This interview with Jill from the American grindcore/death metal label Razorback Records was done through e-mail in December 2000 / January 2001.

Could you tell us a little about the history of your label?
Answer: The label started when I stopped working for my former label, Mortal Coil Records, and Billy Nocera stopped working for his former label, Be A Freak Records. It made sense for both of us to combine our talent/resources into a new, more focused label.

What did you do before you started the label?
Answer: Both Billy and I were involved with other record labels, bands and 'zines before we decided to start Razorback.

I know that you are only releasing extreme metal acts. How come?
Answer: We really wanted to release a certain type of music- extreme Gore Grind, Grindcore and brutal Death Metal with a horror movie image. This is the kind of music we love, and Razorback has a horror movie theme to it, so we want everything we do to be focused along those lines, not just with the cds we release, but everything we put out, right down to the smallest ad or flyer.

Why do you think most people dislike extreme music? Do you have to be of a specific kind of enjoy it?
Answer: I don't think most people dislike extreme music, I think most people don't know it even exists because it's not forcefed in the mainstream. The reason for this is probably because the people playing and releasing this kind of music are operating on a DIY kind of basis and don't have the big bucks to brainwash people with billboards in Times Square, Show me a billionaire who can afford to advertise Death Metal on TRL and I assure you it will be mainstream within a week.

There are several newer forms of metal that are gaining ground around the world - emotional metal with male/female vocals like Theatre of Tragedy, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, The Gathering etc., symphonic black metal like Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth and others and melodic death metal like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity etc., not to talk about the new wave of power metal in Europe. How do you feel about this evolution?
Answer: I think it's great. The talent some of these musicians have is mind boggling. I'm talking about the "emotional" Metal, as you put it, and the melodic Death Metal. As for the new wave of power metal, I always say you can't go home again. I'll take "Kings Of Metal" or "Fighting The World" over this new watered down, guitar show off, generic crap any day.

Which bands do you currently have on your label? Could you tell us a little about them as well?
Answer: Currently we have Machetazo- a raw, filthy old school Grindcore/Death Metal band from Spain, Intense Hammer Rage- insane Australian porno chunk blast Grind and Bodies Lay Broken- Sick Grindcore/Death Metal from the USA in the vein of Regurgitate, Sanity's Dawn, etc.

What can you expect from a Razorback release?
Answer: Extreme Gore Grind, Grindcore and Brutal Death Metal, horror movie themes, bands who are hardworking, talented, easy to work with and who don't sound like every other Death Metal band out there.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who are interested in building up a new label or mailorder?
Answer: Don't do it unless you have a degree in accounting.

What do you think about the future of extreme music and all the new labels that has been popping up in the last five years time or so? Do you think these can ever compete with giants like Century Media, Nuclear Blast and others?
Answer: I think extreme music has reached a plateau that will be hard to break. I think it will remain on an even keel for the new few years. A lot of labels have popped up, yes, but I've also seen some of the ones who got all the attention when they first started fall flat on their faces and die out within their first year or two. Only time will tell who will be able to withstand all the intense competition and keep going.

How do you feel about new concepts on the Internet such as Mp3.com and Napster and the effects these services have on the music industry?
Answer: I think it should be regulated, used for promotional purposes only. I don't think entire cds should be available for download, I think one or two tracks to give the person a feel for the album so they can decide whether or not they want to BUY it should suffice. If Napster could hurt billionaires like Metallica in their wallets, think what it could do to a small label who depends on sales to stay in business?

Your top five bands all time?
Answer: Manowar, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Black Sabbath (with Tony Martin).

Any questions I forgot to ask or final words you would like the world to put their eyes on?
Answer: No, this was a great interview with some of the best and most interesting questions anyone has ever asked us. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Everyone check out our website at http://www.razorbackrecords.com/

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