This interview with Count Vassilium of Ork was done through e-mail in March 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Hail,I am ok right now,thanx!

Could you please give us a short history of your band?
Here is our bio,but I am just copied the info from our web page! ORK, was formed in 1995 by Count Vassilium as a one-man band. After a couple of rehearsals he started the recordings of the debut demo called "Through the Fight, I Ride". Later during the same year the Count entered the studio [again all by himself] for the recordings of the second demo - "Slava Nam". In 1998 Count Vassilium was joined by Frosthammer [guitars]. In this line-up ORK recorded their third demo - "Et a Novo Maqico". In 1999 both musicians recorded two songs under the name "Rebellion of the Unholy Tyrants". This recording was released by Oskorei Productions as a 7" Split EP with the Norwegian black metal band Frostmoon. Shortly after that ORK became a five-piece - the Count [who already is in charge only for the vocals] and Frosthammer were joined by Hellthorn [guitars], Grimlord [bass] and Agarnael [drums]. The band played numerous live shows in Bulgaria, including concerts with world famous bands like Darkseed, Rotting Christ, etc. In the end of the year the musicians recorded the promo tape "Gronderblud". The two songs on it are still unreleased. In the beginning of 2000 the drummer Agarnael was replaced by Gravedigger. In May ORK recorded their debut album called "Blessed by Evil" and shortly after that signed a deal with the German label Folter Records. The album will be released by the end of 2000. The blasphemous march continues...

You are unfortunately still rather unknown to the world. What can the listener expect from your music?
We offer the listeners with aggressive,raw and well done black metal,also with topics as Satanism,Vamirism and War!Also the listeners can expect different sound and still intersting ideas!

You have now released your debut album "Blessed By Evil" on the German label Folter Records. Are you happy with the result? How has the reactions been so far?
Yeah,I am totaly happy with the result of the album and from the job of the label! The layout of the Cd booklet is very cool and all other is fine!Well,the reactions was and still are very hopeful and nice!We are young band and for us is very good to take a critic and in other hand very nice reviews of "Blessed by evil"!For example we have 10 points from 15 in the mighty Legacy zine and I think that this is ok review for first album!Honestly until now I am not recievied bad review or reaction for our album from fans,zines or whatever!I sicerely hope that with the next album all will be better!

Are you satisfied with your labelīs work so far?
Yes,we are absolutely satisfied from the job of Folter Records!It is not so big label but Joerg and company working very hard and they done (and stll do it)everything possible for the spreading of our name!We have signed a 3 albums deal and I am happy of this fact ,because we are not looking for some other label!

What is the band doing at the moment and what are your plans for the future?
Right now we playing by every day ,because we will have some gigs in Germany(Under the black sun festival-check out www.folter666.de) and Czech Republic and after that in the end of the summer we will enter one studio in Berlin for the recording of our second album!We are looking for better result and that's is our aim now!I hope that our next Cd will be out somewhere in the end of this year!

How do you feel about playing live? Have you done many shows so far?
No,I can't say that we are played many times on stage.We have some gigs together with Rotting Christ and few other bands here in Bg,but we love to play on gigs!I think that the live presentataion is very important thing in the life of one band!

What do you think about the metal scene in Bulgaria? Are there any new bands you think should be mentioned?
Bulgaria is a very nice country, but unfortunately there isn't many bands. Our scene is small but you can find very interesting hordes and individuals. Here the people still haven't this wrong thought that from the music you can make yourself rich and famous and maybe that's the reason they are so fresh I think.The bands which I can recomend are:Necromancer,Desolate,Dark Inversion......

Do any of the band members have some kind of musical training or are you all selftaught?
We haven't any kind of musicial training except the many years of hard playing.I think that this is enough for now.Of course we will be stronger later,as every musician of this world!

Do any of you play in other bands besides Ork?
No, for now nobody from the band play in other bands, we are very dedicated of Ork and I feel good!

What kind of bands have you been into before Ork? I think I have read somewhere that you had a rather well-known band in Bulgaria before Ork was formed.
Yes,I was the former of the wellknow (in Bulgaria) first black metal band called Iudicium! We have recorded two albums and signed a deal with the Korean label Hammerhaeart Prod., but we had some missunderstoods with the boss aof this small label and everything failed! Maybe that is good because I created Ork later!

What do you do when not playing music?
Nothing. More of us do not working or study, we just paly and create music!

Your top five bands ever?
Dark Throne, Mayhem, Master's Hammer, Immortal, Marduk

Any final words you would like to tell the world?
Buy our Cd here:

Folter Records
Thulestrasse 32
13189 Berlin
E-mail: folter.rec@snafu.de

or here:

Box 112
2600 Dupniza
E-mail: orkeen@yahoo.com
Many thanx to you Vincent for this interview and good luck! Hail Satan!

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