This e-mail interview with Yantit of the German industrial band Ewigheim was done by Fjordi in October 2004.

“Heimwege” tries to depict a particular state of mind, or is more of an _expression of a wide range of feelings? Introduce the album to the neophyte in your own words.
As for the contents, Ewigheim is more our basic worldview than a portrayal of different emotions. The basic idea is to confront the listener with the fact that life is not without limit and he himself is not indispensable. That is what you can gain more or less directly from our texts that often take the form of fables on “Heimwege.”

The last album surprised me since the first song: “Vorspiel” is a gothic lullaby in the strict sense of the word, untypical. Was it intended to be the album intro from the beginning or did it just become the first track when all the songs were finished?
Yes, of course, but it isn’t called “Vorspiel” without a reason. In the German language, “Vorspiel” is the word for the sexual foreplay. It’s simply there to show what the whole CD is about, to provide an appetizer. ‘Lullaby’ is a beautiful interpretation as well; instead of ‘dying,’ one could say ‘going to sleep.’

Another oddity can be found in the song “Der Prophet”: its solemnity is crowned by that operistic excerpt near the end. Where is it taken from? How did the idea arise? We read your answer.
This part is from a performance at Allen B.’s former musical school. So it wasn’t specifically recorded for this CD, in contrast to the other classical parts on “Heimwege.”

The musicians were all from this musical school, and it’s more of a lucky coincidence that they are featured on the CD. The recordings took place over a period of two years, and that enabled us to invite all the people in question to one place and record them under Allen B.’s guidance.

Explain us the meaning and making of the pictures taken in a hearse, with that dark look. Coud you please talk about death as a topic dealt in your lyrics? What are the lyrics about? (Non-German speakers like me are unaware of the meaning)
On the one hand, we wanted photos to highlight the content of the CD; on the other hand, however, we wanted them to simply look weird.

They should show that Ewigheim is the best “euthanasia” you can think of, and they should whet your appetite for dying yourself, just to experience being carried by Ewigheim to Ewigheim.

Hence, death is not a bad thing for us, we rather view it as the end of all earthly misery. Nothing to be afraid of, but something always available as a final expedient.

This is the essence of the lyrics as well. Death as a good, life-ending measure and the hope to demonstrate the people that all is not well on this earth. They should notice that they cannot stand above the rest and trample down things they are in urgent need of. A little more respect, and those who cannot show this respect have in my opinion no right to life.

Prophecy Productions is a very peculiar label with many interesting bands and I´d like you to tell me which is your favourite among them.
From the slower bands, I like The Loveless and Tenhi best, and from the harder I prefer Sun Of The Sleepless.

Gothic metal is a style that in most of the cases is rather uninteresting. Tell me what are your thoughts on that kind of music.
That’s exactly my opinion. Apart from Type O Negative, Jack Frost and a few other bands I don’t really understand this whole genre, finding it rather uninteresting. I like honest music from people revealing who they are and who don’t find it necessary to hide behind something—in this case this something being called ‘Gothic Metal.’

“Gothic metal”... maybe you don´t like that label applied to your music. But what does the term “gothic” for you?
It’s meaningless to me, as I have spend my youth with drunken riots on cemeteries rather than admiring their “morbid beauty” and succumbing to a giant Weltschmerz. When I came into that age, the people in Sweden and Norway started burning down churches. As a teenager, I found that far more impressive than all those “Goths” with their perpetual whining.

What is the reason for not translating your web to English?
(see next question; if we don’t get the texts into the “right” English form, only a German homepage makes sense).

Following with the language subject, I´d like to know what differences do you see between German and English when it comes to Ewigheim verses. By the way, I think German fits your music and -especially the vocals- very well. But have you ever considered the idea of singing in English?
No, we never had, and you already brought it to the point. As I can’t express myself in English, many of the wordplays and puns that make Ewigheim’s lyrics so interesting to me would fall by the wayside. But never mind. I don’t speak any other language than German really good and nonetheless enjoy bands whose lyrics I don’t understand (e.g. Tenhi). I think that’s what makes it all so mysterious and evocative; it would surely be a senseless disappointment for me to discover that Tenhi are singing about recipes.

Despite doing this is really difficult to every musician, tell me three things you wish to express through your music.”The Ewigheim concept is based on...”
1. losing the fear of dying,

2. the unimportance of the individual person,

3. being able to laugh about your own death

Have you other musical projects besides Ewigheim?
Apart from Ewigheim, Allen B. sings for The Vision Bleak (Dark Metal), I play drums for Eisregen (Death Metal) and guitar for Necrotikissme (Punk). In terms of time, there’s no problem as we are both working freelance (Allen B. as a sound engineer and I as tattooer) and hence have a lot of freedom. Additionally, the music of Ewigheim is not the result of time-consuming rehearsals, but is created at home, and we don’t play live often. Lyric- and music-wise, all of these bands are very different from each another, so it’s no problem for us to keep them apart.

Some Rammstein could come to mind when hearing some details of your music. What do you think about that band? It´s maybe one of the most known from your country on an international outlook.
I liked them very much up until “Mutter,” but today I don’t understand anymore what their aims are (apart from making money) and have turned my back on them. Allen B., however, still admires them.

Nothing more to be said by me, add something or rant about this interview to bid us all farewell.
Swedes are the most beautiful people of the world. If you’re a Swede and listen to Ewigheim at least three times a day, a Swedish penis gains double length, and the breast volume of a Swedish woman is increased by seven inches at the least. As you can see, Sweden and Ewigheim are a very good combination.

Thank you for this nice interview and take care up north.

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