This interview with Jonthon from the Norwegian black metal band Ragnarok was done through e-mail in August 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
JONTHO: I am fine but it is fucking hot in Norway these days and that slows me down alot in my work.

Ragnarok has been around for a while now, could you please give us a brief introduction to the band's history?
JONTHO: Shortly I can say that we formed the band in August-94 and we have released one demo called PAGAN LAND and 4 albums to this date called NATTFERD(95),ARISING REALM(97),Diabolical Age(2000) and the last one called IN NOMINE SATANAS released in February this year!!!! We have been on tour with bands like Satanic Slaughter,Atanatos,Siebenburgen,Dark Funeral and more...... Check our home page at http://angelfire.com/id/RAGNAROK/ for more info about that!!!!

Before Ragnarok I know that there was a band called Thoth, could you tell us a little about it? Did you record anything?
JONTHO: Thoth was the first band that I and Jerv played together in and at that time I played guitar and the keyboards,Jerv the bass and vocals and Possessed evil played the drums,as this line up did not work out very well I and Jerv decided to start our own band that we had faith in. If I do not remember totally wrong we played in this band from 91.93 about.We did not record anything beside maybe an rehearsel tape or something.

Your new album "In Nomine Satanas" has just been released in Europe, are you happy with the result and the response so far?
JONTHO: That is right.The I.N.S was released in february this year and we are very happy about the response and everything about the album so far. Ofcourse it is some details I am not totally happy with but that is nothing the public should know of yet. Also the promotion have benn great and we get much more oppertunities to play tours and so on after this album. The response from the press and fans have been fucking great and I can tell you that we have sold the same amount of this album in just 5 months as Arising Realm have sold since 1997...That is also great I think..... This album have given us the little push we needed to get to the top/elite I think...and Ragnarok is simply one of the best black metal bands ever!!!!!

I just have to ask you this question - why are you called Ragnarok and not Ragnarøk?
JONTHO: didn't understand that question hehehe [Editor's comment: The Norwegian letter didn't go through the e-mail program so this looked somewhat strange to him...]

What does Ragnarok want to tell the world through your music?
JONTHO:We spread a seriouse point of view about satanism and that we are the only one. Also different aspects seen through the eyes of a demon. Also we spread our own feelings through the music and who we are. What we stand for and what to be destroyed. Everything we do through the music have deeper meanings that the mind can understand.

Earlier on you were signed to the cult label Head Not Found, what was it like working with Metalion?
JONTHO:That is right...all the three previouse albums is released by Metalion and we had a great time working together but he was to lazy heheh It didn't give us the promotion that we was searching for and the distro was not good... But we have great friendship also today and no hard feelings.... But It was very wrong to have Voices of wonder into the deal also...they simple fucked us and have been tricking us for years now.

Your new album is released on the Swedish Regain Records who also brought the new Marduk album to the world, how come you signed with them?
JONTHO:We signed with Regain because we liked the deal and the comunication was great...also to day I can see that it was right of us to sign there because they do a great job. Also we get alot of tours when we are signed there so we just have to see how things build up in the future.

You recorded your new album at The Abyss, are the Tägtgren brothers fans of your music?
JONTHO: Yes we did and we used Tommy Tägtgren on the album and I seemed to really enjoy the music we made there, also he became pretty close to us and that helped us alot to work together with him.

The Norwegian black metal scene has become almost legendary for several reasons but which bands do you like the most?
JONTHO: In the Norwegian scene I have to say that I like IMMORTAL alot but also they have the older stuff closer to my listening than the last albums. Also Gorgoroth is still great and I like 1349..... Also other bands have much great stuff but to be honest I think that RAGNAROK is one of the true reminders in the scene these days!!!!

What can one find in your cd player today?
JONTHO: Right now it is Alice cooper.....

Do you plan on playing any shows in the near future?
JONTHO: We will play at the party.san open air the 10th of august and on something called the Mosh fest here in norway the 17th of august..... Also we do a mini-tour in Mexico in october and the X-mass festivals with bands like MARDUK, SIX FEET UNDER and more in december. In march next year we will do a big tour with Marduk all over Europe...also it will be single shows in between the bigger arrangements.

What do you think of answering interviews...?
JONTHO: It is ok if the questions are interesting but from time to time I am fucking sick of answering on emails.... It is much better to do it on the phone!!!!!!! [Editor's comment: Was that one aimed at me :-)]

Any final words for the fans?
JONTHO: Check out the new album of RAGNAROK cause that is one of the best albums ever!!!!
Check our homepage at http://www.angelfire.com/id/RAGNAROK/.
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