This interview with the Puerto Rican death metal band Organic Infest was done by Andres Castro at their show at The Brass Mug (1441 East Fletcher Avenue) in Tampa, Florida, USA, on April 10th, 2004, where they shared the stage with Divine Empire, Chunk Bucket and Monstrosity.

I got to see this band live a few weeks ago with Monstrosity in Tampa. I was so surprised with their performance as well as their music that I decided to have a brief interview with Organic Infest. So hereís what I got from the infamous three piece from Puerto Rico:

You guys come from Puerto Rico and itís kind of unusual to hear from a band in Puerto Rico so please introduce yourselves.
Well we have been around as Organic Infest since 91 as a three piece. We are Juan playing drums, Freddy playing guitar and myself (Chegui) playing bass and doing the vocals. Now we have a new guitar player but he couldnít make it tonight, but we are a four piece now. We had a little rupture for a couple of years, since 93. We came back in 2001; we didnít anything since our first CD Penitence. In 2001 we reunited to get more serious about the band and recorded an EP entitled Agony. We played a lot of shows and got a good response. Right now we are doing some promotion and more shows to promote our new CD entitled The Way To Temptation, which came out on Thrash corner records and is distributed by Crash Music.

Whatís the scene like in Puerto Rico?
Itís growing. We had a great scene when we first started, it was really nice and growing but then a lot of the commercial stuff and tropical music got into scene, so Death, Thrash and every type of metal went down. We had no places to play, people wouldnít let us play anywhere so the scene really went down. When we reunited we met a scene that was growing again, since the band Puya got out of Puerto Rico. They had good shows, tours, I think the even played Ozzfest. Since then the scene has been growing, we have places to play again so I guess Itís getting good now.

You guys have just released a new album right?
We first released Agony MCD in 2002, and we have just released an album called The Way To Temptation. We hope people like it. Itís more brutal, has a lot of our influences and itís more mature. Songs are well structured and we are playing a lot better than what we did before.

Two question in one: How did you come out with the distribution deal with Crash Music? Do you think thatís gonna help you get your music abroad, reach new markets and so on?
The distribution deal came out because our label Thrash Corner is actually distributed by Crash Music. And yes, itís gonna help us get more distribution than doing it by ourselves.

As I understand this is your first show out of Puerto Rico. You have more shows booked here in the states though. What are your expectations about playing outside of the island? What do you want to approach with this experience?
As you said in your first question, thatís weird to see a metal band from Puerto Rico but a few bands had played here before like Rabia and Machete, and nobody knows. This is our first show. The guys from Monstrosity asked us to play here with them, and I think thatís gonna help us a lot, because many people know about the band and the CD but have seen us play live. When you play in front of the people they appreciate the music better. About other shows, well we have a show with Mortician in Jacksonville, I think it will be in June, and thereís another one in Ft. Lauderdale. I think itís starting up and we want to show everybody that we want to play metal.

Any last words?
Well. Thanks for the interview, was nice meeting you. Itís nice to play here for the first time. Weíd love to come more often and play more shows so people can get into the band because we are a live band. Our records are good but we are a live band.

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