This interview with Mattias Parnestedt of Monolith was done through e-mail in May 2001.

Hello, how are you?
I'm fine, thanks. Thing's are really starting to move for us and I really enjoy being a part of monolith.

Could you please give us a short history of your band?
Monolith was born in 98 with a total different line up than now. Nothing worth to mention happened until 2000 when we recorded the Praetorian face damnation mcd and start promoting are work. Unfortunly one of the founders of monolith, Johan Sånesson choose to leave the band in mars this year but he is already replaced by Tomas Algren. Wee tried out a couple of guitarist but when Tomas told us he wanted join we didn't hesitate of letting him join the band. He is going to do his first gig with us in a couple of weeks.

You have just recorded an MCD called "Sordid Seasons". Could you tell us a little about it?
Well, it's a theme-cd about birth of life and the unavoidable death, the two things that are certain in everybody's life. Five songs cover the story and the lyrics where really worked on to tell each it's on part and to make the songs work together. I'm really satisfied with the result and this sets new limits for us. I didn't know that we could manage to handle this kind of big project, and it's been a great experience both musically and financially

You are still rather unknown to the world outside of Sweden. What can the listener expect from your music?
We try to mix the typical Swedish death metal with other influences like the US death metal and grindcore. This has made a lot of variety in our songs, melodies changes into brutal grind and sometimes we try to mix in other instrument like cellos or violins. I guess we are a bit different from the typical Swedish bands but we want to have a personal sound and so for I think we have.

What is the band doing at the moment and what are your plans for the future?
Where trying do finish of the last details with the new record and printing covers. We rehearse a lot to for the upcoming festival-gigs this summer. Now we rehearse 12 hours a week and that's a lot I think but we rely start to be much like a machine, ultra-tight.

How do you feel about playing live? Have you done many shows so far?
We are mainly a live band and of course it is on the stage we belong. We played a lot live and are looking forward to play more this summer. You never get tired of it and it's on stage you really get know if the songs work or not. It's really strange, when you play live you find that that some songs that are not the best on the recordings are complete live killers and vice versa.

What do you think about the metal scene in Sweden? Are there any new bands you think should be mentioned?
Well the scene is crowded with new bands and it's hard to mention one. My opinion is that it's dominated by the record labels that choose to just stick to the old conservative bands.

Do any of the band members have some kind of musical training or are you all self-taught?
Unlike most of the musician's in the Swedish metal-scene and my band mates I'm educated and trained. I guess there are a lot of things that you can't teach yourself that really can Improve your playing and most important, your listening and your way of exploring.

Do any of you play in other bands besides Monolith? Have you played in other bands before?
Well, since we are from Lund we have a lot of connections to band called pandemonium, in wish our other guitarist Tomas plays in. We toured with them last year and

What do you do when not playing music?
I mostly try to hang out with my friends and my girlfriend since the music takes up so much time for all of us.

What do you think about mp3's and Internet as a way of promoting music?
I think most people really underestimate Internet promoting. We do most of our promo work on the Internet and so far I'm satisfied with the possibilities the net offers. I think both labels and zines will accept Mp3's in the future, it's simply unavoidable.

Your top five bands ever?
Well…this one is just for me and since I have some strange influences I better say five bands that has affected monoliths music. Edge of sanity and Dan Swanö, At the gates, Morbid Angel, Dissection, Cannibal Corpse

Where do you buy albums for your record collection?
In a record store of course…..

Any final words you would like to tell the world?

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