This interview with the vocalist Andreas "Dread" Axelsson from the Swedish death / thrash metal band Incapacity was done through e-mail in June 2003.

Hello, how are you doing?
Im ok thank you...

Your debut album "Chaos Complete" will be released on July 24th if everything goes as planned, could you tell us about the album?
Its an album that was made very fast and a little stressed but turned out great,the hero of the band is in my opinion Christian who has worked a loy on arragements and stuff...allthough everybody was involved of course...but he carried a heavy load of it and of course Henrik(drums) who learned the songs really fast.Musicwise its a mix of Thrash and Death Metal and it was recorded in Black Lounge Studios with Jonas. Cant really tell you more you have to listen to it and make your own opinion.

Incapacity was basically formed before the band members were assembled, don't you feel that you're taking advantage of who you are instead of letting the music speak for itself?
agree its a little bit weird...but we were really certain of the fact that we could do a kickass album,had weve noticed that it was a dead end and we werent 100% satisfied with it we would not have done it...So in a big way the music really speaks for itself we just had more fire under our asses to do a great album wich weve done!!!!

You were about to record a music video for one of the songs off your debut album, could you tell us more about this project.
Its only plans so far...but Anders (bass) has access to professional cameras and stuff so well do it but its going to be later this year!!!

Is Incapacity mainly a studio project or do you plan on playing live as much as possible as well?
Weve played live once so far and that went really great...and the main reason for this band is to play live. Do a record go on tour the typical way!!!!

You are not from the same area of Sweden as most of the other band members, how did you get in touch with Incapacity and why did you decide to join them?
We met through the passion that we all share: Alcohol!!!!!! I decide to join because theyre great guys and for me it was a bit of a challange to do the vocals!!!!!

How did you get started in the music business in the first place? What were your original sources of inspiration?
I started to listen to KISS and that was it!!!! That was what I was going to do Play music...later on in the mideighties I discovered bands like Slayer and Bathory and Death and I Thought that was really cool and felt I wanted to play that kind of music!!!!!

Could you tell us about your first band experiences.
My first band played covers with bands like slayer and hardcore punk stuff and I loved the energy and i was hooked!!!!

You were the vocalist for Marduk for a couple of years, what was that like? Why did you leave the band?
It was great a little bit of chaos but great...I was let go because I wasnt giving 100% wich I wasnt!!!!

Most people probably know you as one of the guitarists of Edge Of Sanity. Dan Swanö has apparently resurrected the band once again, what do you know about this? Will you be part of the new line-up?
He will do Crimson part 2 and that's it...I wont be a part of it I think Weve talked about me doing some vocals...but well see...

What have you been up to musically inbetween Edge Of Sanity and Incapacity?
Punkrock and varios projekts...

Your former vocalist and band mate from Edge Of Sanity, Robert Karlsson, is now focusing on his new band Facebreaker. I have heard some good things about them lately, do you know anything about that band?
I know everything about those Motherfuckers!!!! They're all really good friends of mine and they sound great Ive actually helped them with some lyrix and stuff....Facebreaker and Incapacity will play a lot together!!!!!!

What do you think of the current state of the Swedish metal scene? Are there any bands that you like in particular?
Im not really involved dude...I like the old bands Like Merciless, Dismember and Entombed!!!!!

What do you do in your ordinary life to make a living? Would you rather do music full-time if you were given the possibility?
Of course if I could I would...Im unemployed but I work extra as a Movingman!!!!!

What is the best way to have sex?
Any old way man!!!! Just as long as you have It!!!

Any final words to further enlighten our readers?
Be cool...Stay Heavy and check out Incapacity if you like it Heavy !!!!!

Thanks a lot for this interview and good luck with Incapacity and everything else in the future!

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