This internet interview with vocalist Andrew Troth of Reckless Tide was done by Vincent Eldefors in February 2005.

The Hannover based thrash metal act Reckless Tide was formed in the year 2000. In 2004 they won the "Wacken Metal Battle" competition and got to play at the world famous metal festival. Soon a record contract with Armageddon Music followed and now they are about to release their debut album "Repent Or Seal Your Fate".

Hello, how are you doing? What is your name?
Hi this is Andrew, I'm fine how are you guys doin'?

Congratulations on a great debut album, are you happy with the result? What has the response from the media been like so far?
Yeah thanks, we're extremely happy with the outcome of the work and it's been pleasing to receive all the good press, including from yourselves of course ;-)Naturally we won't be getting lazy and we are already gethering ideas for the next album and we'll naturally carry on working hard to evolve and improve to hopefully impress even more!

Reckless Tide was formed in October 2000 but then bearing the name Intrepid Leech, when and why did you decide to change the name of the band?
The name of the band just didn't fit to the style of the music so in the summer of 2002 we decided to change it to what it is now. It describes our music style better and also can be likened to our livestyles and personalities.

What musical backgrounds do the band members come from? Are you currently involved in any other musical activities outside the band?
We all come from different musical backgrounds but at the same time we all listen to thrash. I myself come from a more punk/hardcore background although listening to metal since the early eighties. Kjell is more rock orientated and sings in a rock cover band, although he enjoys stuff from Devin Townsend and Strapping plus other bands like No Return. Henning plays in a couple of other projects, one being an Iron Maiden cover band named Wrathchild. The rest of us concentrate our time on Reckless Tide with a few guest appearances for allied bands.

What has the musical evolution been like since you formed the band? Was it always about thrash metal?
The evolution has been amazing!! Susi started the band with a more Power orientated origin but this first changed with the arrival of Olli and then it was altogether blown when I (Andrew) joined (because I am a shouter and not a warbler;-). The style has therefore become a lot more thrash orientated but this isn't what the major evolvement has been. We've evolved and matured as a band, from the recording of our EP up until now, our music has developed and grown, we've gained experience and also learned to support one another in songwriting and performing. I believe this is the most important aspect of our developement. Nothing beats a stable band line up.

In October 2002 you drafted a second vocalist named Kjell Hallgreen, what did this mean for the band? Were you looking for another vocalist or did it just happen?
It just happened!! We were going into the recording stage of our EP "Insanity or Reality" and Olli had the idea of introducing some melodic backing vocals into the songs. He knew Kjell from earlier times and invited him down to listen to our stuff. To cut a long story short, Kjell put the backing vocals in, we were amazed at the results and asked him to join the band on a full time basis. He jumped at the chance!! Since then Kjell and myself have learned to work together well and we are now reaping the benefits and complimenting each other really well.

Is it difficult to have a husband / wife relationship within a band or does it affect you in a positive way do you think?
Do I have to answer that!?!? It's a dictatorship!!! They work together to keep us under control, It's hell on Earth!! No.... not really.... I'm only joking!! It does affect us in a positive way, more groupies for us lads ;-)

Your debut album's digi-pack comes with an hour of DVD material, can you tell us a little about what can be found there?
Yeah, the DVD comes along with the complete Wacken gig, a short tour diary of our trip last year to Holland, a small documentary about our time in the studio and with our good friends Annihilator, Olli's appearance at the Wacken Metal Quiz and a small picture gallery. All in all about an hours worth of video material which is self produced, edited and authored by Kai, Henning and myself. I'd just like to say that we put a hell of a lot of sleepless nights into getting it ready but we had a good laugh doing so.

There are no less than 14 songs on the album and it is longer than most traditional releases in the genre, was this your own decision?
Yes. We wanted to use the album to introduce ourselves to the metal public, show them what we're about and what our style involves. It also fits with the Armageddon motto of Value for money. We believe that all the songs are strong enough to have a place on the album so why should we hold back!!??

When were the songs written? Are most of them new or have you released them before as demos?
Three of the songs have been released before, "Reckless Tide" on the "Insanity or Reality" EP in 2002, "Death Train" and "Repent or Seal Your Fate" on the "7 Minutes of Thrash" 2- tracker in 2003. The rest have been written during the last 18 months with 2 songs actually finishing their developement in the studio (Damned for Now and Nevermore and, To Die for Creativity).

Sabina Classen of Holy Moses and Jeff Waters of Annihilator guests on the album, was this your idea or did the label think it would benefit sales? How did you get in touch with them?
Everything on the album from cover design to song arrangement and composition is souly the work of ourselves. This includes the appearances of our guests. We've known Sabina for a while nowand she happily agreed to add here angelic voice to our production. We met up with Jeff and the guys from Annihilator this year when they took our invitation to use our rehearsal room whilst touring with Priest. As a sign of their appreciation for our help, Jeff, Curran Murphy (ex Nevermore) and Dave Padden happily agreed to make a couple of guest appearances on the album. This was a great gesture from all involved and we send them all our heartfelt thanks.

What is the song writing process like in the band? Do you spend time composing material on your own or does everything evolve from the rehearsal space?
I write nearly all of the lyrics and this I do mainly at home or in the Pub (bar). The rest of the guys develope their ideas at home and then we sit together and work out the arrangements together in the rehearsal room. We find this is a great way to work and no-one is spared of praise or critisism, in this way we can be extremely productive. It's all about teamwork and being able to work together which we have after our 3 years together managed to successfully maintain.

How long does it take to write a song typically?
It depends, sometimes a couple of weeks, sometimes we work for a couple of months until we're all completely satisfied. My lyrics can take 5 minutes or three to four days. Every song is different and some just come together easier than others.

Who did the cover art and what was the idea behind it? Is it meant to represent the lyrics or the music in some way?
Kai, our drummer is souly responsible although we all have a say in how it should look (and Kai did have to work hard and change a few things to keep us happy!!) It represents the title track and it's lyrics. The character sees its other self in the mirror and has to make a choice, repent the sins which have been made or be damned to eternity. The corridor to the door is a dangerous path picturing the fact that all of life's choices are difficult.

If you were to capture the essence of Reckless Tide in a few sentences, how would you describe the band?
Woah! What? God, that's difficult! We are six people with different personalities that have learned to form a tight unit. This shows in our music with all the different styles coming through. We enjoy what we do, we love being on stage and chatting to the people who come to our shows and play alongside us. Our philosophy is to have as much fun as possible, make as many friends as possible and basically make the fans bang their heads until their neck muscles explode!

In 2004 you burst into the spotlight as you won the "Wacken Metal Battle" band competition, how did you feel about that? Did you think you were going to win?
We were just so happy to have been given the chance to perform at the metal mecca! The win was an added surprise as all the bands who took part were of an excellent quality. Naturally we were ecstatic to have won and it's now given us the chance to make ourselves known on a larger scale. This doesn't mean that we're going to get lazy and back off the work though, as I said before there will always be room for improvement ;-)

I was at Wacken myself last summer but didn't catch you unfortunately, what was it like playing at the festival? Did the audience appreciate your show?
It was an amazing experience that we will never forget. We had a great weekend and met loads of great people. The gathered public went mad with us and cheered us on and banged their heads from start to finish, this made the experience even more enjoyable and we were on a high for days after the gig was over!

Was it your performance at Wacken that led to the deal with Armageddon Music?
The prize for winning the Metal Battle was a deal with Armageddon-Music so I guess that's a yes to that question.

What are your expectations on the label? Will you continue to work with them in the future?
From what we've seen so far, we are very happy with the people at Armageddon. They've put a lot of work in to promote us and they also have trusted us to produce the album to how we want it, which is for an artist extremely important. We've signed to Armageddon for three years and it is planned to release another two albums, after that we will have to see. We have to keep on working hard and delivering material. Three years is a long time and nobody knows at this point how the music industry will then look.

What are your nearest plans for the future? Will the fans be able to see you on tour soon or at any festivals this summer?
We're going on tour through Germany in March and April with this year's Metal Battle competition, other things are in the planning stages but unconfirmed. As soon as we have any news we will post it on the homepage.

Any final words to round off the interview with?
We'd just like to thank you for taking the interest, and for your readers in taking the time to read the interview. Listen to the album, enjoy, and we'll see you on the road somewhere soon!! Until Then THRASH ON!! Andrew & Reckless Tide

Thanks a lot for the interview and good luck with the band and everything else in the future!

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