This is an old interview with Akhenaten of Judas Iscariot which was conducted by Bruno Zamora.

Did you relocate from US to Germany? Is there any reason for this, or maybe that you're fascinated with the Nietschean ideology and you relocated to further relate with the subject?
I could not live any longer in the fucking USA. Americans are so trapped in their superficial world, every day for me was like a struggle against what the US stands for. With turning on the TV or opening a newspaper I was bombarded with yankee-propaganda. Whenever I left my apartment I felt I was trapped in a superficial world of neon lights and McDonalds. I have become introverted and abandoned US culture for the old-world of Germany. I now am much more comfortable in an environment where history and culture takes place over commerce and materialism...This environment is better for me creatively in that I am (at least partly) away from the material-based US-capitalist world.

How do you view critics, since that Judas Iscariot suffer so much for it. Like you've been shunned by some big time press for playing raw while majority of the scene are playing like Dimmu Borgir. What is your MOST stand about this? What can you say about the scene nowadays?
I do not need or want the support of major press. I am not involved in Judas Iscariot for acceptance by the media. I do not care if people listen to my music or what I have to say. I write and release my music to spread propaganda against the false reign of christian ignorance, but if people won't listen to me I will NOT change my music for acceptance!! People mesmerized by Dimmu Borgir and keyboard-based nonsense should not be listening to Judas Iscariot! I do not want 14-year-old girls as supporters! FUCK OFF! I would rather they HATE Judas Iscariot.

Do you think that people don't like one man band as they are considered selfish for not having other members to share ideas with? What is the advantage of writing songs alone and a collaboration of ideas? Is there any material you've written that comprise ideas from other persons?
Maybe I am selfish... do I care? Since when must a Black Metal musician be a "nice" person? Almost noone has the ability and strength to participate in Judas Iscariot. For this reason I am very choosy in who I cooperate with. Live musicians for Judas Iscariot gigs were not just chosen because of their musical ability but moreover because of their dedication to the ideology and values of the underground.Judas Iscariot is my vision and my vision alone. For recording purposes I do not need the input of other human creatures. Weltmacht is a band which involves the work of Cryptic Winter and Lord Imperial (the force behind USA's Krieg, he joined Weltmacht in January 2000). Sarcophagus as well is another project of mine that involves the work of three other warriors. But for Judas Iscariot, I prefer to work alone.

Do you agree that Judas Iscariot is the most known US Black Metal band across the planet? What can you say about US black metal since it is most comprise by average styles? Do you think that US bands can play far more really better on Death Metal rather than Black Metal is?
No, Judas Iscariot is NOT the most known US Black Metal band on the planet. Bands like Black Funeral, Grand Belial's Key, Krieg, Demoncy, Black Witchery, Thornspawn, Absu and others have made strong names for themselves and have helped build the credibility of the US underground. Even though I live in Germany I would like to still be considered a USBM band. USBM has a special atmosphere to it; a special aura of total hatred and death...As Americans we live in a stronghold of religious fundamentalism, crybaby liberalism and sickening unregulated capitalism. Because of this, we are fighting in the heart of the enemy. Black Metal STANDS AGAINST what the USA stands for !!! Europeans are not face to face with the yankee disease like those in the USA are...Therefore I believe that USBM has a rather "special" place in our movement.

What is your stand on Death Metal? I figure that you still support the style since then, people know about this AVENGER release from Breath Of Night? Can we expect some other upcoming DEATH METAL releases from your label?
Yes, of course, I am a huge Death Metal fan. Death Metal fills my veins with pure hatred and vengeance. I am not one of these trendy assholes who pretends he never worshipped the intolerant sounds of pure death metal. But when I say Death Metal, I mean bands that truly worship what the music is about: DEATH, HATRED, WAR and total fucking DEVASTATION... When I say DEATH metal I do not mean technically-based ‘life'-metal or urban-influenced ‘bounce' metal. I mean spikes, leather, blasphemy and the ultimate torrents of hell...HAIL NUCLEAR DEATH!

Will there any be VINYL materials coming from Judas Iscariot(aside from that in EAL Productions)? Are you a vinyl fan or much more practical to do CDs? Do you collect vinyls? How many of them? How do you keep up the ideas in your head since I've seen that Judas Iscariot has been releasing materials as frequent as it is?
Yes, of course I collect vinyls. I bought my first metal LP in 1982 and since then I have never stopped filling my ears with these sounds. Sombre Records (Germany) just released the LP version of "Distant in Solitary Night" (limited to 100 LPs and No Colours Records (Germany) will release the LP version of "Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten" with the 1993 Judas Iscariot demo as bonus.A lot of people have the misconception that Judas Iscariot releases a phenomenal amount of material. I have released approximately one album a year since 1993, this is the average frequency for a band. There are lots of rare and limited releases, but these are generally simply tape or LP versions of releases already on CD.

Upon dealing a lot with various labels, which of them do you think promotes your material very well: Elegy, Moribund, and the recent Red Stream? How did you came up a deal with these labels? Are they paying exact royalties as you demand them? Why not release it on your own label instead? Why did you sign NEGURA BUNGET as they are not "Raw and Heavy" classification, which your Breath Of Night was more known of releasing with?
Each label did a fine job in my opinion. I will eventually release material again through Elegy and Moribund Records Cult... it is just a matter of time. I have been in contact with Moribund for many years as he contacted Judas Iscariot for the release of the debut album, "The Cold Earth Slept Below". I do not demand royalties because I do not need money from Judas Iscariot. I would rather see these labels invest their profits right back into the underground. I have my own studio so there are no studio costs and I am not involved in the underground to make cash, rather to spread the propaganda of grim black metal art.As far as Breath Of Night is concerned, I would rather focus my attention on the support of other worthy cults. I am not so selfish to think that Judas Iscariot is the ONLY band on the planet. As long as other labels are willing to support Judas Iscariot I am free to spend my time promoting other bands. I decided to work with Negura Bunget because they are an original black metal band in the sense that they incorporate into their music the history and pagan spirit of their Transylvanian homeland.

What's new with Breath Of Night? Any new signings? How do you came up agreeing with the marketing from a German label? How do you spend your time between the label and your band? Do you have a family? Where do you print your CDs and are they reliable in terms of prices and delivery? Do you do trading with other label managers?
Breath Of Night Records is now officially manufactured and distributed by Merciless Records. I have no part in the business aspect of metal aside from finding music and acting as a mediator between Merciless and the bands. Beyond this I do not want to deal with the indu$try anymore. I hate these idiotic "industry- types" behind all the distributors, commerce magazines and labels. Fuck them all !!! Metal is art which should not be sold as a ‘product' like Coca-Cola!!! I am disgusted when dealing with the greed-industry so I found a solution in that I may continue to release bands but am away from the pathetic homosexual indu$try.

Was it intentional for you to put some synth on "Heaven In Flames"? The new material sounds very different on the early Judas Iscariot materials. Would you like to make your remarks? Do you think that people might call this album sell out or they will consider it progression? Do you think too much popularity will even spoil Judas Iscariot?
The synth on "Heaven in Flames" was used only to add dimension to the music. I was very careful not to ‘overuse' the keyboards. I generally HATE keyboards but I think bands like Graveland and Burzum have used them tastefully. Once can use keyboards in adding depth to the music but not compromising aggression. Black Metal is not "pretty" or "romantic". BLACK METAL SOUND NOT SOUND BEAUTIFUL!!! This is the sound of the apocalypse !! FUCK OFF FAG-GOTHIC INFLUENCE IN BM!!!I am also completely against female vocals! As Barbarud from Maniac Butcher says, "FEMALE VOCALS??? WE HAVE OTHER USES FOR THE MOUTHS OF GIRLS!!!!"No one has ever called Judas Iscariot a sellout. But regardless, I do not care what people say about me or my music. I am in this completely for myself. I do not need the opinions of other people. I hate all "normal" people. There is not an attempt to look evil. I am myself. If you don't like my music or message that is fine. Say what you want, I don't care about you or your opinion. Hate me, I don't care. I don't need you. Please... say anything you want about me, spread rumors, and talk shit. Do what you want. Hails to my supporters and comrades, to the rest...Fuck Off! Grasp this philosophy and concept fully before you decide to come to me with your jargon.

Don't you plan to do some "hysterical screamings" on your upcoming materials, to further change? Why did you stop wearing warpaint on this recent CD sleeve? How do you went out the pattern for each of your songs? What line do you write first? How far is your knowledge playing bass guitar? Can we expect Judas Iscariot to play some insane guitar solos on the upcoming materials?
I didn't wear paint in this picture because I did not feel like it. There is no better reason. The other parts of this question are completely uninteresting.

As I view some of the tracks from "Heaven In Flames" are much more like heavilly influenced by BURZUM. Do you have your own opinion about this kind of comment? And for such like an old topic to discuss, whom do you believe in imposing their philosophy: Vikerness or Aarseth? What can you say about the last MAYHEM record?
Yes, Burzum has been a very strong musical influence. But more important than music is the inspiration which comes from the night, the dark, the cold, wicked philosophy, war, death, and the lust for total armageddon...About Mayhem...If your readers are not clever enough to figure out on their own that Mayhem is utter crap they have no business reading about Judas Iscariot!!! I should not have to tell you myself!!!

What is your own interpretation of hell? How would you classify the synth parts on " Kingdom Of Fire": a sacred hymn or a music when someone died and soul is wavering down the eternal fire?
There is no hell...Hell is just an illusion like heaven and god...Judas Iscariot is purely against christianity and I mention hell as imagery against the "beauty" of the cunt god...

I hope not to offend you, but I think I've heard some jumping fingers on "Before the circle of darkness". First comment would be the melodic squel on the right guitar on it's 3:23 of playing time. Stand me corrected: was that intentional to be sloppy or a complete error?
I do not remember. I recorded Heaven in Flames under very secluded and trance-like emotions. At this period and time and I didn't have contact with humans for over a week (other than during punch-ins much later). Many parts of the recording sessions for "Heaven in Flames" are just black holes in my memory. I do not remember when or how I recorded them. Most of the album's recording sessions are just a ‘blur' in my mind. Before recording for Judas Iscariot I let my imagination leave this world...I become secluded and introverted. I leave myself to bring out the demons and cold of my conciousness.

The noticeable loudness of the LEFT speaker is as well on the list, can you tell us why such things like these happened? Where did you recorded the entire material? Who do the production? Where was it mastered and with whom? How much did you spend for the budget to finance this material?
"Heaven in Flames", like every other Judas Iscariot record, was recorded in a 4-track analog portable recorder. There was no mastering other than that done by Red Stream, but all they did was make it louder. I did not give permission for the altering of the album's sound. There were no recording costs because I own my equipment.

What can you say about BM bands that is carrying up uzi and doesn't wear the B/W paint anymore? Do you think that this indicates the world is really facing it's doomday? What is your opinion about Black Metal bands discussing about alien abduction? Do you think it still relates with Black Metal in general?
This type of thing simply does not interest me.

How are you personally? How's Akhenaten while walking down the streets? Do you punch people's faces for fun? Ever had a son to follow your infernal path? Do you have a woman? Do you play acoustic guitars with folk songs? Or shall we say, that you still listen to other types of music? Who influences you to play this type of music now? Do you belong to progression of Metal, like from early Heavy Metal going to Bathory?
My personal life is of no interest to a Judas Iscariot interview. I do whatever I can to make my existence on this planet as bearable as possible. I live for the black/death metal underground and NOTHING else... I do whatever I can to spread this propaganda. This art is the most important thing to me and I build my life around this music.

How did you came up with the line up with the guy from ABSU and Lord Imperial? Was that show your first and last gig for Judas Iscariot or will there be more to come? Do you think Lord Imperial will put KRIEG to the wayside if you approach him to be a stable member of Judas Iscariot? How did you prepare your set/rehearsal before that show came on board?
The Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child BM festival was not the last performance for JI. The LAST JI show was in Berlin at the Under the Black Sun Open Air. I approached Proscriptor and Lord Imperial because they are long-time contacts of mine and I felt they have a good understanding of what Judas Iscariot is about.THERE WILL BE NO MORE PERFORMANCES FROM JUDAS ISCARIOT -- EVER !!As I said, there are no other members of Judas Iscariot other than myself. I do not think that Imperial would quit Krieg for any reason, this is his own vision and his priority. He is simply a fan of Judas Iscariot as I am also a fan of Krieg.

Reports I've read that your show started with Hitler speaking and somewhere I've seen you being called as a Nietsche supporter. Do you agree if some people will be calling Judas Iscariot using some sort of NS? What is your opinion about a label heavy with this elements like No Colours? What is your opinion about NS?
The intro we used was from an Austrian Dark Ambient project. Yes, of course I am a supporter of Nietzsche. His works have been not only an inspiration for Judas Iscariot but as well for my own personal life. Nihilism is the only philosophy which makes any sense to me.I have no interest in National Socialism and no part in the NSBM underground. No comments beyond that.

When you first started, how did you manage to spread the band's name? Are you buying a lot of Ads, print a zillion of flyers, or bla bla bla? Do you think tape trading can help out a starting band? What can you say about the copyright using/copyright violation among other Underground bootlegs? Which do you think can help a band a lot: Radio, zines, or a good distribution? What can you say about rip offs?
No, I never did a lot of promotion for Judas Iscariot other than answering interviews. I am busy with my own label, writing for my nihilist journal and writing music. Printing flyers and so forth is rather trivial. I feel my time can be used best in other ways.

Any merchandise you now have available? What's in store for Judas Iscariot, let's say 10 or 6 years from now? This is the last question any final remarks you would like to leave for Tartarean Desire readers?
Judas Iscariot as a project will eventually be put to rest, when I believe that it has served its purpose and has made its point. But as for my own personal war against the feeble light of god, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP !!!Let the fires of hell continue to burn in your heart. For those with an understanding of black metal, as long as it lives inside of you the integrity of this art will never fade...TOTAL WAR!!!

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