This interview with guitarist Marios Iliopoulos of Nightrage was done by our Mexican friend and guest writer I. Ishtar in December 2004.

Hello Marios, Let me start saying thank you for giving us that masterpiece called "Sweet Vengeance", and please tell us what is the name of the Nightrage’s upcoming Album, and the release date...
Hi There and Thanx for your nice words about Sweet Vengeance, I think it was a really good start for the band. The name of the new album is “Descent into Chaos” and Century Media has plans to release it as far as I know at 21st of February 2005.

How long did the writing/recording process take for "Descent into Chaos"?
The writing took me almost a year to accomplish, since I’m the main songwriter in Nightrage, but this time I and Gus wrote some tunes together as well that turned really well.

Why didn't you work with Goran Finnberg for the Mastering process this time?
I don’t know really, Century media suggest the idea to work with Peter in de Betou/Tailor Maid Production, and we just go for it. I have the mastered version in my hands now and it sounds awesome.

Nightrage has some new members. Can you tell me a little bit about them?
Yes finally we have a new stable line up for the band; Fotis Benardo is the new drummer and Henric Carlsson our new bass player. Fotis he is from Greece and he had played with Septic Flesh on their last European tour, and Henric is a Swedish guy that plays as well with another cool band named Cipher System. I’m really happy about this line up.

How was the contact with Henric?
I found the guy at Fredman Studio he was really cool with us and our music, and finally I ask him if he want to try for Nightrage, he was into the thing and his playing and attitude was perfectly right to enter the band after a few days.

I listened to the new Cipher System album, and the work of Henric is Really brilliant...
Yes indeed, he is a great musician and cool person to work with. His band Cipher System are really good and their album is one my favourite recently.

The guest vocals of Tom Englund of Evergrey were awesome in "Sweet Vengeance" Do you think that he was part of this successful debut of the band?
Not at all, to be honest I didn’t want this guy to be on our first album, but this was other’s people decisions, so he just came sang some lines and go, that´s all.

You didn't work with Tom this time for "Descent into Chaos", right?
We didn´t have to this time, and as I said he wasn’t and will never be an important figure on the Nightrage sound.

Who did the artwork for the new album?
The artwork is done by SETH from Greece (Paradise Lost/The Duskfall/Rotting Christ), he is a really talented and cool artist to work with; his work is just pure sickness! Thanx mate.

What is the difference (if there is any), between "Sweet Vengeance" and the new album?
I think this album is just continues were Sweet V. Left, the guitar sound and the compositions are more simpler and in your face this time, and the overall feeling is just more aggressive and melodic at the same time, pure sweet hell. We have all the elements that make Sweet V. a success but this time the sound elements are more detailed and the sound of the album is more dry and upfront. The work that Patrik J. Sten did for us is more than awesome, he Produced/Edit/Mixed the album all by himself, and I can tell you he is going to be soon the next Fredrik Nordström.

Tell me, did Tomas Lindberg write lyrics this time for "Descent into Chaos"?
I wrote all the lyrics once again, it’s my job I guess to do. Maybe in the future Tomas will help us co-writing lyrics.

You will play in London next year, in what seems to be like a "Century Media Fest", with some Swedish bands, I think that you need to have The Forsaken there to be a Historical show...
Yes that would be great I love “The Forsaken” great band and nice guys, but we have to play that role this time.

Can you tell me about your experience as a bassist for The Forsaken?
I had a really cool time with the guys, they treat me all nice, and I really enjoy to be as their session bass player on the tour, Patrik Persson is a really amazing guitar player, and we play together for hours, their stuff sometimes is really crazy so you have to be focused all the time.

Do you have any plans for a tour?
Yes and I can tell you that we will tour after the release of the new album. Century Media has great plans for Nightrage this time, I really hope that we will play in America/Mexico as well, and meet all our friends there.

What do you think about the Metal scene in Greece and in the rest of the world at the moment?
There´s no metal scene in Greece yet, there´s only some musicians and some bands that they are trying to do something but I don´t know really, it’s really difficult for a serious metal band to survive there. As far as the rest of the world metal music changes all the time, new trends are coming all the time and they die slowly, but finally only the good old bands still manage to keep the metal flag alive, There´s not going to be another Iron Maiden or Metallica again.

Tell me, do you know any Mexican bands?
Yes I know Dies Irae which I also played a guitar lead in their album, also Buried Dreams, The Chasm.

Your work with Exhumation was really awesome; "Traumaticon" is one of my Favourite albums now, I think that Nightrage have sometimes that Exhumation Feeling...
I was the main songwriter in Exhumation as well, and that´s why it's obvious the connections. I really like the music of the albums we make with Exhumation it was really passionate music, so sometimes I catch my self dancing across the Past, Rest in peace forever.

Thank you very much for your time Mario’s, we hope to see you guys some day here In Mexico I wish you the best and success with Nightrage. Any last Word...
I have to say a big Thanx back mate for this Interview, I hope that we will meet soon in Mexico, and play some cool shows for our friends there.

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