This interview with the Stefan Weinerhall of Falconer was done through e-mail in February 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
Just fine thanks.

Your second album "Chapters From A Tale Forlorn" will soon be released worldwide. Are you happy with the result?
Oh yes, very. I'm more satisfied with this one than I were with the first one.

Have you had any response on the material yet? If so, what has it been like?
The reactions so far has been excellent, but then those reactions have only been from the interviewing persons so….I guess the promotion is bigger this time since the first album did so well.

If you were to compare the new album with the debut what do you think the differences are?
I think the new one has a greater deal of variation and differences. The first was more power metal than this one. I think it's a natural development from the first. If we only wanted to make the fans happy we could have made 10 “Mindtravellers”, but how fun would that have been for us? Since the mainreason for this band is to enjoy ourselves we want to go forwards instead of standing on the same spot. I do although not think that the fans will be in any way disappointed at this album, but might have to have a wider perspective on music.

The cover art is beautiful as usual, who made it?
Jan Meininghaus, the same guy as last time.

You decided to record at Los Angered again, it must be a very good studio?
Los Angered just as last time since it's the best studio I know of. With Andy La Rocque behind the knobs we have a very good and comfortable session. The studio is located in the southern parts of Sweden, just outside Gothenburg. I would say it feels like a mix between a studio and a home, you don't have that sterile cold studio that looks like mix between a studio and an old rehearsalplace. The studio is th best I've visited and spent my time in so there wasn't much questioning about returning there.

Even though Falconer is more of a mainstream heavy metal band than Mithotyn was the beautiful melodies are very similar. Do you think you have kept some of the Mithotyn fans?
Yes, some or most maybe. The reactions I've got look like we have. Of course those die-hard Black metal fans prefer the Mithotynsound, but you can't please everyone.

You will be playing at Wacken Open Air in the summer but as I recall Falconer was never meant to play live, how come you changed your minds?
We didn't expect to get this good response from people, but when we did we felt like we should grant them their wishes…..to se us live. We have got 2 members to handle the bass and 2:nd guitar. They will be totally unknown to the metal crowd since they haven't been in any Metal bands before, but they have played for a long time and like the music. When we got the offer from wacken we refused to regret not playing there.

There is also talk going on about a tour later this year, any news on that?
I don't know anything about that. We talked about a tour in April that's it. But that seems not to happen anyway.

Metal Blade isn't a keen on signing Swedish bands as some other labels, are you happy with their support so far?
Oh yes, very.

Your vocalist Mathias Blad has stated that he will not be in a heavy metal band for very long since it is too hard on the voice. Do you think it's the end of Falconer when he decides to let it go?
I don't know. He has just grown more interested in the band as time have gone. IF he would quit I would continue anyway in some way, we'll see how I want to continue and then think if the Falconername can fit that too.

What kind of music do you listen to today?
Hardrock and rock from the 70's.

Any final words for the fans?
I hope you all like the new album. Cheers.

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