This face to face interview with mastermind and frontman Mille Petrozza from seminal German thrash metal veterans Kreator was done by Andres Castro on April 10th, 2005, prior to their show at the Opera House in Toronto, Canada, together with Death Angel, Vader and If Hope Dies.

Congratulations for the new album. How have been the tour and the response to the album so far?
The tour has been really good and the response from the audience has been amazing, the good thing about this tour is that when we play the new songs, people know the new songs and that is not always the case, usually people is more into the old material, but this time people every song is great, people seem to like the new album a lot.

I have seen that on every tour you reach new territories like S. America and for example I see you are playing Costa Rica this time, how do you feel about reaching these scenes?
It’s our second time going to Costa Rica. This time we went to Ecuador for the first time and it’s great to see how people over there is so enthusiastic, because they don’t get to see many shows, it’s great to see those people over there. Sometimes is a little hot because they haven’t organized shows before but they do their best and it was a very good experience, we just came from S. America.

It’s huge there.
Yeas, bigger than anywhere else in the world, it’s great.

Ok, Enemy of God, how do you feel about it, given the whole response and everything?
I think we did very well, the state of mind in the whole band was right; we like to take our time not to rush between albums, like we used to do in the eighties, in the eighties every year you had release a new album, and that is not the case anymore, now we take our time to do one album and we do touring for it for about three years and then we do another album. We are all very relaxed, we know what we want and it is very important for me to keep it that way.

How has been the response from the media and the fans given the fact that there is always this trend to compare, like with Violent Revolution you always read all these comparisons to Outcast and other previous releases?
I don’t really care. I do care about what the fans say. I stopped listening to the critics because the critics know better anyway. We are on the way of being very creative and to still be Kreator, it involves experimenting with the melodies, with the aggression, the power and with the energy, everything… but to do it in a way where we can be happy and our fans are happy.

About the lyrics, it’s one of the aspects that I like the most about Kreator because the lyrics actually touch me and I feel this again in Enemy of God, I also feel a lot of conscience about the current worldwide situation kind of in a metaphorical way…
We can talk about this for ten hours (laughs)… but let me just tell you this much, I don’t have a clue on what to do, I don’t know all the answers, I don’t know anything, I don’t know what to change to make the world a better place to live in, I mean what it really is, it would the end of capitalism; now its gotta be a new system coming, maybe we will not experience it, probably the next generations will… well I don’t know, it’s pretty fucked up times if you think about it, but then again, I don’t think people will wake up (laughs)… when I was a little younger in the eighties, we always thought, because of the whole metal scene, like yeah we have to change something and it was like a revolution, and the hard core scene, the metal scene, the punk scene were all like that, now its like people don’t care anymore (laughs)… now they have settled down, they have the TV set, they have their day jobs, so they are part of the whole thing, that’s what happens, you just have to be careful in my opinion to never loose viewing things which is hard, I think I could never change or anything, I will stay this way for the rest of my life, but not a lot of people have had very similar views like I have.. on the other hand society kind of forces you… once you believe that you need all this shit that they offer you, that you need the big car, the big house, that you need two kids and all that shit then you have to make a lot of money to keep standards like that when you are becoming a part of this system and you won’t get out of it.

Now about the title of the album “Enemy of God”, most people have kind of a religious vision and reading the lyrics I see criticism here and there…
The title didn’t come from being critical about religion, maybe in a sense, but I thought just that… in my opinion when I listen to someone’s speeches, political speeches, they sound almost like taken out of the bible or something, we point out the countries, this is good, this is an evil thing and its all bullshit, and then you have the extremist groups like Taliban, Bin Laden, they say to people: “we have to fight for our believes”, and there’s where the title come from, because to me it’s a ridiculous thought that we have this kind ff war happening at this point in time, I know its not about religion, any of that, its about money, the oil in the middle east, so why not just saying it, why telling people “this is something we have to do to reach our God”, that guy Bush to me is a dictator, and people are following him blindly and it is pretty bad…

Do you believe in prophecies?
I try not to, but you know it seems like, I mean like these prophecies like Nostradamus and all these people, when they came up with their views on the future, of course you can relate to some of this stuff but I doubt it, its all in our head, I always believe in the good things in this world but I gets hard, and if I believed in prophecies I would say “we cannot change things” and I think we can change the future but nobody want, maybe you and me would like to but, nobody else would (laughs)…

The question was directed to the fact that the pope just died and many people is talking about the prophecies of an evil pope coming…
Who tells you the other pope wasn’t evil (laughs), I got a lot of shit when a went to Costa Rica, people said how could I make fun of the pope dying, I was not… I don’t make fun of anybody dying. The pope was such a holy person, he criticized the war in Iraq and that’s great, I had a lot of respect for him, he went through the suffering and went to countries that are very poor and very good stuff, but he also went to Africa and told people not to use condoms because it’s a sin, he also said that homosexuals are evil, come on, that guy wasn’t all good, and that’s what I think today society is lacking, they all categorize things as good or evil, human race is both good and evil, you can not just be good or evil, not even the pope. Its easy for that guy to act like he is the good guy but he is not, I think he is one of the better ones they have had but I still think that having a pope is fucking stupid, if there is a God why would you have somebody here representing him, if there is a God he wouldn’t care about the fucking pope, so its all fucking fairytales of bullshit.

Joachim Lütke was behind the whole cover art, how did you come to pick him for this task?
The reason why I picked him was because he did an artwork with H.R. Gigger and I really liked that, so I asked him if we could have it for the new album because I always wanted to have a Gigger artwork for Kreator, then he asked Gigger if we could use it, he said yes, but he asked a ridiculous price for the artwork, so he said “ok, we can come up with something similar”, and we came up with this. I already knew him from my friends in Dimmu Borgir, they have used him for years, Destruction also, this is the perfect link between (Andreas) Marschall, the one that we used on the last record and the future, and he is a more futuristic version of Marschall.

When I see Kreator on stage, I see a very aggressive and angry band and I always wonder how is Mille off the stage…
Very boring (laughs)… when you go on stage its not like its not a part of us but you turn into a different person and you let all the anger and frustration out, its us being Kreator…

You are one of the few who has been into this almost since the beginning hence have seen many changes and cycles in the metal scene, so I wonder what’s your point of view about the metal scene worldwide nowadays…
To me its coming back to the music, the nineties were really hard for heavy metal bands, people almost forgot about the metal thing, but now we are going thru a third generation of metalheads, we see not only the old people coming but also very young kids to the shows, I think what metal is all about is the fan is very loyal to the bands, they can be Kreator fans or Manowar or Slayer or Metallica for all their lives which I think is very rare in any kind of music, so it comes back to the essentials of the whole scene which is the music, so I think its up to the bands to keep it alive, if the bands release shitty albums just for the sakes of it its gonna go downhill, if the bands get their shit together and come up with exciting stuff, that’s how the metal scene will survive, because the interest is gonna be there.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
Thanks for the support.

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