This interview with Björn Gooßes of Night In Gales was done through e-mail in May/June 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Hi Vincent, thanx, I´m fine...

You have recently released your full-length album called "Necrodynamic" on Massacre Records. How has the response been so far?
Pretty good and quite controversial sometimes as well. But I like that... I guess people really think about the album... Fortunetaly we´ve got rid of these swe-comparisons finally and both media and fans realized that we found our own dirty way... And „Necrodynamic“ for sure leads us further towards the very NIGHT IN GALES style... A funny thing is that for NIGHT IN GALES the best reactions always came from out of Germany... but however, I read a whole lotta reviews so far and until now, about a month after the european release, we did approx. 60 interviews and we´ve been quite pleased with the reactions so far... At least everyone should check out „Necrodynamic“ if you are into good hard metal music...!!

Could you tell us a little about the album and the lyrics? Have your sound changed anything from your previous releases?
You know, each album is a brand new chapter in a band´s history. If it wouldn´t be like that, the band should split up... We always made significant steps from one album to another, this time step has maybe been a little bigger... But on the other hand „Necrodynamic“ is surely kindalike a natural follower to „Nailwork“, cause when you listen carefully, you´ll realize that there are many things in the same vein. We just eliminated the stuff that didn´t work. „Nailwork“ was a bit too complicated and bizarre, so we chose the simple and straight way for „Necrodynamic“. A good thing of „Nailwork“ was the less-swedish melody and the groove, so we intensified this... Also the lyrics on „Nailwork“ showed sarcasm for the first time... this appealed to me a lot, so the new ones are as pitch-black as you can imagine... You could go on with that list for quite a time... and finally you´ll get to the „Necrodynamic“ point of view... But hey... I shouldn´t talk that much about the album, the best thing is... BUY IT !!! hehehehe.....

Could you inform us on the early history of Night In Gales, how did it all get started?
Well, basicly we´ve just been a bunch of metalheads who wanted to perform the music that they like.... So the typical story.... To keep it short I just give you an outline of the NIGHT IN GALES history...

1995 – the band was founded
1995 – demo ”Sylphlike”
1996 – 7” EP ”Razor”
1996 – NIGHT IN GALES signed to Nuclear Blast Records
1997 – debutalbum ”Towards The Twilight”
1998 – 2nd album ”Thunderbeast”
2000 – 3rd album ”Nailwork”
2000 – split from Nuclear Blast Records, NIGHT IN GALES signed to Massacre Records
2001 – latest album ”Necrodynamic”

What were your thoughts and reactions when your independent EP "Sylphlike" sold more than 6000 copies and eventually led to a contract with Nuclear Blast in 1996?
This was definitely cool...! ”Sylphlike” sold almost 7000 copies worldwide until now, and I never heard of any other Metal demo selling that much...! We are deeply rooted in the geman underground scene and we did some good work there I guess... So soon rumors came up, telling we´ve already signed a contract with some label. One day Markus, the boss of Nuclear Blast, called Tobias, asking how things were goin´ with our label... Tobias was pretty surprised, cause we didn´t sign nowhere... he told this to Markus and he sent us a Nuclear Blast deal immediately... That´s all...

In the end of 2000 you ended your co-operation with Nuclear Blast. Weren´t you happy with their work for the band? Are things better with Massacre?
Oh well it was just the typical story... we were just not satisfied with their work. After the release of „Nailwork“ they just did very little promotion, and all the shows we´ve played have been booked by our own management... Everyone knows Nuclear Blast became very big during the last years, and sometimes the profit is more important than the idealism... So we decided to quit before they maybe would haved kicked us anyway, you know ?! Nuclear Blast is still a good label for sure, but just not for NIGHT IN GALES... Their politics was to do less promotion if an album didn´t sell enough, but that´s a pretty stupid vicious circle, I think... I´m sure „Nailwork“ would have got some more attention if they had done the promotion we deserved... anyway, that´s how it goes... We never had any personal problems with them... but for us it was just the most reasonable choice to leave Nuclear Blast for the business reasons... so we signed to Massacre Records last autumn... In general we don´t care about the label´s name, be it Nuclear Media, Century Blast, Massacrerunner or Roadrecords... whatever... it just depends on the cooperation.... We just can do our part of the deal, which is producing a killer album, and I think we definitely did... Now let´s hope that the people will give the album a chance...

Do you know what your original vocalist Christian Müller has been up to since he left Night In Gales?
Of course, he´s singin´ in Tobias 2nd band In Blackest Velvet... We see us regularly as In Blackest Velvet and us share the same rehearsal room... We never lost the contact. Christian was just not motivated enough back in 1996. Now he´s back in business and just released his debutalbum with In Blackest Velvet... Hey, if you have a real heart of steeeel it will never let you down, hahaha....!!!

I know that the current band members are or has been involved with several other projects such as "Folter", "Godz At War" and "In Blackest Velvet". Could you tell us something about these?
Sure... O.k., I told you already somethin´about In Blackest Velvet. Godz At War is no more ( but this project was never really serious aynway...) and Folter simply never existed.

What do you do when not playing music?
Answering on stupid interview questions basicly, hehehehe... Well, besides the band stuff I´m pretty much into graphic design and stuff... you can check out my website ! Jens just started going to a school for audio engineering, Christian works in an advertising agency while Tobias and Frank have more or less boring jobs I think... Tobias also has another band called In Blackest Velvet and Jens grinds along with Christian in Blood Red Bacteria... So we´re all pretty busy, hehehe... shakin´ the bones for good....

What do you think of playing live? What kind of an experience can you expect from a Night In Gales show?
Playing live is the very essence of being a band. Nothing else. This is both the measure of a band and its ultimate pleasure. This year started pretty cool actually... In late March / early April we had 4 shows in Japan together with Defleshed, Dew-Scented and some japanese support acts. The shows were really killer and we hope to get back there soon... Now we´ll play some summer festivals throughout Europe... In autumn 2001 we´ll most likely be on a cool European again... What can you expect from us ?!, Well, a NIGHT IN GALES show is pure loud´n´dirty Deathentertainment...! Just come, listen, see and bang your bloody heads off...!!

What are the future plans of the band?
Besides the usual World Domination plans we basicly want to play as many good gigs as possible... Then we´ll most likely start songwriting again in late summer... We´ll also care a bit more about our website in the next weeks and months... So there are no real big plans as you can see... We´ll be happy if we can keep the gift of writing and performing our own music as long as possible...!

Your top 5 bands ever?
Hard thing to mention only 5, but 5 bands that really had a deep impact on me definitely are DANZIG, RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, ZZ TOP... but in general I listen to everything that I like, be it Death Metal, Pop, Alternative Rock or Drum´n´Bass... a few of my current faves are... Pantera „reinventing The Steel“, The Tea Party „Triptych“, Agents Of Oblivion „Agents Of Oblivion“, Down „Nola“, ZZ Top „Fandango“, Danzig „Lucifuge“, Nasum „Human 2.0“, A-Ha „Minor Earth Major Sky“, Rammstein „Mutter“, Corrosion Of Conformity „Deliverance“, Led Zeppelin „first“, Daft Punk „discovery“, Scorpions „fly to the rainbow“, Defleshed „fast forward“... etc etc.....

Any final words of wisdom?
Final Words ? Yes. Wisdom ? Probably not. I´m just a 23 years old motherfuckin´ deathjunkie trying to persuade you to buy the new NIGHT IN GALES album...!! So the best thing is, I quit this here quickly with a big ”CHEERZ”.... !!

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