This interview with Morgan Lacroix was done through e-mail in September 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Fine, thanks!

You have recently released your debut album entitled "Fairy Tales >From Hell's Caves". Are you satisfied with the result and the response so far?
Absolutely, because we feel our fans have fully understood Terry’s soul and mine.

The artwork is exceptionally beautiful, who is the wonderful artist behind it?
Now you’re going to say we are really boring… but it’s again the two of us!

You have been signed by the new Nuclear Blast sublabel Caipiranha Records. Are you happy with their work so far?
We actually signed with Nuclear Blast, the issue by Caipiranha is just a matter of how the different types of music are organized within the record company. We are very proud of their work, they are really exceptional people.

Italian bands seem to be very fascinated with Dante's masterpiece "La Divina Comedia" (The Divine Comedy) and so are you as I have come to know. What is so great about it?
I don’t know about the other bands, all I can say is that “La divina commedia” is a real MASTERPIECE.

As far as I am concerned…it depends… I am half a witch. I mean, half of my blood is Transylvanian and I come from a very special family, so, to me, the idea of talking to the dead is not at all strange and in this respect Dante’s inferno was an ideal starting point because it is about dead persons wandering in Hell’s circles, feeling troubled and crying out their eternal pain.

What is the meaning of life and death to you?
That’s a really good question! We firmly believe in reincarnation so I think we can say life is a long path we are following and while we walk along this path we have to learn lessons, sometimes highly spiritual lessons. We always have to give our souls a chance to fly a little higher, closer to the divine. We could probably say that death is a little like “changing skin”. How this can be done, we could go on discussing for hours. I hope we’ll soon have a chance to talk about this face to face.

What are your views on the metal scene in Italy these days? Most well-known bands seem to be following in the footsteps of Rhapsody.
The Italian scene… well…what can I say…

What plans and goals do you have for the nearest future?
To work really hard and give more and more to our music and our fans.

What are the musical backgrounds of your members?
Let’s talk about Terry ‘s background because he composed the music for all instruments and did the arrangements as well; his background is classical music, guitar, piano, bass. He also studied a lot of other instruments and he is an excellent “metal-lyric” singer, too! What else can I say about him: he is an incredible person and an exceptionally talented musician!

What are your top five albums of all time?
Blackmore’s Night : Shadow of the Moon

Dream Theater: Metropolis

Pink Floyd: The Dark side of the Moon

King Crimson: In the Wake of Poseidon

Yes: Close to the Edge

Genesis: Nursery Crime

Any final words of wisdom for the world to ponder upon?
My soul is crying blood tears every time it realizes in modern times people often forget the true flavour of life – i.e. LOVE . . .

Try and wake up the valiant warrior sleeping within you, he may have fallen asleep in one of your previous lives. And, first and foremost, DON’T LET YOUR FLESH BE JUST FOOD FOR WORMS… LET THERE BE SOMEONE WITH YOUR BLOOD AFTER YOU, IN THIS WAY YOU’LL BE ABLE TO PROVE YOU DID NOT LIVE IN VAIN AND YOUR IMAGE WILL BE REFLECTED BY YOUR HEIRS AS IF IN A MIRROR.

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