This interview with the vocalist M Khaos from the Swedish death metal band N.C.O., was done through the internet in October 2003.

Nephenzy released their one and only album "Where Death Becomes Art" through the Invasion Records sublabel Black Diamond in 1998. After the demise of that label the band also faded away but from the ashes rose a new band - N.C.O. (Nephenzy Chaos Order). M. Khaos gathered a new line-up consisting of experienced metal musicians from the local scene, among them the former Hypocrisy live guitarist M. Flatline and drummer Martin Axe (Witchery, Satanic Slaughter, Nifelheim, Morgue a.o.). M. Khaos took some time off to answer these questions. (Vincent Eldefors, editor)

Hello, how are you?
Hi im just fine, a bit frustated as this weekend has been full of strange happenings and wicked stuff, but i guess im ok, just chillin and taking it easy.

Yeah, sorry to hear what happened. Your new album "Pure Black Disease" has now been in the stores for a short while, what has the response been like so far?
Well well shit happens. The response has been fucking great, i am really surprised that noone has dissed it yet, but i guess the "bad" reviews will come sooner or later. But for now only positive response.

Are you happy with the final result yourself?
Indeed. considering we recorded the album in about 30 hours and mixed it in like 12 im very happy, i knew from the start that this album would be something special. If i have to say anything bad it would be the level of the drums and vocals, they are a bit low...

You recorded the album both in two different studios - Abyss with Tommy Tägtgren and Endarker with Magnus "Devo" Andersson - how come you didn't stick with just one of them?
Well two things really. We recorded the drums and one guitar in abyss, also the vocals was put on track in abyss, then we did the rest in Endarker with devo. The reasons for two studios where two, first reason, time preasure, the guitarist in the band both work at the same place and did not have any change getting away from work at the same time and second reason is. We wanted a non abyss production so we choosed another studio for the mixing part. Although next album will be recorded in one studio and I'm 99% certain we will enter The Abyss again.

How would you say that the new album is different from the Nephenzy album "Where Death Becomes Art"?
Well everything as it is not even the same band. But if it were I would say the sick feeling resting over the Pure Black Disease... Short answer maybe but that is the way it is.

How did you first get started with music? Was Nephenzy your first band?
No Nephenzy was my third band, I started playing in Blasphemous 91 or so then i played with them guys two years or so, then i actually got the foot as i wanted it to be more blackmetal and they where more into the deathmetal thingie. I guess there was other reasons for letting me go but anyways, after I got the foot I started my one man band as all losers getting kicked from bands do, its name was Dismal and i released 2 demos or so... then i actually was asked by the old Nephenzy crew if i wanted to play guitar with them and i said yes. I missed that old band feeling, rehersals and gigs etc. so Nephenzy was my third band and the most meaningful band until NCO was created.

Who were the members of Blasphemous except for you?
Martin Axenrot who is now in NCO and two other guys named Linus and Roine and in the end they had the bass player named Anders.

Ok, did you record anything with them?
Yes a demo and a promo, actually it was pretty good recordings and i still feel that it is quality music, even ten years later. That Roine was hell ov a guitar player.

What has Roine been doing since then?
Drinking beers, he is an ex alcoholic nowadays.

Ok, nothing to do with music then?
Don't know don't care.

What about Dismal then, who were part of that band?
Well only me as it was a one man band. A guy named Stefan was in it in the end but he started to play with Satanic Slaughter and me with Nephenzy.

Did the Blasphemous demo have a name by the way? Were the Dismal demos titled?
Is this an NCO interview? hehe well yeah the debut demo with Blasphemous was entitled Demon est deus inversus and dismal where named demo 1 and promo 97.

Well, I'm trying to cover some other subjects as well :-) What bands inspired you in the beginning of your career?
Hm got to think, a lot of things inspired me but i do not think anything sounded like it. I remember doing a Napalm death cover which sounded like shit... but old school death metal i guess, carcass, dismember, entombed this was early 90´s so that was what almost every one listened to...

Were you, Adrian Kanebäck, Mattias Fredriksson and Kim Arnell the original Nephenzy line-up or were there other people involved in the early days?
No actually the original lineup included a drummer named Fredrik something. he was a fake ass wannabe and i still hate him. Kim entered the band a bit before the debut was recorded.

I know that Kim is still with Morifade, do you know what Adrian and Mattias are up to at the moment?
Adrian is a father and a houseowner Matthias is just as he always been a overall nice guy, none of them are involved with music as far as i know.

How did you end up signing a deal with Invasion Records? Were there any other labels who were interested in signing with you?
Well there where some but Invasion was the most serious one. turned out to be a total crap deal and one big reason Nephenzy went 6 feet under was the label.

What was it like working with Invasion Records? What happened with Nephenzy as the label went bankrupt?
Total crap fucking cunts total crap and total crap.. The band got tired getting fucked by labels etc. dont have anything more to say about this.

How did Nephenzy become N.C.O. (Nephenzy Chaos Order)?
When me and Flatline thought about taking up the band again the original idea was to have the original name Nephenzy but after we recorded "the right to remain violent" we decided that this was a new start a new band and new possibilites.

The members of N.C.O. are mostly well-known local musicians but what has S Demon been doing musically in the past?
He had all kinds of other bands, but I am pretty sure they did not released anything, one of the band where Deadlights, but as I just said, I do not think they released anything.

Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics and what are they about generally speaking?
I find them deep down in my maggot infested brain. They are about the essential things in life, such as mental terror, suicide and death worship.

What are your thoughts on death and suicide?
This question can be answered in different ways. Suicide is indeed a solution, i have no plans on killing myself today or in the comming hours, but I am damn sure I will end my life by my own hands, I do not preach suicide at all as it becomes pretty pathetic when you're still alive and preach about such subjects.

Death is an inspiration and fanatiscm all in itself I most say that death must be the biggest thing in life... the end the final stop.

Are you involved with any other bands or projects or do you give N.C.O. 100% of your dedication?
NCO is number one and will always be, I am involed in other things but do not wish to talk about that in a NCO interview.

Ok. What are you listening to yourself right now? Do you have any favorite bands?
At the moment I am listening to Anthony and the johnssons wich is connected with Current 93 in some wicked way. Favorite bands?Wwell if i take the black / death / metal scene I must name a few even though I'm not that much into name dropping but still: Funeral Mist, Watain, Roswell, Triumphator, Craft; Malign, Ofermod, Behemoth, Cadaver INC and some more are the bands I am listening to much atm. New Watain album will probably be among the best albums ever released.

What do you think about the local music scene in Linköping, are there any bands that you like and who deserve more attention?
I do not know much about the local scene, but Roswell is damn good.

What is the essence of death metal? What do you think about melodic bands like In Flames and Children Of Bodom?
The essence of all music should be fanatiscm and nothing else. I am not into those bands you have mentioned, They are both excellent bands when it comes to playing and performing but it is far from my taste in general.

You link to MLO (Misanthropic Luciferian Order) at your website, do you have any relations to the order?
I support MLO and the anti cosmic message they wish to deliver. I am not a member but am in contact with some of the people involved within the order.

What goals and plans do you have for N.C.O. in the nearest future? Are there any tours or shows scheduled?
Goals and plans are as following, rehearse and record next album. We are going to play some gigs in the future the nearest is with The great deciver in november or so. One reason to have a band is to play live and that is something we "love" to do... If you read this and want us to play. mail me and i will tell you our demands!

Any final words for our readers and your fans?
Thank you for the interview and support in general, was a pleasure to answer your questions... to our "fans" i would like to say...

Let the devil in!

Thanks a lot for this interview as well and good luck with N.C.O. and everything else in the future!

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