This interview with Jonas Berndt (aka Goth Gorgon) of Mörk Gryning was done by e-mail by Fjordi in November, 2005.

The Swedish act Mörk Gryning bid us farewell with their last musical contribution to the metal scene, namely the eponymous “Mörk Gryning” album. Band leader Jonas Berndt (also known as Goth Gorgon in the metal milieu) put down these words as the epilog of a career full of interesting things. If you don´t know anything about this band, you´re missing some really worthwhile albums; it´s never too late to save your souls from ignorance...

Music is the main thing, so first of all, let´s talk about the last album. When you announced the end of the band, were there any songs recorded yet?
Yes. Everything was recorded except for the first three tracks.

What were the real motivations to this album to be released? Tribute to the fans, a proper farewell...?
First of all, we wanted to release the four last songs we recorded (The aurora, Pure, All Discared and Disguise My Parting). We worked a lot on those songs and they're some of the best we ever did. Also, the ending felt a bit abrubt since we had played for a long time with this line-up but not released anything but the At The Gates cover that is also included.

The style in “Mörk Gryning” is different from the previous album. Tell us some things about the songmaking, inspirations, etc. I´d like to know whether it was an easy, natural process or just the opposite, a tough work.
It was different cause now, for the first time, we put the songs together in the rehearsal room. It was possible because the band was working very well together, we had played live a lot we knew each other good both personally and as musicians. Since four of the members were new since the last album, there was much new element coming into the music, but still it should stay true to the spirit of Mörk Gryning.

Some people could think this was just another album with nothing under the surface, made “just for the record”, or something like that. I admit I had my doubts about the quality in the beginning, pondering the possible lack of spell. Anyway, I had to swallow my pessimist expectations when the CD sounded in the stereo; there is still a good black/death metal potential. What has been the response from the fans?
We had those last songs on our website for two months and the response was great at that time. Each song was downloaded about 2000 times so that's pretty good for two months I think. I belive this album pleases both our older and newer fans, it's progressive but still aggressive, melodic and very much "in your face". It feels great to end our career with this record.

Please, tell us: you´d like people would remember the “Mörk Gryning” album as...
We vanished in a blaze, we didn't fade away!

Is Mörk Gryning definitely put to rest, or is there any chance of a return in the future?
I seriously doubt there will be anything more from us, I have a new which I'm very pleased with and the other guys have a new band. But then again, you never know...

Are you going to play in any other metal project?
My new band is some kind of psychadelic stoner kind of thing... You'll hear from us soon!

Was the lack of energy to keep up playing black/death metal related to an interest in other styles of music?
Yea sure. Today I listen to bands like Kyuss, Alice in Chains, Tool, Queens of the stoneage etc.

If we give an outlook to the past, what are the feelings you have after all these years in Mörk Gryning?
Mixed but mostly positive. The last two years has been great, we played live a lot and had a full line-up that worked very well. Before we always had a hard finding musicians capable of what we were doing, and willing to put down hundred percent in the band.

What do you think Mörk Gryning brought to the scene, that most of the bands have failed to reflect? What was the main trait?
I think our music was more "alive" then most bands. You never new what the next song would sound like, or the next riff for that matter.

Could you tell us your opinion about these Swedish acts? Use as many words as you wish to do it. Marduk, In Flames, Dark Funeral, Hammerfall, Arckanum, Dissection, Mefisto.
No I see no reason talking about other bands

What is your vision on the current metal scene, in Sweden and in the whole world?
None really. The black and death metal scene is overfed and has been so for ten years. It should all need to die for a couple of years to be reborn in a new way.

Nothing more to ask by my side. I wish you good luck in everything you do in life, be it music or whatever. Warm regards, and thank you for the answers. Time to you to express something you want to someone you want.
Thanks for the questions man, and thanks to everyone who has given us their support over the years. Cheers!

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