This interview with the guitarist Rob Milley of Neuraxis, was done by Chris "Diatribe" Rohde through email on July 28th, 2003.

“Neuraxis (nü-rak'sis). The axial, unpaired part of the central nervous system in contrast to the paired cerebral hemisphere. "When one gets attacked by such an extreme sound, at once brutal and melodic, the nervous system becomes affected by all means. The neuraxis is the last gate to cross before reaching the state of sensible insanity... Once the spinal cord is under the band's control, one becomes a slave until the pulse ceases." - Stephane Mellul (Brave Concerts Intl.).

First off I want to say that Truth Beyond . . . is one fucking brutal piece of metal music!! For the people reading this and haven't had the chance to listen to Neuraxis before, could you give a brief description of Neuraxis' sound? I think that you'd be better to describe it than me.
Rob: Neuraxis combine the brutal, technical side of American death metal, with the melodic catchy side of European metal. Our influences vary so our sound and style has become more varied as we continue to play music together.

How was the process of recording "Truth Beyond. . ."? Were there any difficulties, or was it relaxed? What was the atmosphere like for you and the other guys in the band?
Rob: The recording of Truth Beyond was a lot of hard work for all members. We were determined that we had to record our best album to date, so there was some pressure on our shoulders. We spent a lot of time recording the drums and guitars, and this was the most difficult part of the whole thing. The drums were recorded in Northern Quebec at Pierre Remillard's Studio Wild, the atmosphere was perfect to record. The rest of the album was recorded at our sound engineers personal studio, in July and August. We had a week of heat waves and it was so hot it was air conditioning!

Did you guys try anything differently with this album, from previous recordings?
Rob: With the writing process, it was more of a group effort than previous albums. The songs also became much more extreme and detailed than before.

I think it's a killer album from start to finish. Are you all pleased with the final outcome?
Rob: I am very pleased with the album, from our performances to the capturing of each instrument. We like to improve from each album, and I think it’s going to continue this way for future recordings.

I notice that Lenzig, Zac & Jawsh from Cephalic Carnage helped out with vocals throughout the album, how did this come about? What was it like to have them in the studio?
Rob: We did a small Canadian/US tour with them 2 years ago, and every time they pass through Montreal on tour we always party together. Last year, while we were recording the album, they passed through on tour and we asked if they would be down for it. The recording was done very fast, and it adds a nice brutal touch to the album.

You guys are soon headed over to Europe for a short tour in September. I notice that you'll be covering like eleven countries in one month. What are your thoughts for this tour?
Rob: We're very excited to this tour! It will be the first time over there, and visiting all those countries is going to be great. It will be with Birdflesh from Sweden, a grind band, and with Hellblazer from Germany, also a grind band. So Neuraxis is going to be the black sheep, since we play more of a melodic technical style of brutal death metal.

Where has been your favorite venue to play? Why? (Foufounes in Montreal is my favorite place to go for shows)
Rob: We played Metropolis in Montreal in front of 2300 could say it was a great show! We love playing in Abitibi Quebec, Trois Rivieres is cool. We've played Foufounes almost 10 times, its always fun to play there.

Now a little about yourself, what bands / artists have influenced you in the past? Who has given you the most inspiration?
Rob: My biggest influences for guitar playing and songwriting are Megadeth, Testament, Kreator, Death, Sacrifice, Forbidden, At The Gates, Suffocation, and Cryptopsy. Out of everyone, I’ve been most inspired by Dave Mustaine's guitar playing, as well as Chuck Schuldiner(rip) guitar playing.

What bands (old or new) do you think are really making a name for themselves today, and which new bands will be the next headliners in the future?
Rob: Some bands that are working very hard and succeeding are In Flames, Dying Fetus, Nile... I see that bands like Martyr, Ion Dissonance, Quo Vadis could be the next headliners for the future.

Finally, I'm going to give you some names. Could you respond with whatever comes to mind first.

Lord Worm (Original Cryptopsy singer): Quiet, shy, intelligent...I met him a few times and saw him at Foufs a while back

Slayer or Metallica or The Haunted: Slayer are great live, Metallica are great live, The Haunted play some nice thrash!

Canada: A great country to live in.

Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th psycho murderer): My favorite horror killer! Unstoppable.

At The Gates: Originators of melodic aggressive death metal.

Robin Milley (Neuraxis guitarist): Determined and dedicated to making this work.

Thanks Rob for your time. Good luck with the European tour. Cheers.
Rob: Thanks for the interview, come visit us at

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