This interview with guitarist Andreas Nilsson of Naglfar was conducted during the Wacken Open Air festival on the 5th of August 2005 by Boris and Andrej Van Berlo.

Ok, to start off this interview I would like to ask you how you think the gig went.
It went ok I guess. It was a bit too early for me. I am not used to getting up this time of the day, but we did our best. It was good and the crowd was cool and all.

For the early start there was a large crowd.
Yeah, it was a good turnout. Unfortunately the sound on stage was bad.

But in the audience it was good.
It was? Oh good. I am happy for that.

Is the Wacken stage one of the biggest you’ve played so far?
Yeah it’s one of the biggest ones actually.

Maybe I am mistaken but I don’t believe we have had many chances of seeing Naglfar play live in clubs?
We did a tour with Finntroll a few months ago but before that it’s been pretty scarce with live performances in Europe.

About the tour with Finntroll, how was it? How do you look back on that tour?
It was a really cool tour, it was fun. The Finntroll guys are great to hang out with and the crew was cool too. We had a really broad spectrum of metal to offer: Amoral was playing more technical death metal while Finntroll was more into…

Humpa Humpa!
No, I wouldn’t call it ‘Humpa Humpa’, everybody calls it that. They have their brand of metal and we have our more extreme form so it’s good for the audience. Maybe some people also came to see us who wouldn’t ordinarily come to a Naglfar show. So in that case it was really good and we were treated well. It was a great experience all in all.

And what about future tour plans?
Yeah, we are working on something but nothing is confirmed yet but it’s going to be an extensive European tour.

(Note: Naglfar will be part of this years X-Mass fest together with Hypocrisy, Exodus and Wintersun)

Let’s talk a bit about the new album ‘Pariah’. Could you tell me something about the response from both fans and press?
It’s been really good, surprisingly well actually. We were kind of expecting people whining about the vocal exchanges and stuff like that but people have received it really well, so far. Also the press has been real good and kind to us. I am happy about it.

You already mentioned the change in vocalists; did it have any influence on writing or recording the new album?
No, because the thing is, half of the album was basically already written and when Jens left, but he didn’t contribute anything on this album so. No, nothing has changed, we just did what we always do. We had some different approaches this time but it had nothing to do with the vocals.

And for you personally standing on stage with an altered line-up, did it feel strange?
No, I mean we kept it in the family so to speak. Kris was always there.

But you miss one person.
Yeah, but then be have Morgan on bass now and since he is an old friend of the band it really doesn’t feel any different at all, for me at least. We had a good opportunity to get a routine going on tour first of all with Kris on vocals. I think we are getting there.

Like you said when you keep it in the family you are used to each other…
That was the main thing. We didn’t really want to bring in an outsider into the band because for us, it might sound a bit corny but its family, this is my second family and we have known each other for so long. Marcus and I know each other for 20 years now. That’s why it would have felt strange to bring in a new guy.

Tell us a bit about your own personal views on how Naglfar progressed through all the albums, because the “press-analyses” say that the first album was black metal, than more death metal influences came along and now you’ve gone back to the BM roots?
The thing is I never saw ‘Vittra’ as a black metal album. For me it wasn’t BM, at least not the kind I was listening to and still am till this day. We always wanted to get more extreme, keeping it good and developing it into a more faster and extreme form. With ‘Pariah’ I would say we have gone back to developing a more blacker sound but that was never really intentional at all, it just came out like that.

About today’s set list, you played a nice mix of old and new. Is this something you want to keep doing in the future?
Yeah, of course. I think all of our albums have something to offer so we are trying to get songs of each record available when we play live.

To finish up, do you have any concrete future plans?
We are just writing new stuff actually.

You are already writing new music?
Yeah, we started writing new material again during the Finntroll tour.

Since the release of ‘Sheol’ everything seems to go quite fast.
Yeah, the good thing with that is when we signed to Century Media, everything went so much smoother because the old label didn’t really give a fuck, to put it bluntly. This time around we felt that people were getting enthusiastic of us putting a new album out. So we also got more enthusiastic ourselves so I doubt that it will take another 5 years for a new album.

You seem to be pleased with the Century Media deal, how did this collaboration come about?
Yeah. We were signed to New Haven and they had a license to put out the ‘Sheol’ album and without even having to, they started to book us shows and festivals and really treated us nice. When the deal was over with the old label they just offered us a really good deal with Century Media so we couldn’t really refuse it because they have been so good to us. Also a lot of people in the office believed in us and are fans. (Laughs)

Your bosses are fans?
Yeah, someone in the office is.

I’ve heard that there are some difficulties in getting your first two releases, are there plans to re-release them.
I think they have been re-released through Regain Records but I don’t know how difficult it is to get them or about the availability. There are no other plans for any other re-releases.

Then I want to wish you good luck with the upcoming tour. Any final words for the fans and the readers?
Thank you for staying loyal for all these years and thank you for this interview.

No problem. Thanx!

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