This interview with the Danish melodic death / thrash metal band Lipid was done through e-mail by Cseke Róbert in May / June 2003.

How long has LIPID been playing with the actual lineup? Were there many changes (if any) in the band since it was first formed?
Well, the current lineup was formed in December '98 when bass player Lasse Nicolaisen joined the band. The band was actually formed three years before that and initially there were a lot of changes in the lineup for different reasons like chemistry, tinnitus and stuff like that. But now we've been playing together like this for almost five years and it seems we've finally found the lineup that brings out the heaviest in all of us...

Did you ever play anything else than what you are playing now? (Or do you intend to sometime in the future?) What musical influences does LIPID have behind it's creations?
We've all been playing in other bands before. Brothers Søren (vocals/guitars) and Martin (drums) founded Lipid after having played in different local metal and hardrock bands. And Jonas (guitars) and Lasse (bass) actually played together in a local power/thrash metal band before joining Lipid. So like everybody else we kinda started by playing old Metallica covers before we started to write our own stuff. Apart from that our musical inspirations has been bands like Testament and Judas Priest and we just gradually started to play louder and faster and Sørens vocals has become much more brutal since then. But then again so has Chuck Billys right..? Also we can't really say that the whole swedish melodeath scene hasn't inspired us cuz it has indeed. We usually say that we're inspired by all longhaired metal. And that's true actually. If we plan to change our style? No way... If we were planning to play some other style of metal we'd be playing that style now - there'd be no reason to wait now would there? No, this whole death/thrash genre is something we're all very much into so that's what we play. Today and ten years from now...

I've heard that you are more of a concert band than a studio one - do you get to play many gigs? How do crowds usually respond to your music?
We've played around a hundred shows in Denmark and a handful in Germany so yeah we really like playing live. That doesn't mean that we hate going into the studio - the only reason we haven't recorded more that we have (three Eps and an album) is because we signed a nightmare contract with Pavement Music (an american Label) and the whole thing just went crazy and we had to fight our way out of the contract and it took us a nerve wrecking 18 months. So yes, we've been playing live as much as we possible can and no matter where we go we are always met by a crowd that goes absolutely crazy. That gives us one hell of a kick and we're looking forward to get out there and do as many shows as we possibly can to promote the new album.

Does the fact that you just signed with Casket Music make you more optimistic about how well you and your music will be received in the future?
Of course. Casket and Copro has been handling this whole thing really great and we feel that they'll do whatever it takes to get our CD out where it can do some good and there's no doubt that they have a lot of buttons they push and we have learned the hard way that it's a jungle out there so we're grateful that someone will handle the main part of the PR and shipping stuff for us. That way we can concentrate on what's really important: Playing METAL!

Are you looking forward to the release of 'Hagridden'? - How well do you expect it to do on the market?
Yes, it's a big day for us - we've all been working hard to get this album out and now it finally happens. We have no idea how well it will do on the market but we hope for the best. The three Eps we recorded before this album sold out completely, which was around 2000 copies in Denmark all in all, and we distributed the whole thing ourselves. So if that predicts the "Hagridden"-album sales then it's a good start. Since we've never even tried to sell our Eps abroad we're completely in that dark as to what the sales on the international markets will be. But yeah we hope for the best.

Scandinavian metal has been flooding Europe and the entire World for a long time now - in this time it seemed to have evolved into a regular rock-culture. Do you consider yourself a part of this culture, or is 'total' originality and inovative sound your main goal?
Yes the scandinavian scene really kicks ass right now doesn't it? We are really proud to be a part of it, and we can't really say that TOTAL originality and innovative sound is our main objective. But still, and that's probably true for a lot of bands: We have our own style and we put a lot of effort in creating something that is LIPID and not just sounds like something off this-or-that-album by god-knows-who.

If your songs would be included as bonus tracks, which CD would they sound better on: Pantera or Cannibal Corpse?
Hmm... It would probably sound better on a Pantera album. Our death / thrash kinda style just isn't quite as much death metal as "Hammer Smashed Face" now is it hehe.

And final question: What made you guys play the music you are playing - why aren't you making loop tracks in some studio, or jingles for radio shows, or playing ambiental jazz in some club?
The answer is as simple as this: There's only one thing that really matters in our lives, and that's metal. Not new metal, not stoner rock, not punk, just METAL, the good old roaring and thundering wall of distortion that will kick you in the nuts so hard that your forced to submit or perish.

Thanks again for accepting to do this interview... I wish you guys the best of luck at your new label and good luck with the release of your album on June 2'nd.

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