This interview with the bass player Aggelos of Homo Iratus was done through e-mail in November 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Everything's OK. ...or better yet Great!

Your debut album has been out for a little more than a month now, are you happy with the response so far?
Even though it's a bit early we do have a Picture on How things are in The U.S. and from the looks of it very positive I might say we hope he have an equal response from the Start in Europe too.

I have noticed that you have been compared to Napalm Death, how does that feel?
We are glad for that cause you see...Napalm Dath are of our most Favorite bands plus a major influence and inspiration for what we do. We had the honor of opening a show for them in Athens this year.

Most people are probably unfamiliar with Homo Iratus. Could you please tell us a little about the band?
The band Started in The summer of 1998 as a trio then Mitch ( vocals ) was added to the line up after a while and me on Novmber 1999.The last change was when the second guitarist

left the band resulting in a quarted and the final and unchangeable line up of :

Alex : Guitar

Mitch : Vocals

Argyris : Drums

and Aggelos ( duh! ) on bass.

As for recordings there was the first Demo "Abscence of Progress" a promo and the Debut

" Human Consumes Human" all results of hard work.

Live shows of course are essential and we did quite a few in our counrty with bands like :

Malevolent Creation, Napalm Death, Hateplow, Impaled Nazarene and lots of other bands.

None abroad yet unfortunately but something is being worked out.

The material on "Human Consumes Human" was written more than a year ago. What have you been up to since then?
Hmm quite a few I might say.... We have completed 14 new tracks which we are working on them on a tight schedule so they reach perfection for recording. Add to that 2 video clips for the tracks " Tomahawk Cruise Messiah " and " Project : New World " which we shot edited and composed ourselves both,the live shows and you get the whole picture. I must add here that Project : New World was uploaded on our website and its there waiting for everybody to download. Check it out....it's made from Live footage...

You have signed a four album deal with the Florida based Arctic Music Group. They must have high hopes on you, do you feel any pressure from them?
Pressure ? The only pressure we feel is the one we impose on ourselves to get better results on what we do.On the contrary.Not only we feel no pressure from Arctic but we work freely on a feedback based relationship with the label which supports us by any means possible. Mr. Scott Hecker ( President ) and Phil Fasciana ( Vice Pres. and A&R ) showed us total trust which was pivotal on our moves.

Your lyrics are different from most death metal bands. Could you tell us something about them?
The lyrics....well... Our lyrics speak about the understanding and respect of uniqueness and real world facts and problems which are before our eyes and we either choose not to see them or just don't see them.Its time to open up our eyes. Each track of " Human Consumes Human is a testimony of the title which supports its existance.Standing each one by itself it has its own meaning but in unison they all draw the same picture " Human Consumes Human ".

What background do the band members have? Are you or have you been playing with any other bands?
We all come from a musical background since 1994. Through bands we all had up untill Homo Iratus were created we got the experience we needed and learned about what needs to be done and whats the right way to do it. We all have a separate experience which we channel into Homo Iratus thus making us more efficient. That's why we don't play in any other bands.Devotion into one is one of the key factors.

What do you do when not playing metal?
I know it might seem too much or odd but we get together every day checking our new lyrics our contacts and planning our next move. The fact that we are on a label has not settled us nor our conciences, a mistake that a lot people do.We are in continuous motion at all times. At this particular time for instance we are have booked and are preparing for two more shows here in Greece, shceduling our third video clip shoot and directing, preparing to record new material for a mini CD and for our first tour......phew!!!

As I understand you are from Thessaloniki. What is the metal scene like there and how is it compared to Greece in general?
Thessaloniki is a Brutal City.It's a fact that most bands play Brutal Death - Grind. Some Bands we think will be heard in the Future : Avoid, Into The Gore, Obscence, Cwazar, Disembowel and Erectus. Compared to other cities Thessaloniki is responsible for the biggest percentage of brutal death in Greece.

What are your top five bands of all time?
Speaking for the extreme sound of course : Napalm Death, Slayer, Carcass, Morbid Angel and Death....nah!....I can't help myself though there's a NEED to say more!Sepultura, Obituary, Testament, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer, Nuclear Assault, Konkhra, Meshuggah....I can keep on going you know...

What are your plans and goals for the nearest future?
We are preparing for a mini CD which will be a prelude to our next full length release. Then there's the next video clip shooting and editing plus a European and U.S. tour. This was as far as plans were concerned. The goal is one at this present time....get our asses out abroad and do as many live shows as possible.

Any final words for your fans?
First of all I'd like to thank all the people who support us and Death Metal generally. Stay brutal and support anybody and everybody it's what keeps them going. I short...Support the Underground! If anybody is interested in more info on us just visit www.homoiratus.com for the regular bio pics etc plus 2 cd quality mp3's from our debut release and our second video clip.

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