This in-depth interview with the Sadistik Exekution guitarist and solo artist Rev. Kriss Hades was done by Bruno Zamora in September 2003.

Do you consider Sadistik Exekution as the most finest moment of your life? Do you look at it as a new beginning when you guys toured Europe? Have you been involved with the infamous fight on your tour bus?
Sadistik Exekution is an Institution of the Insane. When I first came in contact with Dave Slave and Rok in Melbourne after answering an ad seeking the 'heaviest guitarists in the world' I was a teenager who was very obsessed by death metal and metal in general so it was amazing to be part of such a nightmare band at the time. In the early times of the band life was very surrealistic and the mayhemic metal lifestyle suited my mind with total metal and metal sluts, alcohol and drugs. A lot of what you could call paranormal experiences were peculiar to the center of Sadistik Exekution and behavior that was completely demented. We had a lot of fun back then. Then the metal dream was very real. As the band progressed there was pressure to become more professional and the realities of the nature of the music industry were very detrimental to us however we never let anything destroy us. Sadistik Exekution made music that pissed a lot of people off but the highlights were when we played shows full of insane metalheads who wanted the most extreme death metal imaginable and when things went well we really killed. Sadistik is just one chapter of my life and there are many more things yet to happen. When Sadistik Exekution toured Europe it was a big new step for the band and I was concerned that it may not be beneficial as Sad X never actual toured, we would do one totally extreme show then we would have to recover as we would put everything into these performances like it was death or glory. I suggested to Herve(Osmose) that it might be better if Rok and Slave journeyed over there to do some promotional work first. The Australian audiences had seen Rok on TV and in magazines well before the first shows however even then it took them awhile to understand how to deal with Sadistik live. Once they got it the shows really started to go insane, although the very first show was extremely chaotic. When we toured we did not have complete control which was new to us and I think that Europe has yet to see Sadistik Exekution to its full potential. The fight on the bus was a complete disaster as I broke my left hand during this, I had shattered the bone that joins the little finger. I was very bad, Mika from Impaled Nazarene gave me these pain killers that were very powerful but they were serpositories! I had to play more shows with this thing but I decided to enjoy the pain and finish the tour. I didn't get to a hospital until 2 weeks later back in Oz. One hospital said it was too hard to fix and that nothing could be done so I searched to find a surgeon to fix this. I had no money after the tour and I was very ill and in total agony now as the alcohol and painkillers had worn off. I had to wait a whole day outside a hospital and I was unconscious by the time they saw me, I had holes all over me from the safety pins and looked a fucking mess. Anyway they fixed it but I could not use it for one year and then 6 months rehabilitation. It is ok now and I can play even faster than before.

Do you think it is right for people to give you big credit on giving birth on such a chaotic style that most Australian bands do now? Do you think people should or you don't care about their opinions? What is your own view about Black Metal since that you guys claimed that You Are Death Metal?
Of course Sadistik is the most influential band in extreme metal band in this country, we also influenced many bands from overseas. Other bands try but there will only be one true band that is the master of kaos and mayhemic death metal. I see the different styles of metal very clearly even though there are people who decide to cross their styles in a hope to be original, Sometimes this works and most of the time it doesn't. Black Metal and Death Metal are not the same thing in the pure forms however they share some elements such as blast beats for example. As far as the argument of Death versus Black I have no comment as I believe they are both equally important. What I despise is when people who are outside the cults of these styles and mock them, making fun of corpse paint and the belittling the sincerity of the bands, sure there are alot of posers and shit bands but people who aren't into metal can fuck off with their opinions.

Since now that there are three Sad. Ex. membesrs having their own solo band(with their name on it), who do you think will follow next? Is Sloth leaving his other band and form a band named Sloth as well? Don't you think this will affect on Sad. Ex. in general or just another ways to further promote the notoriety for Sad. Ex.?
Sloth actually was always playing in other bands, in particular "Meridian" (cd-'Sundown Empire') and has even recorded a few CDs before anyone else had. He also has recorded about 70 songs. Most of them are total shit. He also has a punk thing called "Bog". I don't think anything can 'ruin' the Sad X situation.

Of all Sad. Ex. albums, what's the most special one to you that really relates with your life? Maybe all of them? How did you get in hooked with Rok and Dave Slave? Specially in your case, as I've heard you live on such a distant place.
'We Are Death Fukk You" was the first full length album/CD that I was part of. I was very dedicated to making the recording. I paid for the recording and sent the recording to Osmose. I was totaly confident that we would be signed as I did not send to any other labels. "K.A.O.S." is a recording that was important to me as I though Sadistik must record a CD that is total extreme death that separates us from the "We Are Death" as that had done from the "Magus". I was able to write entire songs at this stage for the first time "Demon With Wings", "Fukked Up And Buried", "Hades Valley". "FUKK" is new and sadistik and it has the right insane atmosphere. We are working on "FUKK II" and I think this will be the last recording of Sadistik Exekution however I don't know, it may not even happen. Rok and Slave came down to Melbourne from Sydney , that takes about 13 hours driving in a car. Rok had this fucked up panel van he called "The Crypt". I remember scratching my name in the side with my knife when I saw it. They came down to Melbourne to look for members for their band and cause as much kaos in the process. Dave Slave was to go on a Television talent quest which he smashed his bass on. Rok was always being interviewed by people and he was being interviewed by PENTHOUSE just after I joined. Melbourne was very cold and eventually the went back to Sydney when Sandy the guitarist from "Slaughter Lord" and Sloth had teamed up to join the band. I stayed in Melbourne as I wasn't ready yet as a elite death metal guitarist. I could play the leads well, however I was yet to master the rhythm which is the most important part of death metal. After practicing for 2 years I was contacted by Slave to move up to Sydney. I was to join with the other Guitarist for a twin guitar attack. There were problems with Sloth becoming a born again Christian (he did this a lot) and Sandy leaving. Sloth changed back and then the band continued but it would always be subject to all kinds of ridiculous disasters and insane problems.

What can you say about the Label that handles "The Magus"? I believe they never did a better job for you, so would you consider Osmose as the key of how Sad. Ex. become now?
Vampire Records came about because after the Magus was recorded no record label wanted to release it in Australia as the bands reputation scared al of people off and Slave found someone willing to press it and that was that. The label wasn't really serious about promoting the band more than just using it as something to brag about when socializing, they also tried to make and sell copies without us knowing about them. After getting found out and a few other things the label was in serious trouble with us so it ended. Vampire and the related associates like to claim the Sadistik Exekution are difficult to work with professionally but that is only because they tried to rip us off and we wouldn't let them. Yes I think the label has a lot to do with what happens to a band, Osmose helped introduce Europe to our music and have control on how the CDs are distributed. The members of Sadistik are ultimately responsible for what the band is now.

What will you do if there's a fan on the pit that climbs up on stage, grabs all of the safety pins and drag it inside your body? Is it pain a big inspiration for you? Will you let him drag all of the pins or will you smash his forehead with your guitar and throw him back down like a vegetable on the pit? Any experience you've encountered like this, seriously speaking.
I remember this time when this female metal head called Skadi who had very long hair was always getting on stage and all of her hair got all tangle up with the pins and that made me very angry and slammed her off the stage and it ripped out the pins. Also I would hate it when people would spit on me as there was a lot of that going on so I would give people beers up the front so they would not do this but they would do it anyway so then I would kick them right in the face. I broke a few noses and so forth, the look on their faces was amusing like "you cant do that!", well they shouldn't have spat! Anyway they usually were proud of it after and bragged how Sadistik broke their face.

I don't want to stretch this, but perhaps I can recall…how did Osmose reacted on that evening with Dave Slave smashing the tour bus to pieces? Did they confronted you in the phone? Did Osmose put you under probation because of this violent behavior?
After I went back to Australia I did not see the rest of the band for a long time with the hospital and rehabilitation so I don't know.

As far as I've read, those bands you've toured with have their own versions for public reading…I can understand if you'll not answer, but after that incident, Sad. Ex. went on silence? Why? Does it mean to say that mess on the tour bus affects your band or say "career"? Stand me corrected.
Dave Slave is very mental and that is the truth. He had been given alcohol and that is not good for him and some person threw one of the stickers he was handing out on the ground. That made him angry and he got worse as the night went. By the time he got on the bus he was really starting to shit every one and eventually a fight started and we couldn't stop him so he really made a mess of everything. The guitarist from Absu slipped him a sleeping pill but it didn't seem to work and he was really losing it, you have to see him do this in person to really get the effect as it looks so demented and frightening but also very comical at the same time. The only alternative was to kill him by bashing him to death. This was an easy decision for me. So Rok and I were set to this task which too about 15 minutes of furious bashing and in this I broke my hand, otherwise I would have finished the job. Things started to calm down after that. The next day Slave could not remember anything and thought I was lying when I told him what he did. He was telling everyone that he loved them and he is a nice and peaceful person which really disturbed the other people. He really is mental and probably would have been better I he had of been killed. If the band was normal and wanted to pursue a usual career in touring with a metal band it would have but because Sadistik Exekution is not normal then things like that do not really affect the band. If it want that it would be something else. Things are very different now but I think that is because we don't expect to be like other bands and I don't think Osmose does either.

Seriously, what can you say about "Death Metal" bands using some swelling vaginas as their album cover? Don't you think this is one of the reason why the true spirit of Brutal Death Metal died?
I have never seen this but are they mutilated?

It is rather, people loose an interest that Death Metal must be blasphemous. People are happy enough to see all these cheap Urban Life Metal from North America. Are you against Porno Death Metal? I don't think a vagina stab with a barbed wire is sick, but belongs just to an adolescent mind! Would you agree that it is a big devaluation of Death Metal ideology?
Sarcafago sort of did that a bit I think, but what about Celtic Frost? Maybe this is some sort of phenomena that happens to death metal bands when they lose the spirit of their initial goal. Don't be surprised is Sadistik Exekution does this as well I think Rok might be making a pornographic film as we speak. He will always try to do the wrong thing.

To sight show similarities, what can you say about G.G. Allin sliting his throat "live" on stage? I don't know if he died on that night(well, he's dead as we speak!), but can you imagine of yourself that both of you will have the same end? What is your stand on suicide?
I am the only member of Sad X that has heard of GG. I liked the video "Hated". I think Sadistik would rather kill someone else's self on stage.

Some songs appeared on your material injected a very suicidal twist for the listeners, would you be proud if one of the listeners kill themselves? Do you have suicidal tendencies (I guess, it's stupid enough to ask this, eh!)?
Yes this is a stupid question. I find suicide machines very fascinating, some contraption that automatikally kills you once you are strapped in and press the button with no way of getting out. I would build a guillotine machine that slices 1mm at a time so if you start at the feet it would take ages. Take heaps of acid and anesthetic and have a go!

Well…some could be bothered about the issue on your album, why on Decius and not on Osmose? What's the story? As far as I'm informed, Decius is very young at this point? And well, many people are having disgust on the attitude of Osmose now. Should this story relates on moving away from that French giant company?
I held an exhibition and I meet Chris Fabianson from Decius when he bought a print from me. About a year later we meet again at a metal show in Sydney and I told him about what I was doing and we agreed to release a 12" gatefold vinyl. The creation of this has taken longer that originally planned and the CD was released in the meantime. Decius is a cult release label and I always had ambitions to be on an international label so we may part ways if this happens.

To the most part, are you the one keeping the rights on your material? I think Decius is hardly promoting the CD, do you have a multiple deal with them? Most of the songs on your CD are quite old and some even appeared on Sad. Ex. albums. Any reason for using it again?
Yes I own all my rights as far as my solo music is concerned. The reason for the old material is to show a bit of my history in recordings. If you are interested in that then you may want to investigate other recordings in the future when they become available. I am not bound to Decius even though they are cool to work with.

Most Aussie bands I've interviewed view Sad. Ex. as the real pioneer of War Metal, I hope you will agree on this. But the question is, any other bands come first before you having this style? AC/DC did inspire a lot of sick and satanic criminals worldwide, do you think you are the successor of them and inspire more criminals than they do?
There was Slaughter Lord but Sadistik was the most extreme. Maybe Britany Spears may inspire more than Sadistik. (…I see your point, but at most, I assume that there will be only 1 sicko to rape and strangle Ms. Spears. Thus, the number of criminal there is only 1. -Bruno)

One thing to ask about is the LaVeyan Satanism. There are so many things this person said that could be agreeable and debatable. How do you relate Satanism and Anti-Christianity? What is your own point of view on both of these subjects? Does it relate to you?
Lavey came from a different time and what he was doing was very relevant to the world then. Anything which is not Christian would be considered anti-Christian like Buddha is anti Christian and so are all the other religions. Satanism has many faces and some Satanism embraces Christianity. I think metal has a special role. The anti Christian side to metal does not necessarily mean Satan worship or belief but it suits it better somehow. 500 years ago black metal did not exist however I'm sure there would be phenomena that could parallel modern times. Satanism and anti Christian art exists outside the metal world and to some the metal style seems childish and ignorant. I believe that when metal is true and made with skill and intent it can possess a lot of power.

I'm not familiar on Christianism in your country, how is the normal people behave having their weak religion? And how does the normal people behave when you walk in front of them with bulletbelts and spikes?
It is fairly conservative and mainly Christian or catholic. Sadistik were freaks walking around with black corpse eyes and our fans were even worse. We caused a lot of kaos when we played shows and everyone gathered.

Would you care if we talk about your childhood, since we want to know what kind of personality do Kriss Hades have while growing up? What's the most wicked/violent experienced you have as a kid? What is your first LP bought at 15? What was your first UG zine bought? At what exact age can you say you've started doing your UG mails and played among bands?
I was abducted by aliens when I was 5. AC/DC was given to me and I liked Black Sabbath and Ozzy. Kreator - "Pleasure to Kill" was one of the first I bought but I don't know exactly. Slayer Magazine rules in hell. I never wrote to people at all.

Do you think if a band mentioned Bathory as their influence, they should be called generically disabled?
I think it is ok to know about the history of metal as Black Sabbath even though they seem like hippies have some cool riffs and it is proof that metal does not die like other shit music. Quorthon was very influential to Sadistik for Rok as was Hellhammer. Bathory's stuff now does not have the same fire so that is disappointing.

Do you think that your basic lesson on classical guitar training helps you to have a solid foundation of what you are now? In the first place, did you really take some guitar lessons? Do you agree/disagree that virtuosity is still needed in making genuine Metal?
I was self taught except for some classical lessons after I had been playing awhile. To write superior metal a guitarist does not have to be a great soloist or musician at all. You just need the fire in your mind. If you want to play metal and your desire is strong then you will succeed.

I've heard even that Death Metal is much active in countries like Mexico, considering that OZ is there. Did OZ Records(or any Mexican label) approach Sad. Ex. to be a headliner on any Mexican show? Do you listen to Mexican Death Metal like The Chasm?
Mexican death metal has its own unique style coming through however we have never been approached by any label from this country.

How do you view Death Metal since I think that American Death Metal sounds different from European Death Metal? And well, obviously, Australian Death Metal will not sound the same as Japanese Death Metal? What makes the difference for all these?
When a scene is isolated from the rest of the world or is ignored by the main players in the metal labels the bands must struggle to survive and the ones that stand true are usually the elite metal musicians and their originality will carve out a sound that will be unique to their area. When an area becomes popular for the bands like Tampa, Florida or Sweden death metal or Norway for black metal, bands all over will the world will emulate them. It is the bands that can rise above their influences that become legends and then the world will take notice.

It is no doubt that Sad. Ex. is well accepted in Europe, where tons of "Romantic Bands" are born. How would you react on this? Do you think some Europeans are just getting fed up listening to romantic "Metal" and looks for really brutal stuff?
Romantic Metal sounds funny to me but I suppose it is to attract females??? Metal moves in waves and I have seen many styles come and go in fashion. If a band changes with the fashions then they might gain some fans as they keep up with the times however I think that fans lose respect for these bands. Extreme music will always exsist and Sadistik Exekution will always remain in their direction and we still attract females anyway, they just think too much romance is crap and a bit of sadism is needed.

Some of your contemporaries before have gone dramatic changes now(music & image wise), while Sad. Ex. just get so much sicker and more brutal. How do you adopt with the "changing climate" and keep up with your own kind of music?
As before Sadistiks music will move forward as we become embarrassed by how wimpy our CDs start to sound when we come up with new ways of sadistik riffs. FUKK II better be more killer than FUKK as I think their is far too much romance in the music. Some of the titles so far are "Pentagramal Perversion".

Are you interested to join a car racing up there on the Melbourne competition? I've seen so many cars exploding there in the alley. Would you consider that as extreme? Anyone in the band interested on this "Extreme sports" and risking a life for total fun?
As a band I'd say that we would rather risk other peoples live for fun.

Do you think "Winds of Orion" reached the production you want? Was it intentional for that material to sound as "highly trebled", thinking that you can maintain the brutality if anything came out to sound clean?
All the are intentional even if they sound a little odd at times. There is no bass at all on certain sections of the cd. I would rather the notes be heard if there is complex riffing rather than have a wash of noise as it does lose brutality as you put it, so sometimes too much distortion will not wanted. I have no problem however with using a wash of distortion if that is what I desired for a piece of music.

Did you use Drum Machine on the first song? If not, ever have that on mind? What is your option for Brands (of the Drum Machine) that you will use?
My recordings will feature both real drumming and electronic sounds. Sometimes it is not possible for me to use a real drummer and also I feel that there is a lot I can't do as an artist with electronic sounds. I don't have any preference at the moment as I have spent most of my career with real drummers, some of the best extreme drummers in the world, and although they are all geniuses they can cause more problems that they are worth. Live I would prefer a real drummer for the energy. If electronic drums are used I sometimes make them to 'sound' real and vice versa.

What will happen to bands, that you met while touring, that doesn't share the same ideas as you are? Will there be more fights? Do you aim to use knife when you are already filled by anger during a bar fight?
To get the name of Sadistik Exekution out in the early years The band would do a lot of things to get attention, handing out stickers and flyers, Slave and Rok would do disgusting things in front of people at gigs and were more entertaining than the bands that were playing. We would piss a lot of people off and we would get in a lot of trouble with other bands and their fans. Generally if we are treated with respect its ok with other bands, however it wouldn't be a problem to stab their eyes out otherwise.

How do you get the inspiration to write any of your songs? Do you write it directly on guitars or do you draft it with papers first? How often do you rehearse as a band? Do you write a single song per practice?
Sadistiks songs are created from sadism and brain damage torture of the Temple of Bloody Orgy. Pure rage and violence of the mind is expressed in the way we write the music for Sadistik Exekution. The riffs come naturally because of the years of playing makes it possible to translate ideas in the mind to musical form. All the music is only written down to explain arrangements to each other. Rehearsing for Sad X is something that doesn't happen much or at all now, we just write the songs separately then when they are finished we record them without having to practice them in a studio. This has come about because we would rehearse constantly, three to four times a week for fukking years as well as writing together and living together and now we have got to a level where we can do everything we write without having to do this.

The entire world knows about the lyrical theme of Sad. Ex., but what about yours? For the readers to hear the song "Black Mass Murder", why not reveal the lyrics? What's it all about? The line-up on that song is 100% Sad. Ex., do you feel it is like still Sad. Ex. even if you are now recording your own song? Who is that guy who have rendered his backing vocals? How long you've been in contact with this person?
I wrote the music for "Black Mass Murder" to describe a real life event that someone I know experienced that was very full on and I cannot talk about it in detail in public. Once I was satisfied with the music I will instruct Rok to the topic with out giving him the details. Rok came up with the title and what he sings about would be different to what I was making the music about. This is the same way I write all of the songs I do for Sadistik Exekution. Another example is "Demon With Wings" where the music I wrote is describing the deamon Pazuzu and the lyrics by Rok describe a WWII war plane called the 'Stuka'. "Damascus Orthodox" is a Black Mass of my own invention that I have created. "Astral Orthodox of Ouija" is about comunication with the dead and other dimensions while "Orthodox Infinitus" is about something else. "MEZMUR" is extreme death metal and the lyrics will fit this, similar to Sadistik however it will be unique to my personality.

How do you see yourself 15 years from now? When can we expect your next material? Any Sad. Ex. new LP in the works?
There is the new Sadistik Exekution cd "FUKK II". Solo recordings will be DAMASCUS ORTHODOX, ASTRAL ORTHODOX OF OUIJA, ORTHODOX INFINITUS(Pyramids of Mars) and the two extreme death metal recordings under the title MEZMUR. There are other recordings that will be released but these are the main priority and are in progress.

What can you say about Labels from Australia? I think there are numerous of small but professional UG labels in your country, but I as well think that many bands are signed abroad rather than signing a deal domestically. Why?
The local scene is very good sometimes. The big labels are only importing music from overseas to here and aren't really concerned with local talent. They do the most promotion and thus most of the people only hear about overseas product. The local scene has been ruined by false people who have ripped off at every opportunity making it hard for independent bands to get established. To make it to the international stage from Australia is very difficult and Sadistisk has paved the way for many bands to follow. The local labels that are true are still too small to compete will labels like Nuclear Blast or Roadrunner.

During Sad. Ex. shows, we know your crazy antics on stage. But did ever Rok commanded those Metalheads down the pit to punch each others faces? Would not that be great to see them clamoring in pain while you play?
Yes, this happened quite often and I remember two metal heads going each other very furiously with lots of damage while I was trying to concentrate on playing. Once in Europe Rok had to get of stage and smash someone who was hassling him and he got back on stage after he finished smashing him in the head and finished the song without missing his vocal lines. It would be good to give everyone weapons and let them all battle like a medieval war scene until they are all dead as the band plays.

Let's talk about your artwork. Since when did you have an interest on painting/drawing? Would you call your art original or are you conscious enough to make your artworks original?
My artwork is my main priority and I make music and noise to be like a soundtrack to this. I create images from visions and from designing as well as from dreams. I learned how to paint and draw photorealisticly at an early age and I was inspired by surrealistic images and the great masters.

Where can any Metalhead contact you for artwork? How much each artwork costs? What should one do in order for you to make artwork for them? Please reveal the prices (if there's available) for : B/W and Colored? Do you paint formats bigger than 210mm x 297mm? If so, how much does it cost? You can enlist all of the prices you want.
If you are interested you can contact me via email and inquire about it if you are serious about owning artwork. I will be producing a poster soon that will make it affordable for anyone to get an example of my work.

What helps you to paint or came up an idea? Is hearing a song could make you sketch something on the canvass? I view your artworks to be extreme, how about slow songs? How can you illustrate something "slow" that can also relate to that band?
I have many different ways of making images that may be something like the way you mean. I create some more scratching images like "The Four Horsemen" that is in the CD booklet. Images can be made to illustrate movement so it is possible to show doom in a painting.

Do you accept Merchandise payments or do you prefer cash for your artwork made? Would you consider your artworks as a hobby or rather a more serious one for you?
I prefer to be paid in money however I will trade for things that are of good value to me.

Please name us the bands (or anyone) that have use your artworks to plague the Underground…
I have created many designs for bands. The experience is not very great as they dont like to pay and try to steal the original artwork. Metalions magazine "Slayer" is different and I will continue to make things for him.

Once, there is this notion about paintings: they could be sometimes brought neither bad luck nor good luck to the one who has it. But is it this a curse of some painters who have given their life on it?
All my creations have a power inside them.

Well, so far, painters who drew satanic themes are so few. To get a name, we have the infamous Joe Petagno. What can you say about his works? Who among the ancient painters inspire your own vision to draw? Painters that made you say to yourself, "if I could just draw like the way you draw…"
Van Eyke, Bosch, Durer, Esher, Giger, Dali, Fuch, Max Ernst, sci fi artists like Foss and artists that were featured in fantasy art magazine "Heavy Metal".

I've seen that there's a computer aided design on the CD tray. Would you be in favor of using technology(PC art and graphics) on your artwork to make it appear more sinister than the way it is?
I will use new technologies if is it apropriate to create designs and images. Computers are just a new tool that can be used in my plans.

Going back to music, you guys claimed to be Death Metal. But you've been involved with Nazxul, which is apparently considered as Black Metal. How would you react on this? What is your stand between Nazxul with Sad. Ex.? Is there any difference you can consider as "conflict"?
There is no conflict of interest between the bands. The both are overtly different in style and philosophy.

Nowadays, Black Metal relates with White Supremacy. What is your opinion on these bands that carries the torch of National Socialism? Some NS bands are very destructive, while some (or most of its part) are humanist preserving the whites. Do you think there is REALLY a relation of these political elements to be mixed with Black Metal?
NS bands are a different form of black metal and cannot strictly be classed as black metal in its purest form. Through history many art forms have been used by political parties to recruit followers. With Wagner it was easy for this as he used themes that would compliment their ideals.

So, what is your "Satanic Point of view" in relation with your Political point of view? "The Beast"(Crowley) speak a lot of words (like La vey) that we can make a 4 week discussion. If Lavey and Crowley makes literature like that, how about Marx and Nietsche?
Some things that are similar between Crowley and Lavey are that they are both dead and they are both misunderstood by most people. Crowley has a great sense of humor that is lost on most people and so did Lavey but they are extremely different. Most people who hate Lavey because of his 'type' of Satanic belief , being more of a symbol of free will to be very general, will never find a place in the history of the occult world. If you are more evil than Lavey that is ok but he made the world look at his church and it was called The Church of Satan. One doesn't necessarily have to accept his ideals. I would certainly prefer him to benny hinn but then there is something about evangelists and fanaticism. Crowley was embarrassed at his early childhood beliefs and calling himself 'The Beast 666' was probably more about his mother and his theatrical nature than an _expression of 'Satanism'. Marxism can only exist as a purity in theory. The philosophies of Nietsche are similar to Marxs in that they wish for a the strength in their nation through a systematic belief system in the individual, faith in the community and working unity with Marx and faith in heritage and a superior understanding of power and realty for Neitsche. This a very generalized comment.

Have your own short remarks for the following words:

Pentagram -
After I obtained my first pentagram I had a dream that I traveled through the universe to a planet where the entire world was constructed with buildings and cities that were designed in a pentagram form. It was night and I flew around the planet looking at all the pentagrams. There was even things that looked like swimming pools that were lit up with lights.

Goat's head within a Pentagram - The cover of Black Mass Lucifer album.

The number 666 - Ceaser. Also there was this hammer house horror film about some bloke who was obsessed by the number 666, he would see it every where even in a girls hair curls and he would add any number he saw to equal 666. When I was a kid I would write 666 on my hand before I went up to get the Eucharist.

Upside down cross – Rosemary’s Baby

Quarter moon and star - Turkish Delight

Swastika - Sun wheel.

I was eager asking questions about National Socialism right there. By then, I want to know your opinion about Baltak's strive for re-establishing the Macedonian Empire. The band is boycotted by Greecian comrades and is it that some Sad. Ex. members are Greeks too?. Well, I am familiar that you know him (as far as you, making a logo for this band) and as far as we know, Mat did drums for this person. Can my readers read your extended opinion about this project?
Matt never did drums for this thing however The Mechanic did play live for this. Baltak would follow Sadistik around copying everything that Dave Slave would say or do. We would help him understand how to record. It was pathetic how he would sing about Norwegian forests so I suggested to him to sing about his own nationality so he did and he seems to have created some attention about this. I think Baltak might be more about politics than music.

Well, Sad. Ex. have made a style very different among others, though we can obviously see many bands copy your originality. What do you think is their reason(for these bands) to copy such a style of yours? How far do you think Sad. Ex. will still remain to be a harsh band? I am sure, this band will not go melodic. But let us hear from you…
Sadistik Exekution will always create the ultimate superior KAOS death metal.

The front cover of the album is a band photo. Why did you use it, perhaps, why not use your artworks? I guess, many bands use band photo as covers, do you agree on this idea lately? What is the secret of success, since there are as well many bands(in the same style as S. E.) not succeeding?
The reason for the photo is so people can instantly see what the CD is about which is a solo artist recording. All of the "DAMASCUS ORTHODOX" series will have a similar cover with artworks on the other places in the release, MEZMUR will be a using extreme detailed death metal images on the covers. There must be something exceptional about the band/artist otherwise there would be no interest in them as everyone would be able to do the same. This is something that cannot really answered as there are so many factors involved. I suggest that you try selling your soul if you can.

Will there be any Kriss Hades show/tour to promote the album? If so, where and when?
I am currently preparing for a new series of performances. I will be playing some private functions for occult groups as well as some public performances. If these go well the next step will be to go internationally. I usually have an art exhibition when I perform and my new artworks will be a feature at these events.

As we speak about studios, many bands are now using Abyss for the incredible sound(I must say). So, will you be flying to his country to record your next album? What can you say about "popular studios"? It is agreeable to say that a good sound is expensive, isn't it?
It is possible to create great recordings with a small budget. The better the studio the more options you have and the quality of production increases. An easy comparison is a cheap video where only something like Blair Witch Project is possible or major Hollywood movie using the latest computer effects and big name stars. The ultimate judge is the listener as sometimes a shit production can work but most of the time the better the studio the better the sound. There is alot of new technology that had made having a home studio that can produce good recordings. 'Popular studios' are no guarantee of success.

As I've heard, the album is sharp but raw. Do you agree? Are you the one choosing this quality? What do you think should the listener give focus on the CD, the production or the performance? Is there a vinyl version? What is your priority when choosing a studio: affordability, accessible, experience, engineer/producer, or their equipment?
Technically I would think that the production should be as such to not in the way of the music. Something could have fantastic production but the music sucks shit. The other side is something like the Sad X recording of the "Magus" where the studio was good but the engineer was a cunt who fukked up the whole thing while the music was so superior. After a while you can get used to the production and get into the songs, even to the point that the shit production makes it sound even more DEATH if you know what I mean, not a faggot nice production. Sadistik Exekution keeps its recording simple and brutal with the minimum of fukking around. With my solo recordings I can do what I like and this is a form of my art work as much as my pictures are. I use the same engineer as with all of Sadistiks stuff and we produce all our own music.

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