This interview with the bass player Peter Stålfors of Dream Evil was done through e-mail in March 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
Hi, I'm fine thank you and I'm very excited about the release of the "Dragon Slayer" album.

Dream Evil is a very young band, could you please give us a short history lesson?
Well, to make a long story short.. Fredrik met Gus in Greece on a vacation in 1999, they wanted to form a band and called up Niklas to join in as a singer. Niklas then asked me if I was interested in playing the bass. So in spring 2000 we recorded a demo with a drum machine which we showed to Snowy who then decided to join in as well.

Your debut album "Dragon slayer" will soon be released through Century Media, what can the listener expect from it?
I think the sound will give a wide range of people listening pleasure because of the combination of powerful heavy metal and melodic vocals.

When listening to the music and the way your band is presented I can't help but think that Hammerfall made you do this?
Me and Niklas met Fredrik when we sang backing vocals on the two first Hammerfall albums, so you can say that thanks to Hammerfall we met, but that's the only link that Hammerfall has to Dream Evil.

The album contains a very nice song named "In Flames You Burn", did you have a certain other Swedish band in mind when writing the lyrics for this song?
Actually not, we laughed about this afterwards when we realised that we sing "at the gates" in "The chosen ones" too. So "In flames you burn" is not the only song containing a band name. We had the purgatory in mind when we wrote the lyrics and the line "In flames you burn" just felt right to sing on the melody so it's just a coincidence.

Who is responsible for the music and lyrics respectively in the band?
Everyone is responsible for the music and lyrics on this album, we wrote the most lyrics together.

Who came up with the name and why did you pick Dream Evil? Were there other names up for discussion?
I think it was Fredrik who came up with the name "Dream Evil". First we called ourselves "Dragon heart" and later "Dragon Slayer" but we felt that "Dream Evil" was a better name for the band and that we should title the album "Dragon slayer" instead.

You are probably the most unknown of the band members, have you been playing with any other bands before?
Yes, I've been playing the bass for twenty years now and I've been in a lot of different bands with a lot of different band members, some of them quite known now like Joacim Cans from Hammerfall and Daniel Heiman and Fredrik Olsson of Lost Horizon.

Niklas Isfeldt is also pretty unknown until now, where does he come from?
Me and Niklas has been playing together for the last eight years in a cover band so we have known each other for quite a while. If you're asking for a location, I think he's from outer space, or maybe from Hell...ha ha..

Fredrik Nordström is known to most metal fans as the owner of Fredman Studios, has he been active in any bands before other than as a producer?
Fredrik played for a long time in a band called "Snake skin cowboys" and maybe in other bands as well, I really don't know.

The band is quite an international one with Gus G. (Mystic Prophecy, Firewind) from Greece and the rest of you from Sweden, how does this work out?
Well I see your point but actually there's no problem at all just a question of good planning.

I know that you have some shows planned after the release of the album, are you looking forward to this or how do you feel about performing live?
I'm very excited about the coming live performances and I know that the rest of the guys are looking forward for it too. Nothing can compare with the rush you get during a live performance and that's a part of why I'm in this business.

Will Dream Evil continue as a real band or is this just a one time project band?
No, Dream Evil is not a one time project band, we've already started to write new songs for the coming albums. We are as real as it gets.

What do you think of the metal scene in Sweden today, is it still as strong as it has been?
I think it's stronger than ever before, there are a lot of very good Swedish heavy metal bands right now.

Any final words of wisdom for the fans?
Well, some words of wisdom... "Don't cross the sonic barrier on a bicycle without wearing a helmet".

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