This live interview with Peter Tšgtgren of Hypocrisy was done by Andres Castro on March 14th, 2004, before their show with Exhumed, Vile and Cannibal Corpse in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Well, I got to be at the Hypocrisy show with Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed and Vile, great show, good sound, excellent bands on stage, a lot of people and beer, so I can say it was a kick ass show, but the best thing was the chance to see Hypocrisy live for the first time and I canít find the words to explain how nice and overwhelming was it to see such a great show and having had the opportunity to exchange a few thoughts with Hypocrisyís leader Peter Tagtren, so hereís a brief testimony of our conversation and I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

First, congratulations for your new album, I read once on your website that THE ARRIVAL would be like a mix between ABDUCTED and HYPOCRISY albums, and I see likes itís a continuation of them both musically and lyrically, how do you feel about this new release right now?
Yeah, itís like a continuation of both, music and lyrics, itís a very difficult Hypocrisy album, we wanted to do better songs, better production, and thatís basically what it is, better songs.

I respect you a lot as a musician and a song writer but since ABDUCTED Iíve noticed a change in both your music and lyrics from letís say satanic brutal death metal to something more spiritual and melodic as well, whatís the reason for it?
I just wanted to write something different, you know? And something that is very important for us is to develop, and Iím not afraid to do anything, I know some people will go like ďoh shitĒ, but that was also an experiment but Iím still very proud of that album and I have a little theory and itís like ďI donít careĒ, we never regret anything weíve done, you got to call your heart.

Thatís exactly what I like about his new album, you can feel the difference but it still sounds like Hypocrisy, not like a different band like Iíve seen with some Swedish bands that just changed their style at all into something more commercial and sound completely different.
Yeah, thereís progression there and thatís all about it.

Whatís the big deal with aliens?
I donít know, Iím just very fascinated about it, you know? Since the 90ís and I started writing about it, and I started doing something that not many bands were doing, and I havenít written about like in five years so I wanted to take that topic again and itís just like your fantasy, like writing a book.

Whatís your position about mankind?
I think thereís a very fucked up situation we are destroying everything.

I like your new album and all the progression and work behind it but I think it is getting far away from you roots.
Not really, I mean, Iíd say anything we write is us, you know, and Iíd say The Arrival album is a very Hypocrisy album because thereís what we do best, we got mid tempos, slow tempos, mixing it up, itís anything from doom to death metal, black metal influenced, just trying to keep it heavy, all the melodies, really dark stuff, you know?

Whatís in your mind, whatís your message?
I donít have any message, itís like the songs I write, I just write them because I have the melodies in my mind or whatever, Iím feeling on a certain way I want to get them out on guitar, I never want to preach about anything, Iím just basically saying what Iím feeling or what I want to do or how I like things, weíve never been political or anything like that, just fucking true to ourselvesÖ

I read once on Terrorizer magazine that you were done with the studio, kind of got tired of it, and is it true?
It was kind of stupid so many bullshit. I still produce; I donít do as much though, Iím pulling like six every year, Itís very frustrating because all the fucking bands and labels are fucking using my name like kind of a trademark like and that was not my idea from the beginning, it was to help bands to get a better sound, itís like when I first started I never heard the bass on any death metal band and you can never hear the bass, so I was like, why not, so I started to make it sound better, to hear it betterÖ

This leads to the next question, I interviewed Lars a few years ago and he was working for Abyss as well as playing with Hypocrisy, what happened to him?
He just got lazy, we wanted to be better, go further, do more extreme stuff like AC/DC didÖ

So did he leave or you kicked him out?
We kicked him out, because when we had to fucking practice he didnít want to practice, so how can we go anywhere with if we have a drummer who is slowing us down? Now we have Horgh and we got new opportunities to do a new killer album.

Is he still a part of Abyss studios right now?
No. But I know him well, heís a good drummer, we couldnít work together anymore but heís still a good guy.

Iíve seen some Swedish bands switching into some more commercial stuff, letís say In Flames for example, and I read on your website that youíre going for a more popular death metal kind of music, so whatís next for Hypocrisy from now on?
You always want to get a little bit better, like reach more people, and may be make some money, because itís mot working at all when you go out on tour, itís getting better now, but I hope we could pick up some bigger tours, gather more people. We donít ask for much, we just want to do a little bit better, and we are going there right nowÖ

Youíre touring South America for the first time now, how do you feel about it?
Yeah, weíre going there now, itís going to be great, Iíve heard a lot of good stuff about it, we have been to Mexico nor Chile or Colombia, Iím excited, we have wanted to go there for so many years because we kept listening so many good thing about Colombia and Chile, but you need a promoter there soÖ

Why The Arrival and the entire alien shit again?
Itís therapy to me; it has become a part of us. I just write the lyrics and have something said with the music and like I said I am very into the aliens, the whole universe, thatís why I decided to write about it, say something that I believe in, because I cannot sing about shit that Iím not up for, you knowÖ

How would you describe your new album?
I think itís the best one we have ever done, itís a good mix of different kind of metal, itís great to play those songs live, seems like the audience really like them, thatís we are trying to do, get people into it and enjoying it, because we are here playing for the audience, if it wouldnít be for the audience we wouldnít be playing here, and we are proud of what we are doing, and when we put a new album we try to do best we can.

Back to the Terrorizer article I recall you saying something like you didnít like people taking Hypocrisyís soundÖ
No, no, no, Iím not tired of that; Iím just tired of record companies I had to deal with and fucking money and all the bullshit, I just want to record and have a good timeÖ

But I kind of recall you saying, and tell me if Iím wrong, something like ďI already have my condo, car, yacht and I donít need their shitÖĒ
I just donít need the stress from record companies and all that shit; I hate to deal with that shit, I just want to record and have a good time.

I recall you lived here in Florida, how does it feel to be back?
I was living in Ft. Lauderdale like from í88 to í91 hanging out with Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, and it feels great, I havenít been here like for 13 years and a lot of friends came out yesterday who I havenít seen in a long time and it felt great, like a reunion, we had a good timeÖ.

Ok, thank you, I donít wanna bother you anymore so any last messageÖ?
Yeah, hope to see everybody down at our show in Colombia; we hope everybody kicks assÖ

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