This interview with the members of F.O.B. was done through e-mail in July 2001.

Bendis: guitarist
Marty: drummer
Corbow: bass guitarist
Jirka: manager

Hello, how are you?
Marty: Hell-o, thanks, I am fine … and you?
Bendis: Really fine, thanks. The summer has begun, you know, and that is time of summer festivals. We hope we will see most of them. Most of us are students so we have holiday these times and we try to spend them great as we can.

Most people probably don't even know who you are yet. Could you please give us a short history of the band?
Marty: ufff … ok, … The band F.O.B. rose in autumn 1995. We complete our line-up at the start of the year 1996 and after four months was the first concert. After small personal changes the band stay in four members and with Lucia's help, they recorded their first demo in autumn 1996. The demo is called „ONLY DEAD CAN SURVIVE" and it includes five Thrash-death and one doom metal songs (with Lucy on viola). The second demo called „FOBIA" was recorded in July 1997 and came out in autumn the same year. FOBIA includes 8 Thrash-death songs + cover "Fugue" from J.S. Bach and one live bonus. The year 1998 brought F.O.B. a lot of great shows. The band played on some festivals in the Slovakia. The gig-storm is never-ending and that is why F.O.B. has no time for composing and recording a new stuff. Finally in August 1999 there is some time for recording 5 new songs for the 3rd record. This long-time-awaited record was called "BLAME?" and was self-released in March 2000. The style which F.O.B. play on BLAME? is their own style called Schizo Blast Metal. In summer 2000 F.O.B. played on many summer-festivals (especially on the greatest festival in Slovakia called "JIM BEAM ROCK FEST" with over 15 thousand people). In the beginning of December 2000 F.O.B. played in Germany with IMPENDING DOOM and PURGATORY. At this time the band is preparing new stuff for the fourth record. On this stuff you will find more death metal parts but otherwise there will be parts from all sorts of metal. The nearest plans for the future are several gigs abroad for example in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and primary get a deal with a recording label and release debut album. The current line-up is: Kouc - vocals, rhythm guitar, Bendis - vocals, lead guitar, Corbow - vocals, bass guitar, Marty - drums

You have developed your own style of metal that you have labelled "Schizo Blast Metal". Could you describe this sound to us?
Corbow: Many people tell us that we are not playing only one style. That they can tell much more than only thrash, death or any other music forms. So we were thinking how we could call our style. The best result was "schizo-blast". So it means that you can find lot of difference in our stuff. For some people is this good, they say that the release is not boring. But of course there are people who dislike it. I could be felt from the reviews…but this is the 5th question.

In your ealier days you played some doom metal as well with the help of a female violin player named Lucy. Who is she?
Bendis: Lucy was a girl from my and our manager's school. She was playing good so we asked her to play with our band. We tried to compose some stuff with her. We all were really surprised, that people like it. I do not know if she was so attractive or if the songs were so good but it is true. Lucy's problem was that she was really strange. I do not like her sense of humor. It was like small child's joke. Terrible!!! As days flew away we could not compose any stuff for her great violin so she went away. That is all.

Your latest recording was the MCD "Blame?" which was released in March 2000. How has the response been to this so far?
Corbow: Well, I can't exactly say how many reviews were written. Most of them were good some were bad. It depends of the subjective look of the reviewer. Sometimes its funny to read that he dislikes this and that and in the other review these things are most liked. I can say that mostly musicians like our style…. than an orthodox death or black metal fans. But over all we get good reviews and I haven't read bad review from abroad.
Jirka: Yes, I agree! Probably Czech people in zines and magazines didn't understand our music as well as people abroad.

What kind of musical background do the current band members have? Have you been in any other bands before?
Corbow: Yes, of course. Me and Bendis carrier started in the rock band called "Why Quiet". Then there were some projects - like the school band "Cybernetic Scouts" and Corbow's "Astonished Heads". But it was only playing in rehearsal room. Then they both came to F.O.B. Marty and Kouc had the heavy/rock band called "Prorock" and then they had to change the name to "Palestra" because the name Prorock was already used by another band. Then, when one of the guitarists left Palestra, the guys decided to change the style and have a new name. The bassist went to sing only, replaced by me… but he is in the band for 4 years no more due to personal problems.
Nowadays Marty and me play in another band called "Japamata" with our friends. It is not hard as F.O.B. but I can say that it is much more schizo than F.O.B. because there are more styles.

What do you do in your "civil lives" when not playing or composing music?
Bendis: As mentioned above of us are students on universities. Only our singer and rhythm guitarist Coach went to the army. You know, we have military duty in the Czech Republic. If I shall say something about our hobbies I think most of us like work with computers, great music, or for example traveling.

You live in Tábor in the Czech Republic. What is the metal scene like there?
Jirka: Metal scene in Tábor? Some people say that in Tábor are only HC and techno maniacs. But I think it isn't truth. Three times a year we make small fest called "Žižkuv vraždící palcát" and normally come 100-150 people and number is in Czech republic good. We have done this fest for 3 years and people adapt to this style metal music. On the fest played young bands and also more professional bands from Czech, Slovak, Germany and Poland. It is all about the money so when we could pay the band we invite them.

I know that you are also doing a zine called Fobia. Could you tell us something about this?
Marty: hmmm it is small zine, written in Czech language, make on copy printer, format A5, it includes interviews, reviews, concerts reviews and other column which is more or less connected with music, for example culture window etc.

What are the futures plans for F.O.B.? What are you doing at the moment?
Marty: Yes, I said it in our history, we want to record our new stuff, and have many gigs!!! Because we are concert band … at the moment we will play some summer festivals in our country and drink some beers with our friends and than we will record our new stuff … J

Do you like pizza?
Marty: Yes, I like it very much. I like every good meal (and drinks of course) … Czech kitchen, Italy kitchen, Oriental kitchen, … mmmmm J
Bendis: Yeah, especially in the evening, when you drink too much, pizza is great solution (you know in our country we use slang - to vomit = to throw a pizza). Have you ever tried it J?
Otherwise pizza is really good food and I think we all like it.

Any final words for the readers?
Corbow: Well, who is interested in our stuff, write us. Every letter or email will be answered! No rip off! You can also visit our web page at http://listen.to/fob, there are lot of information about all our activities and nowadays we going to change our web page!
Support the underground scene and as usual…BURN IN HELL
Thanks for interview Vincent!

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