This is an old interview with the vocalist Mika Luttinen of Impaled Nazarene which was done by Bruno Zamora.

What is your reaction upon hearing people comparing your style with Punk Music? Any explanation why you stated "Hate" as one of your worst song? Is this because it is the longest song you've created? Most bands are taking out samples from Movies with "Evil" titles(ie: the exorcist; the howling; bla bla bla), why take out a sample from a movie with a title like "The Name Of The Rose"? Any relevance you find on the movie that has a connection with Impaled Nazarene somehow?
Well, I donīt give a fuck anymore what people say about our music. For sure, there are crust elements in some of our albums, this comes from the fact that we are big fans of Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Driller Killer etc etc. As for "Hate", well, it is just pretty fucking boring song to listen to and especially to play it live. We played half the song live in Finland and USA and people were just bored with it. It is clear to me that you have not seen The Name Of The Rose. Never judge book or film by its name. Rose tells a story of witchhunters and I recommend it totally. Starts Sean Connery, based on a book by Umerto eco.

I've read some interview, you stated that you don't see Impaled Nazarene as a Black Metal band. How come saying this, since that the whole world see you in corpsepaint before and all about this Black Metal imagery? If Impaled Nazarene plays Nuclear Metal, is there any member of the band studying chemistry or Radio Active theories to further relate with your theme as a band? In your opinion, do Satanism and Nuclear Annihilation relate with the other?
Yes, we wore corpsepaint and blood and blaa blaa...when the whole new B.M. explosion happened in 1994, we felt it was time distance ourselves a bit from the ridiculous ideas and statements that were circulating around the whole scene back then. And look around, we are not alone who have done this. Even Norwegian bands have dropped paint and other shit and are concentrating on the music instead of childish statements. Our music isnīt pure black metal, we are influenced a lot by old speed/thrash bands, old death metal bands and old black metal bands plus the before mentioned crust/hc bands. Nuclear metal term was something I came up with back in 1995 and I felt we needed a concept for our sound; Lethal and powerful, just like nuclear power. Rapture (our 5th cd) was culmination of nuclear metal (with lyrics going hand in hand with the title) and now we just call it extreme metal. I did read a couple of books about nuclear theory but nothing extensive. I would go as far and say that you could relate nuclear power with Satanism as both are pretty fucking "scary" subjects to normal Jesus following masses.

The "Sex Lyrix" always appear with Impaled Nazarene, what is the meaning behind "Motorpenis", and "Steelvagina" and what will be the possible thing to happen if both will collide to one another? Why did a cover of "Transvestite" and how do the song relate to Impaled Nazarene as a band? Have you seen Metal Women in your shows? If so, how do they react watching you naked on stage? Do you see Impaled Nazarene is still having a latex Cult Following out there even if Sir Luttinen is no longer with the band? How old are you when you started to learn English? Isn't it hard to learn English in Finland?
Motorpenis is just a metaphor for a rockīnīroll. Steelvagina was based on a nightmare I saw. If you mix those two, I cannot imagine the consequences...Transvestite doesnīt relate to us at all, we just wanted to cover one of the best tracks by Terveet Kädet. Naturally we get metal women, they just are pretty much minority, unfortunately. I have done exactly ONE show naked. The whole thing was not meant that way, some asshole tore my underwear to pieces (along with my balls) during the first track. What the hell my brother has to do anything with all this, may I ask?? He has been out of the band for six years already, we have released more albums without him than with him. We did less than 30 gigs with him and have done 130 or so without him!! And as for learning English, I was ten years old, in school, on 3rd grade, when I started learning English. What the fuck this has to do with our band?? Are you trying to imply that our English is shit??? It is compulsory to study English and I am glad it was so...sometimes it is fucking frustrating when you have to deal with people (in music business) that speak absolutely Shit English.

Impaled Nazarene is like only you remaining as the original member and the rest came from BELIAL. I mean, do you have any concern that these people are leaving Belial just to join Impaled Nazarene? Do these persons remain even Impaled Nazarene are headlining almost 30 European shows? How is the North & South American audiences accept Impaled Nazarene? When Sir Luttinen quit doing the drums, how do you give approach for the new drummer? Is there any changes on the musical direction so far?
Belial died years ago!! And we have exactly two guys from Belial nowdays. We had line-up changes last year and I.N. are the following gods nowdays: Luttinen-vocals, Anttila-guitar, Kellokoski-drums, Arnkil-bass and Raimoranta-lead guitar. North America has been from brilliant (Mexico) to absoluetly shit (New York). We had excellent shows in Philadelphia and Milwaukee and Montreal. My bro was kicked out and the same day I phoned to Kellokoski, we did one rehearsal with him and thatīs it. You are again putting way too much emphasis on my brother. We have been going much, much stronger without him. I am in a good terms with him, he has a new band The Black League with our x-bassist (and Sentenced frontman) Jarva. We donīt sound like we did on our 1st or 2nd album. Every band will change a bit, we are not anymore 18 years old like we were when we started plus the fact that we have pretty much different people in our band.

Speaking of audiences, I've once read way back that you stated, you are preferring a Death Metal band to spend a tour with rather than a Black Metal band. Can you please state us more explanation about this, regarding your side as there are people cannot understand why you've stated this, since a lot people consider you to be a Satanic band. That sabotaged gig in Paris makes you also state about you guessing people like "Black Metal Nerds" that causes the sabotage. What was it? I mean, are you getting out of the Black Metal scene or are you anti-Black Metal scene(since we've read these Anti-Norway on your booklet before)?
And exactly when Satanism did become the property of black metal?? There are satanic death metal bands as well. Why are you asking things that happened years ago. There was a bit of shit between us and some black metal bands BUT nothing like that has happened in ages. We have been on tour with lots of Norwegian bands and we have got along great. Perhaps it is because where you live, you get all the news and rumours like three years late. The same thing was in Mexico, people asking us questions that has no relevance or whatsoever at all nowadays. We have been playing with all kinds of bands, from rock to black metal and whatever I have stated five years ago cannot be taken into consideration at this moment. People change, times change. Accept it.

Do you consider the departure of your brother as a blessing in disguise since about him leaving the band, it causes you to make a comeback of what Impaled Nazarene sound like? What is your own comment about people saying Impaled Nazarene is just playing it safe? Do you believe that these people want your band to play something "creatively melodic" but as of course they expect that you wouldn't?
Play it safe?? Well, if people think we are playing it safe, then I can only laugh. We know how this band must sound. It would be pure betrayal to change our sound according to latest trends. I donīt give a reeking fuck what people are thinking of us. I know that we have a cult following around the globe, otherwise we wouldnīt have been able to play in 24 different countries, on four continents. I reckon I have already answered your everlasting questions about my bro.

Can we expect more brutal humor on the next Impaled Nazarene CD's? What was inside the "Latex Cult" CD that you've said, you were all pissed off before you did enter the studio? If it's that so, then if you guys were not so angry on recording "Nihil", then the Impaled Nazarene's humor will be back in presence again? By the way, why was it that you were crucified in your website? Any special meaning behind that?
No you cannot. The only CD that had a bit of black and twisted humor was SFP. Latex Cult is a brutal piece of music and lyrics, we needed to get back what we do best (I suppose you have not heard it). Who says we were not pissed off when we recorded Nihil. Nihil is lyrically the hardest hitting CD because it is based on pure reality, not biblical mumbo-jumbo. There will be no humour, we are not some fucking joke. If people find my lyrics funny, then, well, something is most certainly wrong in their heads. I think you referring to that sticker on our website. It was not our idea, it is our Japanese tour sticker that was designed by the artist, not us. You should ask him.

Do "cynical individualist" has something to do with "national socialist"? What's the difference if there really is? Do this mean that you don't support anyone? How did Impaled Nazarene spread it's name and do you remember the days of your humble beginning? How's the thing work up before if you compare it now, now that we're having the internet? Are you happy of how technology came far as this, considering that your band is Nuclear Metal?
Oh, so now we are connecting even nazism here, hooray. I am nowadays nihilist. I see that this whole interview is based on answers from different publications from a long period of time. Since I am not exactly familiar with national socialism, I see no point of commenting. Of course I remember the early days, before internet and cdrīs. We, like any band during those days, did flyers, wrote to dozens of people, did demo tapes, spread our name by compilation tapes (who does them anymore) and answered literally hundrends of fanzine interviews.

What will happen to Impaled Nazarene if they went out on TICO TICO STUDIO and go in to another studio like the Abyss Studio(very common nowadays)? Will there be any changes or perhaps, big changes on all aspects of the band? What is your stand about ex-labelmates like MARDUK and IMMORTAL leaving Osmose? Is there a vision about Impaled Nazarene going to another studio and doing material for another label?
Nihil was recorded at Astia studio so nothing special happened except that we got our best sounding CD. I am pretty sure that we will not use Tico Tico studio again. Why? Because we can get a better sound somewhere else. Other bands can do what the fuck they want to. We just resigned with Osmose for two more albums. Our relationship with them is excellent, no complains at all, so we see no point of changing our label. We have booked the studio for our next album, which will be recorded in late July. We are going back to Astia studio and then we will mix the shit at Finnvox studio.

Communism seems not to be working now. What's your stand about it? What can you say about ex-USSR countries are now accepting Metal shows and even have their own Metal bands circulating all over Europe? How would you relate with culture of each nation you've played right after playing on that country? Do you accept NIGGERS as a fan of Impaled Nazarene or just digging Metal at all? Why are you staying in Belgium rather than in Finland?
It was clear that communism would fall. Thatīs all I want to say about it. We have played one show in Russia and it was fucking great. People treated us nicely, spoke excellent english etc. I got lots of russian bands demo tapes and I was surprised of the quality. Some of them were fucking excellent, far better than some western bands are. When we are on some exotic location, we always want to see the real life. We eat local food, most of the times we have slept at local promoters house etc. We donīt need hotels or other fancy shit. I always buy something for me from a tour, be it then fucking tourist t-shirts or beer mugs. Why do you write niggers with capital letters. We have met black fans and so what?? I donīt care what your color is if you dig our shit. I am NOT living in Belgium anymore, I am back in Finland.

When "Tol…" came out, do you expect that you'll be going this far since looking back, as I can read it, many don't like that album and even hated Impaled Nazarene to the public? How did Osmose get right into the scene and giving you a multiple deal? On your demo days, do you guys print a thousand of flyers, send out hundreds of promo copies on zines/radios? Tell us how did you manage to spread your name.
What?? It is one of our biggest selling album to date, a total classic. Of course we could not imagine how far we could go, we were sure that we would never get even a record deal. A friend of ours sent the Taog demo to Osmose who in return offered us a deal. We did not accept it and two months later they came back with much better offer which we then accepted. I already answered this question about spreading our name.

The highlights since "Tol…" came out was the sudden death of the Norwegian Black Metal figure or perhaps a year after. Has that something to do with your material to boost up the SALES or any other Black Metal CDs being released during that period? If there's no Norwegian orders accepted, why are you sending the Norse guys their orders when they send you their payment upfront? Do you have any idea why young bands of today are always emulating "Norwegian Black Metal" and always stating Euronymous as their godfather?
Oh boy, again this question. Like I stated before, we have absolutely NOTHING against Norwegians. I even made up with Euronymous before he was killed so just forget this thing, it is ancient history.

What's behind the lyrix of I AL PURG VONPO that you stated "it will cause you problems"? I mean, what kind of lyrix was it that will cause headaches to the reputation of Impaled Nazarene? I see you're some kind of "Against" this RE-RELEASING stuff, can this be an indication that there will be no re-releases from Impaled Nazarene? What about the old songs appearing on "Decade Of Decadence"? What's up with the title since it sounds like MOTLEY CRUE, y'know?
I cannot remember stating that. There will some re-releases coming up. SFP, LC and Rapture are sold out now so they will be re-released with different packaging. "Decade…" title was chosen in a hurry and later I found out that Motley Crue had a same title on their album. I donīt give a fuck at all. "Decade…" has tons of shit that has been sold out ages ago. We got lots of mail from fans asking us to put out that shit and since it happened to be our ten year anniversary, we said fuck yeah.

How many songs you can write the whole day? Do you want Impaled Nazarene to be releasing 1 album per year or 1 album per 2 years? How many hours do you rehearsed as a band? Do you sleep with your guitar as hard as you were practicing the stuff? Where do you usually rehearsed your voice and how do you maintain them on that level? Do you plan to make it more hysterical perhaps, on the next album by drinking 1 CASE of Smirnoff Vodka before doing it?
It depends. Some songs just come out, others can take up to months before everything clicks. We donīt plan our release schedule, when we are ready, then we will record. This all depends on how much touring we do, personal life etc. I cannot answer how many hours we have practiced together, I donīt keep a count on that kind of things. Nowadays we rehearse minimum three hours, twice a week. If we have shows coming up, then even more. I donīt rehearse my voice, it just stays on the level it is. I drink alcohol a lot and I have figured out that it helps my voice. It relaxes my throat muscles. Even if I can take a lot of alcohol, maximum limit is two bottles I can handle, no more. And no, I donīt sleep with my guitar.

What I really like on Impaled Nazarene is the nuclear vibe on it. How serious are you in destroying "MOTHER NATURE"? What is your own little way of destroying the green nature of your surroundings? Do you keep bombs in your home and what are they? What's your favorite gun? Do you go to the shooting range and practice there aside from rehearsing some of your time with your guitar? By the way, why did you prefer to pick up the vocals now? I mean, why didn't you spend your youth practicing drums or bass or even a guitar? Personal choice?
I refuse to recycle. Let me say it this way that I hate greenpeace and other commie scum organizations who are basically terrorists. Personally I see no point of protecting nature because the day everything will disappear on this planet, I am already long dead and gone. I only look for my own interests and I couldnīt care a less what future will bring to coming generations, it ainīt my headache. Because of strict handgun laws here in Finland, I do not own any guns anymore. I have a collection of knives and my fave is this huge bad-ass knife I bought in Mexico. It has superb blade with brass knuckles on the handle. I was originally drummer. Then I tried guitar and realized that it is better for me just to be singer. Frontmen get all the best looking chicks so I am happy.

You've stated on the past that you don't believe in any God or any other fairytale bullshit as they are all pathetic. However, it is so obvious about this INVERTED CROSS on the Impaled Nazarene logo and your moniker even suggest too that you're a "Satanic" band that promotes explicit Satanism on your songs. Even projects like DIABOLOS RISING released an album called "666". Would you please try to state us your side regarding this matter?
We use the symbols because they tell people our anti-religious nature. We still have a satanic vibe around us but I am not trying to scream that we are pure black metal band because we are not. Moreover, our satanism has always been philosophical (LaVey), in other words it is a way of life to us. We are against all enslaving religions.

Censorship. I guess Impaled Nazarene always face this situation. So how do you guys deal with it? Specially canceling your show, boycotting your CDs, and country officials are banning your band to play in their nation? What's up and who directed the video you've done with DIABOLOS RISING and the Impaled Nazarene video appearing in the airwave of a music channel MCM? Lucky it pass on the censors rating, anyway.
It is pain the ass of course but as they say, any publicity is good publicity. Thankfully we have always managed to come out as winners. The one thing we lost badly was the Ugra-Karma cover hassle. Osmose ended up paying a lot of money to those fucks but anyway, we got the right to put the album out with different cover. The dude who directed those videos was David Palser, I donīt know what he does nowadays. He wasnīt exactly genius.

You know the film maker named, John Woo. Does this indicate that you're into movies(well, aside from horror movies anyway) having a lot of bomb explosions and stuff? Do you get any sort of inspirations from his film coz Impaled Nazarene sound as explosive as what Woo's films most packed with? For a joke, what will happen if Impaled Nazarene appear on the soundtrack of Woo's recent outing "MISSION : IMPOSSIBLE 2"?
I wouldnīt want to be included on that soundtrack because A; The film itself was absolutely horrible crap. B: The soundtrack is infested with nu-bullshit-adidas-yo-rap-faggot-bands. John Wooīs best movie without doubt is Hardboiled. I am into lots of different kinds of movies, from raw porno (of course) to even Disney cartoons. I really prefer the horror movies from ī80īs as they did not have digital computer effects. We have not been influenced by movies, not at least lyrically.

What did you do as a last course last 1999 as there are lots of predictions that "IT'S THE END"? Can this be the reason why you went out an album called "Rapture"? How would you prepare for the apocalypse as there would be a great mass panic going outside? Metal is aggressive. But what about DOOM METAL? I mean, they call it "Metal" still, but that's not aggressive. Would you like to make any statement for these bands and their category?
I was at home drinking whiskey. I did not go out as I am not exactly fond of the idea of being with drunken masses outside. I was half expecting the world to end but since it did not happen, I have lost all hope for the apocalypse to happen. I donīt listen to doom metal so I have nothing to comment. Even if it is slow, it might have aggressive lyrics.

I guess the apocalypse has come and we will end the interview right here. Thanx for the cooperation Mikka, as this is a very special conversation with a very special band IMPALED NAZARENE. Please end up this interview with your own nihilistic and cynical words of pure annihilation?
My name is MIKA, not mikka thank you very much. Buy Impaled Nazarene stuff or you are a total homo!

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