This interview with Petr Krystof of Krabathor was done through e-mail in November 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Iīm fine and you.

Could you please give us a brief biographical background on Krabathor?
WE have started in 1984.In 1988 we have done three demos: Breath Of Death,Total Destruction and Brutal Death. We have played our first show in 1988 17th November on festival here in Czech republic in Prag. Than we have released demo called Feelings of Dethronisation in 1991. We have got offer for two CDīs under label called Monitor from Czech republic. 92- Only our Death Is Welcome,93-Cool Mortification. In 1995 we have released under Morbid records Lies, 97 MCD Mortal Memories, 89 Orthodox. In 200 we have released under System Shock from Germany CD Unfortunately dead and in the begining of next zear will be out CD Dissuede Truth.

What are you up to at the moment? I know that there is a big tour soon?
Yes, we are leving for shows in USA, Mexico and Canada. We are leaving at Mon 26th Nov. Itīs pretty long tour.

If you had the chance to tour with any other band(s) who would you choose?
Of course we would like to tour with some other big bands as cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel. Motorhead...etc

Are you happy with the support from your label so far?
Yes, they are doing best they can. They did and doing a lot of things for us, we are happy with their work.

What do you do when not playing metal or tour the Earth?
I donīt know. Iīm playing and I canīt tell what besside the music I can do. One time I have been deep in the computers but it was when I have been working with it. But music is music...

Are any of you involved with other bands or projects at the moment?
We have dome Martyr project, last year and now we care just about Krabathor, we have a lot of work, we are touring and we have to care about band.... etc...

Have you written any new material? Is it in true Krabathor style or can we expect any surprises?
We have recorded new C zet, itīs in Krabathor brutal, aggressive style.

What is the metal scene like in the Czech Republic these days? Are there any good new bands who deserve more attention?
Here is a lot of great bands as for example Pandemia, Martyrium Christi, Scabbard, Slaughtering,D.M.C.,Fleshless....etc....

What do you think of the Internet? Does it help a band like Krabathor?
It helps everybody in any kind of the job. Everything is faster and bettter and cheaper...

If you were the leader of the world what would you do first?
Hard to say. Earth is too much destroyed.Do the economic situation he same for everybody in the world but it isnīt possible. Some states have to living of other states...etc....itīs hard...

Any final words for the readers?
I hope people will support hard kind of the music and will support us too. Check out our new Cd when it will be out...all the best...Christopher from Krabathor

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