This interview with Javier Martinez of Overlife was done through e-mail in May/June 2001.

Hello, how are you?
-Hi Guy! Iīm fine!

Overlife is a band that probably is new to many metal fans. Could you give us a short biographical background on the band?
-Well..we started in 1993, but then our name was DEATHLESS. In 1994 we recorded a demo named "ideales muertos", this demo just had a local impact. In 1998 we recorded our first album with a record label and with the name OVERLIFE, The album was "between passion and madness" and the label GOLDTRACK RECORDS. Last year we recorded the song METROPOLIS PT 1 for the dream theater's official tribute. This year we have released our second album with the same label, the album is "last millennium?" and we are very happy with it.

Could you describe your sound for those who havenīt yet heard any Overlife material?
-Of course! We think we play progressive metal... but in our way. In our sound the most important thing is the feeling.

Your latest album "Last Millennium" was released earlier this year on the Spanish label Goldtrack Records. How has the response been so far? Where do you sell most records?
-We are really happy with the people's reaction! For the moment the album has a good popularity in Spain and we hope that soon it has the same popularity in other countries.

What struck me when listening to your new album was the very good production job. Is your producer Daniel Saiz well-known in Spain?
-He is well known but not in the heavy metal world...he works really well but he usually works with soundtracks for movies and for tv.

Except for the band members you had several others contributing to the album - Damaris Paveda, Anabel Lorca, Juan Lorite, John Mark Heyball, Concha Sanchez, "Toņete" Molina and Maribel Matilla. Who are they?
-They are just friends of us. They live in our city and were very glad to help us.

Are or has the current band members been involved with other bands or projects? If so could you tell us a little about them?
-The singer JOHN NEGRETE is the singer of SALVADOR DOMINGUEZ, but only for the live shows.

Are you happy with your label Goldtrack so far?
-We are really happy!!! Is perfect to work with people like them. We have a great support!

What do you do when not playing music?
-We work and study.

What do you think of playing live? Have you had the chance to come outside Spain to play?
-The live shows is the most important thing for a band...at least is the most important thing for OVERLIFE. No....we have never played out of Spain, but we hope that soon we will do it.

What are your top 5 bands ever? I suspect Dream Theater is among them?
-Yeah! of course! well..... only five......itīs difficult... for example DREAM THEATER, QUEEN, VANDEN PLAS, HELLOWEEN AND RAGE.

Any final words you would like the whole world to read (or at least some of the visitors at the website...)?
-Thank you!!!!!!!! I hope you can listen to our album "Last millennium" and I hope you like it!