This interview with Draakh Kimera of the Swedish black metal band Mörk Gryning was done by Darklich through e-mail in June 2003.

What shall we anticipate for your new lp? Are there any changes in the music of Mork Gryning since your last release?
Yes there are! We have developed a lot since “Maelstrom Chaos”. First of all, the production is much heavier and more professional. Music wise we experimented with psychedelic sounds and harmonies, and there’s a greater variation than before. Heavy / fast, beautiful / ugly etc. I think the new album is filled with different expressions, but there’s still a connection between everything.

And how about lyrics ? Does the new lp have a concept ? Can you clarify the title ”Pieces of primal expressionism”?
It’s simply what this album is about. It’s expressionistic in the way that it is both violent and gentle, it’s like a roaring mass of different emotions! Honestly, it’s difficult to interpret your own music but I hope you get the point. If there’s a concept I’d say it deals with the subconscious of every man, and the history of man, and what the world has come to today.

Why "Pieces..." will be realased in rest of Europe a month past Sweden release ?
Well, you have to ask our record company about that! But I guess it takes longer time to cover a bigger area, you know every shop and magazine must get promo cd:s etc.

The cover of the new lp is quite different from the other covers of Mork Gryning's albums. Why?
Since we’ve changed music-wise, it was essential to have a different cover as well. We told Per Ahlund (the artist), our ideas and concept of the album and let him work freely (more or less).

What is the way of composing in Mork Gryning ? Are you a democratic band or is there a one person who tells everybody what to do and play ?
Well, we’re principally a democratic band, but since I write 6 songs in the time the other guys write 1 song each, there tend to be most my material on the albums… But now, we have a new line-up, and we’re a full band consisting of 6 persons, so I guess in the future there will be more people involved in the writing process.

I've found on your web page a sentence "Black Metal in the twentyfirst century doesn't need a gimmick to impress." Ok, but do you think that the music which sounds perfectly and clear could be still called black metal ? This music was always raw and quite grim.
Well, black metal has certainly sounded quite differently through the years. Remember Merciful Fate was also called black metal in the past. I’m against everything that has to do with how things should sound or be or what image you should have. On the other hand, I wouldn’t call our new album black metal, because I believe Black Metal is concentrated on emotions such as hatred, anger, sorrow etc, and our music needs a wider range.

Another citation from your page is that your music is a mix of light and dark, cold with the warm etc. It reminds me of the definition of music used by King Crimson. Do you know this band and do you think you could call music was of Mork Gryning as "progressive" ?
I’m a big fan of King Crimson and there’s definitely some Crimson-vibes on the new album. I’m impressed by their ability of doing this mix that we are also trying to do. Our music is progressive in that way that we use odd beats (7/8, 13/8, instead of just 4/4), but we don’t use this to show off or copying Dream Theatre or other boring progressive metal bands. We use it cause the feelings we express need it.

Many bands which were originators of black metal ( like Mayhem or Ulver ) are now far away from this music. Do you think that one day Mork Gryning would also become a non black metal band ?
I’d say we already are.

Do you enjoy playing gigs ? Do you prefer smaller clubs or bigger places and why ?
I love playing gigs. To me that has always been the main reason for playing. You might be surprised hearing that since we haven’t done that many gigs, but on the other hand we were just a project for the first 6 years, and at that time I played live with other bands. I prefer bigger places cause I like walking around on the stage and play for a big audience.

What do you think today about "When moonshine is the only light" - first composition of Mork Grying ?
I like the atmosphere…

Mork Gryning appeared on two tribute albums - for Venom and Kreator. Have you got plans for recording any other covers ?
We included “Necrophiliac” by Slayer on “Return fire” as well. I don’t know, I guess we could record another cover someday, but now we have quite recently recorded our new album, so now we don’t have any new recordings planned for a while.

You're now musician with not so small music experience. But do you still have idols and inspirations ? Could you tell us about them ?
Yeah sure. When I find a good album I use to listen to it every day for a couple of weeks, then I might not listen to it for half a year, so I always wanna hear new stuff. Some bands that has influenced me lately are Queens of the Stoneage, Tool and actually Alice in Chains which I have rather recently discovered (during the grunge-area I only listened to Black and Death metal).

So that's all. For the end I'd like to ask you what is your most favourite place for playing live ?
Well, as I said we haven’t done that many gigs yet, but my two favourite gigs so far has been Wacken Open Air 2002 and Sweden Rock 2003, where we played only a couple of weeks ago. That rocked!!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer this interview and good luck with everything in the future!
Thanks for the interview man!

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