This interview with Lacuna Coil was done through e-mail in January 2001.

Could you please give us a summary of the history of Lacuna Coil so far, members, releases etc.?
We produced a promo tape with 2 songs in september 97, we send it to some labels around Europe and we get the contract purpose from Century media and Nuclear Blast. We signed the deal with Century media at the end of the same year. The first EP "Lacuna coil" came out as an EP, and this is due to the decision to take away the old 2 songs from the demo tapebecause they didn't fit with the rest of the album. After some tours with Moonspell, The Gathering and some summer festivals as Gods of Metal and Wacken, we produced the first full lenght "in a Reverie", that permit us to be absolutely shure about our real possibilities, as a matter of fact we did other important tours with Skyclad, Grip inc, Lacrimosa, Samael and, the biggest event we played in, the Dynamo festival with more than 20.000 peaple going crazy in front of us. Then we released another EP that was supposed to be just a single CD with the only italian song "Senzafine", but then we realized that we wanted to give more at the same price so "HalfLife cames out as an EP. After that and other live experiences,we hardly worked on the production of the last album "Unleshed memories", the most intense and melancholic of our short and fast career.

You will soon be releasing your third full-length album called "Unleashed Memories". Please tell us a little about it and if it will be any different from your previous achievements?
Second full lenght....:-)) In this LP we tried to mix modern with classic style. It' s always in Lacuna Coil style but is a step ahead into something more mature. This time we learned to do our job in a more professional way 'coz we worked really closed to Waldemar in the studio, choosing our own sound and cooperating more with him. [EDITOR'S NOTE: I actually knew it was their second full-length but sometimes you make mistakes...]

Due to the success you have had before with all of your releases there was a lot of pressure on you for this one I suppose, has this affected you in any way?
Not at all, we love to talk to people; the point we want to reach is make our music to be known as much as possible, and this gonna happen even thanx to the press. It's not a pressure, it's a pleasure. If you mean pressure from our label, this is a part of our job and we work better when we're under pressure.

How has it been working with the famous producer Waldemar Sorychta at Woodhouse Studios?
Better than usual this time, 'coz we had the opportunity to cooperate with him in a complete way.

There are a lot of female fronted bands in the metal world today like for example the whole Norwegian scene and other bands like Within Temptation. What makes Lacuna Coil unique and different to the rest?
The fact that we have two voices and that Cristina sings in a different way...and the music is also different!

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have any favorite bands?

We all listen to different kind of music, from metal to pop...the point is that we like good music.

You have been touring a lot, how do you like that? What are your best and worst touring memories?
For being an upcoming band, we really toured a lot and fortunately all the tours we did were all good and really funny. The best memories so far were the last gig with Grip Inc. at the Dynamo Open Air Festival, and few days ago the gigs in Mexico City and Guadalajara; The worst things are due to some accidents happened to Marco's ribb and knee, to Andy's shoulder, ...and then the orrible smell on the Grip's bus!!!

What do you think of your label Century Media so far?
We are in a great relationship with CM, they are doing a lot for us, most of all in this last period.

I can think of a few other female fronted bands from Italy - Opera IX and Power Symphony. It is not really the same style as yours but do you know them? Are there any new bands from Italy worth mentioning?
We know pretty well Power Symphony but we don't know Opera IX personally; there are many italian bands with female vocals to be mentioned, like Ophidian (really good band), Moon of Steel, Dakrua.

Can you make a living on your music or do you have regular jobs as well and, in that case, what do you do?
Not yet, and we can't have regular jobs due to the fact that we're always on the road. Everyone of us have part-time jobs like working in pubs or doing backliners...

Does the band members have some sort of musical education or are you all self-taught musicians?
Most of the members have studied music in schools or have taken privat lessons except Cristina; she never took lessons and that fact is maybe the reason why she's got her own style.

What do you think of the Internet as a way of promoting music? I have sort of been waiting for your website to come up again...
Internet is the most modern and used media and its popularity will always grow, for that reason it's a really good way for promotion...and for our website you don't have to wait that much cause we are working on it ( )!

What do you think of the future of metal music?
It's growing and that's the most important thing; in our opinion there will be more mixing between all styles. This means that many bands will not be classified as we are.

Any final words you would like the world to put their eyes on?

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