This e-mail interview with the Spanish grindcore band Overnoise was done by Chris “Diatribe” Rohde in November 2003.

I want to say first of all, after hearing “Lethal Ways to Hell’s Kitchen Doors” I was very impressed. Of course I heard the unmastered demo recording, but I loved the raw sound and the intensity of the recording. It gave me the sense of what Overnoise would sound like in a live atmosphere. Extremely frantic. Now with that said, what are your thoughts of the finished version of “Lethal Ways to Hell’s Kitchen Doors”. Are you satisfied with how your album sounds??
Not that much, it could have been much better. That was our first time in the studio and we were a bit lost, hence the technician didn’t help that much either.

What was the recording process like for the band?? Was it a relaxed atmosphere, or were you guys rushed to get it done as quickly as possible??
We had to record everything in four days, in a hurry, so we were really nervous. It was stressing to say the least.

Is there anything that you think you should have done different now that the recording is finished??
Yeah, recording in another studio is one of them...

Now, I want to know more about the band. How long has Overnoise been together??
Overnoise was founded around 3 years ago. Before that Javi, Alfredo and Raul used to play in Mistreat. Raul and Toni started to jam together and play some covers, and progressively writing their own stuff. After Mistreat’s death the project known as Overnoise became a real band, with the adding of Jose later. We’re the same line-up since that, no changes.

As a band, what is Overnoise about?? What is the message that you guys want to get out??
None in particular. People should think by themselves... just having a good time while listening to the CD.

Musically, what are the main influences on the band?? Who have you guys gotten inspiration from??
Any sort of extreme metal... bands such as Napalm Death, Assïck, Terrorizer, Nasüm, Rotten Sound... just to name a few...

What is the local scene like in Spain?? How has the crowd responded to Overnoise at the shows that you’ve played??
In our town Valencia things are pretty bad. We have a fascist government in power, that means we cannot play live that much (there are no places for shows, or either you have to pay to play...)

With the release of “Lethal Ways to Hell’s Kitchen Doors”, what’s next?? Are there any plans to tour, if so when, and where??
First we wanna see the CD out... then we’ll look for places to play.

Has anyone in the band started to write new material for the next Overnoise release??
Yeah we never stop writing songs... we have some new tracks already.

Where do you see Overnoise going in the future?? Another album?? What do you want to see Overnoise accomplish??
We’ll play live as much as possible, we’ll release CDs until we got fed up or the people got fed up of us...

Do you see the Overnoise sound changing ever, or are you quite happy with playing hardcore grind, and destroying people’s ears with your brutal noise??
Overnoise will always be an extreme band thus its sound will always be extreme.

Now I’m going to say five or so names, could you please respond with whatever comes to your mind first:

Metallica in the year 2003:

Ozzy Osbourne:
bleaurgh! Shit!


Spain (España):
Shit fucking shit!!

Black Metal:

Well that’s all for now. Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my questions. Hopefully Overnoise can tour over here in Canada someday. Cheers.
Thanx to you for supporting us. We wish we could play live in Canada some day. We’ll send you a copy of the CD as soon as it is out. Cheers!!!

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