This interview with the vocalist Stefan Fiori from the Italian black / gothic metal band Graveworm was done through e-mail in June 2003 by Sam Chronic and Vincent Eldefors.

Graveworm has been recently signed to Nuclear Blast records. Congrats! This is certainly a big step for the band.
Thanks, it was a difficult decision but now we are very happy that we have done this step because they offer us a worldwide distribution, good promotion and all other thing what a bands like us need.

Were you unhappy with your previous label Last Episode?
It was so that Last Episode doesnīt exists anymore. But I must say that they did a good work for us and helped us very much. Now itīs great that Markus Wosgien works for NB because we worked with him together at Last Episode.

With a new and larger label being in the cards was there some nervous energy surrounding the band as the album was being recorded?
Yes of course. It was a special feeling douring the writing process of this album. We don't want to disappoint them. So we are a little bit angry but itīs okay, we can work very well when we have some stress.

Do the lyrics deal with the town of South Tyrol.....and if so what intrigues you so much to write about a town?
Yes of course, the lyrics are all based on the legends ant tales about South Tyrol. But itīs not a town itīs our homecountry where we live. I read a lot of books about this legends amd after that I start to write my own stories and on this stories I based my lyrics. I do the same on our last album Scourge of malice but this time the lyrics are more evil and brutal because the new stuff is more aggressive than on the last album.

Being that they are next to each other is there a huge difference in culture as far as Austria and Italy go?
Yes of course at first the Italian can better cock. The Austrian food is not good. And of ocurse the Italian guys are more open minded. And I think they a more friendly. But We live in a place where over 50 % have a german motherlanguage and we are all oriented to the Austrian mentality because south tirol was a part of Austria before the 2 world war. And thatīs not so long time ago.

Do you feel more at home in Austria than you do in Italy?
I feel more at home in Italy because we live in Italy. We have a german motherlanguage but we are Italians and a Italian Band.

The band was formed already in 1992 if I am not wrong, what was the original line-up?
There are no one left from the original line-up. They have all quit to playing music expect Harry our previous guitarist who is now playing in Black Abyss. And he will help us on the bass during the sommerfestivals and the upcoming tour in December.

Back then you had a different name, I have seen it stated as Execution in an interview once, is this correct? (Sorry for this strange question but the interview was in German and my German is not what it should be these days...)
I have a Italian Name. Fiori is originally from Sardinien an isle from Italy. The other member have all german names expecially Eric who has an Italian name too. [Editor's comment: he seems to have misunderstood the question a little...]

What line-up changes have you gone through? Are you still in touch with any of your former members? Have they stayed in the music business?
There are no original members left. We changed a drummer, 2 guitarist and one vocalist. At this moment we donīt have a bassplayer.

Have you managed to find a new bass player yet to replace Didi?
No, Harry our previous guitarist will help us during the sommerfestivals and on the upcoming tour. And I hope really that he comes back to be a member of Graveworm.

It was not until 1997 that you had your first official release but I guess you were hard at work with the band even before this, did you record any demos and in that case which ones?
Graveworm was formed in 92 and at the beginning we played old school death metal like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Napalm death. But with saw that melodic parts are very important for us so we deicided to introduce a keyboard in our music style. This was the time where we make a lot of Crematory Coverversions. So I think this is the reason why our first album sound a bit like Crematory. After that we begun to write own songs and get in contact with serenades records. They asked us if we had a demotape but unfortunately we donīt have had so we send them a videotape of a concert of us. So they came to us and we signed there. After that we record a demo because of getting some studio experience. And after that we record our first album and the songs of the demo where all on our first release.

Graveworms music is very diverse and certainly draws many elements from different forms of music. What are some of your influences?
Yes we are all influenced from different styles of music. Our drummer for example went totally crazy when he listen to Slipknot and Machine head. Eric is the biggest Katatonia fan Iīve ever seen. Steve is more in the svedishscene . He listen to bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and so. Sabine listen to all kind of music from Samael to Avril Lavigne. And Iīm the black and Death metal fan in the band. And all this styles influenced our sound not in the direct way.

The band once covered the Iron Maiden track "Fear of the Dark" which was in my opinion a totally killer rendition of the classic. Can we expect to hear any other cover songs in the future?
We covered on our new album Losing my religion from REM and Itīs a sin from the Pet Shop Boys. I think we will do some coververisions in the future again. For us itīs very important that they have to sound like graveworm songs but the fan have to recognize what song this really is. For us it makes no sense to play a cover in the same way as the original.

Do you enjoy any other types of music besides metal?
I listen sometimes radio music, some pop stuff but after 30 minutes I have to change the music if I donīt want to go insane. hehe

I once heard that Stefan was in architect school. What was the end result?
Iīm still studying now. I think 2 or 3 years and I will finish it. I like it very much. And I will only build concert halls....hehe

What are some of the band members involved in when they are not playing music?
The other members of graveworm are all working. Sabine is teacher for music and mathematics. Eric is working with some teenages, Maschtl is electrician and steve have new job but I cannot say what kind of job this is. Graveworm is a hobby for us. It rapes a lot of our freetime but we like it very much.

What are some of the band members involved in when they are not playing music?
Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer these questions and good luck to you with the band and everything else in the future!

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