This e-mail interview with vocalist Darren Moore from the Irish doom metal band Mourning Beloveth was done by Boris Van Berlo and Andrej Van Berlo in April 2005.

Hey guys, how are you doing?
Not bad, just back from Doom Shall Rise so the body and brain ain’t functioning too well.

You have a new album out, and a new label, how does this feel?
Great, we are very excited and now we have a chance to go on tour again.

Being a huge fan of the band since Dust, I must admit that the first couple of times I listened to “A Murderous Circus” I did not really know what to think about it. It sounded good but somehow I was also a bit disappointed. Luckily this feeling changed quickly after a few listens. So you could say that the album has to grow on you because it’s not a linear or expected continuation of your previous work. Can you agree with this?
Definitely and it is what I have been telling people who listen to it, it is not as instant as TSS but with the combination of lyrics, music and artwork a very grey and bleak picture is painted. As I said we couldn’t go in and write TSS again we needed to challenge ourselves and make sure we didn’t go down the path of so many bands before us. I think what a lot of people do not recognise is that there is a big difference between Dust and TSS but the change to the new one, while still in the doom/death style has also incorporated some new stuff.

Do you have an explanation for this change? Or is it just what you could call natural flow, experimentation and progression?
Nothing we do is planned, we never sit down and say we have to sound like x,y,z we just write until we have enough for an album, record and then sit back and see what we have done. We play what we feel and see where it takes us.

Is there a certain task-distribution in the band? Who is/are the main songwriter(s)? Or does everybody contribute? And for the lyrics?
Everybody contributes, Frank writes a lot of riffs, Brian comes with some amazing stuff and Adrian too. I write all the lyrics and Tim all the drums…we all have our part to play and I don’t think we could survive without one part; it would be like loosing a limb.

There was quite some time in between “The Sullen Sulcus” (2002) and “A Murderous Circus”. How come? Was it difficult writing the new music?
There is quite some time between all of our releases. We try to gather new experiences, live life a little, sometimes almost too much and then put it all in to the music.

Could you tell us a bit more about the lyrics or lyrical concept on “A Murderous Circus”?
The lyrics can be read on two fronts, the personal theme and the universal theme about the hell we go through to have fun, the excesses of life, the depression that follows, how I feel that everything around me is dead or perhaps it is the fact that I am dead to the world. It is also a statement on the world in general and how so many people live such vacuous lives forced upon us by this uncaring, unfeeling world of mass commercialism and globalisation. The two topics are intertwined as I question “is it because the world is like this that I follow the path of excess to block out the mundane existence around and by creating my own world through excess does it eventually create it’s own vacuum where you cannot feel.” Most of us in the band over a number of years have been leading lives that are not exactly healthy, pushing ourselves to the limit on many occasions and the past two years has seen this very focused. This album musically and lyrically is dealing with this and it is a very diverse album as two things pull against each other creating a grey vastness between. It is a reflection of our own world and the world we live in that we have to try to create our own chaos to escape from banality and by trying to escape we are slowly killing ourselves.

On the limited edition you included an unnamed bonus track and a new version of Part 1, previously featured on the split 7” with Lunar Gate. Is this unnamed track a leftover from the recording session, an older unreleased song…?
The track is called Disintegrate…it was unnamed up until going to pressing and Part One is just rerecorded the same as it was on the 7”. The extra cd also contains a live set from Gronigen last year.

Why didn’t it make the regular album? Because the playing time already reached the maximum?
A couple of reasons, on previous albums we had some left over material and never recorded it and it was then forgotten, some of it was not too good perhaps but it would have been nice to record it so this time round we decided to record the other track to have but we had already decided to rerecord Part One to see what it would sound like in a different studio, we felt that the songs we write at that time would not fit on any other album as it is the feelings and atmospheres of that time so to see it on the next release it would probably stand out as being different. We then saw The Vision bleak luxus edition released by Prophecy and thought it was a great package so we decided to do something special with this extra material and release it as a limited luxus edition with Grau.

Do you have already other music written or recorded? Or to put it in other words: can we expect the next Mourning Beloveth album to be released in the nearer future?
At the moment we are just rehearsing the new set with some gigs coming up in Dublin, there are some riffs floating around but that’s about it. I don’t think we can expect anew release for at least 2 years..haha give us a chance.

Every MB album has been released by a different label. Is there a reason for this or is it just coincidence?
Coincidence, Sentinel picked up Dust when we ran out of the first pressing and when it was time Aftermath picked us up for The Sullen Sulcus. We spoke with Haavard of Aftermath about the next album but he also told us to look around for a better deal and so we met Tom of Grau at DSR and liked his ideas and signed with Grau for four albums.

Your new label, Grau, is a rather new and small label, but with a high quality band-roster. How did you get in touch with them, and what made you decide to sign with them?
We met Tom at Doom Shall Rise last year and he knew the band and we talked, drunkenly, for a few hours and he is a really cool and dedicated guy and he offered us a great deal. Yeah Grau is a cool label and we are getting some great promotion and obviously they have Agalloch so…..

Can we expect a full European tour soon?
Things are now shaping alright for a week tour in September, we will kick off at Autumn of Doom in Germany on September 24th and end at Dutch Doom Day in Rotterdam on October 1st we will fill in the gaps in the coming months

And the rest of the world? Will they be able to enjoy MB live?
Well, we are open to offers, we will play anywhere with good beer.

You already toured in the States. What kind of experience was this?
It was a great experience, everybody’s first time in America and it is fucking huge, we went from California to Texas to New York and back again up to Portland where we played Stoner Hands of Doom, we played Denver in a junkyard with some grind bands and it was amazing. We met some great people along the way and played to some great crowds, 36 hour bus journeys, driving in 12 hour shifts just to get to the venue, arriving in new York to a black out and not knowing if the gig was going to happen…no sleep, no showers for days on end……cockroach infested motels… get the idea.

And how about the long ago announced live DVD that was going to be released by Aftermath? Are these plans still something for the near future?
Yeah we had so much footage after the three tours we decided to put a dvd together of everything that happened but we sent the tapes to be edited and they are now lost. But we are now filming some new footage and hopefully release a dvd next year, in fact we just recorded an interview and a show in Paris for the dvd and over the next few months we will shoot some more, along with trying to find all of the stuff that is lost.

Do you have any other plans for the future?
Gigs in September and then write a new album, hopefully release the dvd in between.

Any last words for our readers and your fans?

Thank you for the interview, and I hope to see you on tour soon!
For sure.

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