This interview with Darren of Mourning Beloveth was done through e-mail in June 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Happy even though it is raining in June! Fucking Ireland!!

Mourning Beloveth is still a band not known to most people outside of Ireland or at least the doom metal community. Could you tell us shortly about your history?
Mourning Beloveth began in 92 . Following some lineup problems recorded their first , untitled demo in 96. Slow , dark ,melancholic and raw with the sale of approxiametly worldwide. The follow up ”Autumnal Fires” in 98 saw a better production and better songs with 3 tracks at approx. 45 minutes of heavy , downtrodden doom/death metal. With the sale of 1100 worldwide Mourning Beloveth move to 2000 when they recorded their debut , self financed cd in Academy studios. Released in 2001 sales and reviews outstripping our imaginations Mourning Beloveth strive on and remain with the lineup Darren-vocals , Frank-guitar/vocals , Aidrian-bass , Brian-guitar and Tim on drums.

Could you please desribe your sound? Do you have any particular influences of importance?
The slow release through music of our inner tortures. Melody and melancholy combined with heavy and forceful rhythm sections create a sea of negative emotions into which the listener is engulfed. Embittered lonliness swallows each lyric and spits it out at the world. A list of bands which influence us is too big to print here suffice to say if you like the early 90s doom/death sound then look no further.

Could you please tell us something about your lyrics?
My lyrics on the demos dealt with love and love lost and comparing the emotional turmoil that one goes through with the forces of nature , the sea and the skies. Written in an almost gothic , romantic style these are the outpourings of my inner thoughts. For example the song ”The Fruit and the sorrow” on the first demo describe the emotional turmoil of first love and is related to the fictional story of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden and how Adam was tempted by this dark force to commit sin. The lyrics continue in this vein on the second release. On the album the lyrics deal more with lonliness and how one may be within a crowd and still be alone , also how time slowly erodes our perception on life until you come to the realisation that it is bearly worth living and each breath we take is a breath closer to the grave. They deal with the torture of a world void of emotion. The song ”In Mourning my Days” again harps back to the demos lyrically in that it is about an evil temptress and how her forces lull and lure the unsuspecting man to his death.

Could you tell us something about the different backgrounds of your current members?
Brian , Frank and Adrian were in a band called Hemlock , myself and Tim were in a band called Pathos and we are here today. Adrian is also the co-founder member of the first Irish metal record label Sentinel whom have a double cd out of Irish bands and have just signed Abaddon Incarnate (Irish Brutal death metal). He is also THE Boss (affectionately known) for Emerald Promotions whom have brought to these shore Cathedral , Morbid Angel , Marduk , Immortal and many more.

You have had the chance to work with the people from the Peaceville camp. Has this helped you forward you think?
If you mean Mags ,he is freelance engineer and has achieved for us the sound that we have craved for years...............

Your full-length album "Dust" was released last year. How has the response been so far? Were you pleased with the result?
We are beginning to do alot of interviews and the reviews have been exceptional so far. Our lowest mark being 7/10 in terrorizer! So this cannot be a bad thing. We have given out 300 promos to zines so far and have sold approx 300 cds and it has been released for 3 months (ffically). We are very pleased with all aspects of the recording and packaging , well we did do it ourselves with the help of our friend Mags. But we strive on ........

What plans or goals do you have for the nearest future? Have you been offered any contracts from labels as of yet?
We are planning on recording the followup mcd in October with 4 songs of heavy melancholic doom metal.

What do you think about playing live? Have you been doing many shows so far?
In our formative years we did not like playing gigs but since the release of Dust we have played more gigs in one year than we had the previous 8. We played two dates with Cradle of Filth we have played with Anathema and Cathedral and have recently come back from our first show abroad, England to be exact where we played with local band Bloodstream..which was nice.

Any final words you would like to finish off with?
Check out our website at for weekly updated news. Stay doomed.

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