Your debut album "Embodiment" has just been released by the Italian label Scarlet Records, could you tell us a little about it?
Actually this is our 4 and 5 demo. We recorded the cd in a studio wich is named Soundcreation,this recording was taped in 3 days and mixed on 2 days. so after all we are quite satisfied with the sound altough it could be better.

What is the picture on the album cover supposed to be? Does it mean anything?
It´s a picture of our souls,at the begining of a journey towards HELL!!!! No it doesnt mean anything its just a cover.

The artwork was done by the ex-Soilwork member Carlos Del Olmo Holmberg. I know he left the band to become an artist; do you know what else he has done except for your album cover?
The only things we have seen is the Soilwork cover and another picture that we had to choose from.

Could you tell us a little about the history of the band and also something about the history of Cromlech, who is very closely linked to your's as I understand it?
The band started in 1997 after the split of CROMLECH because Micke and Stefan were tired of the music in CROMLECH and needed some changes.Then decided to start DIVINE SOULS. The original line up were: Mikael Lindgren-drums Stefan Högberg- guitar Peter Näslund- guitar Mattias Lilja- Vocals/bass We recorded our first demo "demo-97" in our own studio "the forbidden tombs of horror" it was mixed and so on by ourselfs. Then our music was more in the blackmetal vein. 6 months later we recorded the "Astraea" demo in studio samsound. It was recorded by Lars-Åke.It didn´t turned out so good, the mixer had never worked with a metal band before. After a while Peter started to show lack of interest so we decided that we were better of without him, then the new guitarist were Patrik Eriksson After that we recorded our third demo "Devils Fortress" it was also recorded in studio samsound by Mårten. This demo resulted in a record deal on voices of death. DIVINE SOULS were to be a part of a compilation cd with a track called "Eye of the serpent". At that time we were also searching for a bass player. So that Mattias could concentrate more on the vocals. But we never found one good enough. Mikael was tired on playing the drums then decided that he had enough and we got a new drummer- Daniel Sjölund. Micke took over the leadguitar instead, then Patrik took over the bass. This way Mattias could concentrate on the vocals.

Then we recorded the "Perished" demo. It were recorded in the same studio- samsound. Fredrik Eliasson and Mikael Jonsson (the golden shower boys) mixed the demo and it was mastered by Per Ryberg at soundcreation. With the Perished demo we got 4 record deal suggestions from labels like:Black mark, Cold blood, Mighty Music, Loud n´ proud. But we didn`t agree on the terms, we wanted a larger budget to record our debut cd so we´ll do a good first impression. After a while Patriks interest in the band started to fade away. So we got a new bassist- Daniel Lindgren. Who Micke had played with in CARNAL AGONY. We recorded the "erase the burden" demo At studio Soundcreation in Bollnäs it was mixed and mastered by Per Ryberg. This is by far the best demo we have recorded. And now we will release our debut album "EMBODIMENT" on Scarlet records.

About Cromlech: we started the band in 1989 and release alot of demos. through the years we got some deals from labels but no good ones. we did a lot of gigs with bands like Therion, Dismember, Entombed, Tiamat, Meshuggah, Merciless and so on. after all the years we got tired of the band Cromlech

Where do those of you who were not members of Cromlech come from? Do any of you play in other bands as well?
Daniel Lindgren: I played in some blackmetalbands, such as carnal Agony, before i joined forces with Divine Souls. and Daniel Sjölund, played in some heavy metal coverbands. Mattias Lilja played guitar and did the vocals in a band called Desolation and he still plays in a band called Livin´cover.

Could you tell us something about the lyrics of the album? Who writes them?
It´s both Me and Daniel Lindgren. we usually share that responsibility. the subject is mostly pain and suffering in the lyrics from suicide to lovesongs.

What else do you do in your lives when not composing or playing music?
We work and drink vodka and tons of beers. Stefan Högberg plays soccer. Mikael usually go fishing, the rest just simply plays and listen to music.

What do you think of the metal scene in Sweden today? Are there any new upcoming bands who deserves more attention?
It´s a very good scene. A new favourite of mine is Skyfire and the project hate who will release their second album in august.

If you were allowed only five things to bring with you to an island in the middle of nowhere what would those things be?
Smelly pussy, tight pussy, wet pussy, shawed pussy and vodka.

What are your future plans and goals?
To finish the material for the upcoming album.and to do some gigs and hopefully a tour and to sell some records. and our goals are to put Divine Souls on the map around the globe.

Any final words for the fans?
Check out our album and for keeping you updated check our website http://www.divinesouls.com/ bang your head till it bleeds.

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