This e-mail interview with guitarist Nornagest of the Belgian black metal band Enthroned was done by Everburning in February 2005.

You have just hired a new drummer, what can you share with us about that? How much do you estimate he would be in band? Why did Alsvid left?
Glaurung is without doubt an amazing drummer, and share our belief which is very important to me. Alsvid left because his work couldn't match with Enthroned's plans.

This interview is inspired by an LP release of your latest album, therefore I would like to know if you actually support the current vinyl cult and do you plan to have following albums released on vinyl?
We have always been vinyl fans and maniacs and we want all our albums and so on to be release on vinyl, we are actually looking for a plan to release our back catalogue on LP as well. As you know vinyl are better for many reasons bigger artwork, the charm of the sound ...

How important is the image for Enthroned, both for the band and for the individual members?
I don't know if I can speak of image at least not for myself, I am what I am, I'm on stage like I am in life , the only difference is that I do not walk around in the streets with my guitar and paint. What I preach on stage is what I live day by day in everyday's life. So I can't really speak about an image here.

Is there a chance that Enthroned will some day change its notorious style for something more listenable to a wider audience (for me, your music is very listenable, but the majority doesn’t share my opinion)?
No chance at all! We will always do what we want with no outside influences, our soul and belief are the main things not the dollar "god".If you don't like it don't listen to it! We are not doing this stuff to sell or to bring nice music to the listener, we do this for ourselves (and Satanas) before anything else.

This is very simple, but actually a deep question, why do you prefer the Devil instead of a God? And does it refer only to a particular religious system (since gods and devils are many) or can your system of values exist independently?
I'm not the kind of guy who's gonna share his vision of Satanism with everyone, I share stuff like visions, concept and some believes within my lyrics or some interviews but it ends there! I found my way and agreements with the concepts of the Mekatreg and that's it. I have my own reason to hate the catholic church same goes with some other religions, but this is personal things that I don't wanna share.

Do you follow the paths of Golden Dawn or OTO? Which is more appealing to you, Church of Satan or some Crowley/Western tradition based occult group?
I agree and "follow" some of the principles and concepts of some organisation you just talked about, yes, but I'm not a full time member of any coven except mine. A. Crowley is a grand magus that I respect for all what he achieved and learnt all over the world and in so many different cultures and domains.

How would you comment on the assassination of Dimebag Darrell?
It's a pity, some people are just stupid and it's a shame that he died in such conditions and especially for such reasons!

In an older interview I found these words: “The principal for us, is to play live, and to tour, we love that and live only for that. Metal Attitude forever ! ! !” and I heard you very recently said that you will decrease the number of gigs drastically. Is there a reason for this change of attitude?
Judging by the style it was Sabathan's words, well I think it's better to play less,because we have other things to take care about like private life and composition.

Also, I heard that on your South American tour a guy was stabbed and was bleeding in the pit, how did it feel to watch something like that? Do you think the Enthroned appearance caused this violence?
This incident happened in Colombia so the country is already violent like that, the show and hatred of our show probably created some motivation that's a thing, that was pretty impressive athrough it gave an extra feeling to the show, well that's crap for the guy indeed but as I don't know him I can't really feel sorry or anything.

What about your live album that is planned for release? Where was it recorded and in what format will it be released?
"Black Goat Ritual" was recorded on a Brazillian show ,we didn't want to take samplers of every shows or so because we wanted to keep the pure live feeling with mistakes and so on. It will be release on CD for sure and I REALLY hope on LP as well.

A must question, what does "D.W.T.W.S.B.T.W.O.T.L XES." mean and who is Frater Baphomet?
Well, I guess anyone a bit into Thelema knows what it means, and Frater Baphomet is one out of many names that a grand caracter of the occult world took with the O.T.O and it's subdivisions.

Well, since we are at the end, what are the possibilities of seeing you live in the near future, and are there some other news the public should know of?
We are touring Europe these times so check out our web site for the dates (www.enthroned-horde.com) and 2005 will see the release of "Black Goat Ritual", our first live album, except this we will work for our next release.

Thank you very much for taking time to answer these questions, I hope they were ok with you. Best wishes!
Thanx! AMSG Satan's fix.Virus 9.XES

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