This interview with drummer Endymion of Misericordia was done electronically by Vincent Eldefors on April 6th, 2004.

The Swedish black metal band Misericordia released their first mini album "Erase The Skies" in 2002. After a long delay their full-length is now finally out. It shows a band that has matured to become one of the most promising Swedish black metal bands in the younger generation. Drummer Endymion took some time off and was kind enough to answer our questions.

Hi there, how are you today?

I suspect that you are relieved to finally have the new album in your hands, it must have been a frustrating time since it was supposed to be released something like 7 months ago?
Yeah...Finally! Fucking bastards! Allmost every fucking person who had something to do with "Dechristianize" has fucked up in som way. But now it's here! Buy it!

What have you been doing during this long period of waiting? Have you spent some time writing new material?
No, we have tried to play live as much as possible... But it is hard to get gigs. But there have been a few. We are just now starting to write new material.

How would you describe your full-length album compared to the mini album "Erase The Skies"? In my opinion it seems as if the new material is more varied and also technical.
About the same... It's a bit more technical but not too much. It's still fast black metal with a lot of minor melodies. I think the new album is more mature. We are much better at our instruments now and therefore we make better music.

Could you talk a little about each track of the album? Is there a message that you wish to mediate through your music?
Ahh...ehh...well.. I can tell you my favorite colour...Haha

The message is: D E C H R I S T I A N I Z E ! ! !

Downfall Records is a small label run by Nåstrond drummer Arganas, are you happy with the work he has done for you so far? How did you get in touch with him in the first place?
No not really.... It's a small record company but he hasn't really done anything for us that we couldn't have done ourselves. I'm glad that our contract with Downfall is over with the release of this album! So if you have any offers contact us!

We sent a demo to another record company which he was involved with. It caught his eye. I think he sent a letter with an offer that we accepted.

Misericordia is still a rather young band, how did you first start out? Did you know each other before forming the band?
Me Deobrigula and Deumus have played together since '94 or something like that. We all went to the same school. Kail joined the band '00 I think, but we all knew him from before. It was about that period that Miseri started to be Miseri. We only had one song when Kail joined. It's the last song on the Dechristianize album, No 11.

Does any of the band members have side projects or are you all 100% dedicated to Misericordia? Is that what it takes to be in the band?
Right now nobody has any side projects... but maybe in the future... you never know.

Some people play in 20 different bands... That's not for me, Miseri takes most of my spare time, maybe I could find the time play in other bands, but I wouldn't be as involved as I am in Miseri.

What made you decide to become a musician yourself? Did you always want to be in a black metal band?
Me and Deo started jamming... I just happened to play the drums. We were bored. It's a good way to get your anger out, screaming and bashing the drums, haha.

No, I did't always think "I'm going to be a drummer in a black metal band". That's just what I listen to and it's the music I get the most out of so naturally I want to play black metal.

You have played several live shows during the past year, which one was the best one in your opinion and why? What can the audience expect from a Misericordia show?
My personal favorite was in Trollhättan.. It was a good show... It went well and we kicked ass! haha. It was a good crowd an we had a great time!

You can expect bloody mayhem!!!

Do you know about the French gothic metal band called Misericordia who released an album in the year 2000?
I've heard of them... I'll bet you we'll kick their ass!!!

Speaking about names, the new Vital Remains album featuring Glen Benton was also entitled "Dechristianize", and you suspect that they got the name from you, could you tell us a little about this issue?
Hehe... here we go again.

Me and Deo used the word Dechristianize in a lyric on a song on our demo "Delenda Caeli" and we decided to name our first fullength album Dechristianized. Shortly after that we started to use the phrase "Pure Dechristianizing Blackmetal". A few months later I received a mail sent to me from our mp3.com site. That mail was sent from glenbenton@deicide.com and it contained some prophanities. Then a year or more later we discover that Vital Remains and Glen Benton is releasing an album entitled Dechristianize... So naturally you start thinking. And another thing is that I have never heard the word in use before me and Deobrigula wrote that lyric... I don't know, maybe it's a coincidense but I don't think so.. Anyway, our singer whips GB's ass!

If you had to choose between never being able to play drums again or never being able to have sex again, which one would it be?
Ever heard of masturbation? HAHA

What does it take to become a good drummer in your opinion? Who are your favorite drummers?
You have to listen to what you are playing and play thereafter... Otherwise it's practice that makes perfect...

Mike Mangini, Buddy Rich, Hellhammer (for his work on "De Mysteriis") and Derek Roddy.

What do you think about the local music scene in Norrköping and Östergötland in general, are there any bands that you recommend other than yourselves?
There are alot of bands but all are not that good.

NO! Misericordia is the only band!! HAHA

What was the last cd you purchased?
Eucharist's - A velvet creation

What plans and goals do you have for the band in the nearest future?
Get a new contract and start making new songs... rehearse, record, release... hehe

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer all these questions. Any final words for the readers of Tartarean Desire?

Wisit our website at: www.misericordia.nu. And buy Dechristianize NOW!!!

Good luck in the future!

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