This interview with Rune Foss of Reclusion was done through e-mail in November 2001.

Hello, how are you?
I´m fine thank you!! Sitting here the day after a pretty good gig with Evergrey in Gothenburg. We also meet DEVIN TOWNSEND!!! Things are great this morning (except for the hangover)

Could you please give us a short biographical background on the band since most people are not familiar with you yet?
: We started in 1998 in Gothenburg/Sweden, with the goal to make straight-forward metal-in-your-face music. Recorded a four track demo together with Andy La Rocque and it turned out great. Released a 7" singel entitled "A Force Of One" (Underground Loudness) We have changed our name three times. Drowned, Dawn of time and now Reclusion. Well, short but sweet.

Your debut album 'Shell of Pain' has received good reviews in many important European magazines. Was this expected?
We are so happy about all good reviews! We didn´t know what to expect from all zines and radio stations. We were satisfied with the material our selfs, but its hard to know when you are sitting in your livingroom at home writing songs, if these songs are going to be accepted by the critical public. And when it gets accepted, it feels totally cool.

Can you tell us a little about the musical content of the album?
People like to catigorize us as a thrash metal band, and that is not a lie. But I think it´s fair to call our music brutal thrash. All songs includes technical guitars with focus on right hand techniques and rythms on the rythmguitars, and advanced leadguitars together with powerfull drumming. All these elements find its ground in the mid eighties bay area thrash. But we are also very influenced by all great death metal bands. The vocals have been described as hardcore sounding, and I agree, but you can also hear growling and harmonic parts.

You were originally set to release this album on the Swedish label Loud 'n Proud Records. Why did you decide to split with them?
We recorded "Shell of pain" feb 2000 and Loud "n" proud promised that it would be released in August 2000, but they fucked up and went out of business, so we had to start searching for a new lable to release "S.O.P". We got in contact with Listenable and signed a deal with them. Frustrating time but the result turned out even better. We are very pleased today.

The album was recorded early last year. What have you been up to since then? Have you been writing any new material?
This year from the start of the recording have been slow. It´s hard to be creative when things ain´t going in your direction. I have been in a theatre ensamble and been acting and shit, just to be on stage and showing my ass off. But we have managed to write about six new songs, and they sound really brutal.

Nowadays there are lots of metal bands from Sweden signed to most European labels. Are you afraid that you will just be one band among a hundred others? What do you think about the Swedish metal scene of today?
Well we are among hundred others, but don´t judge bands because they´re from Sweden. There are thousands of bands in Sweden that don´t sound "Swedish" and they don´t get the chance to show their shit because they are from Sweden. The metal scene in Sweden today is great!! We have this touring show theme called "Pop stad" (pop town) When it came to Gothenburg they almost had to change the name to Rock stad. There are many metal bands, but there are only a few places that arrange metal gigs, and that sucks!!

What subjects do you cover in your lyrics? Who writes them?
We tried to capture interesting situations and put ourselves in that position. Not necssesearly sharing their opinion. With all the things going on in the world right now it is easy for to find subjects to write about. Marek writes most of the lyrics.

If you were given the chance to tour with any band or artist in the world who would it be and why?
Britney Spears!! Why? You figure it out your self………

Are any of the current band members involved in any other bands or musical activities?
No. But I´m thinking of starting a tango band… and tour all gay clubs in Europe, who will get the golden condom?? Woah!!…….. sorry bad joke.

What do you guys do when not playing or composing metal?
We are just a ordinary bunch of boring guys when we are not playing metal. Renting movies together with our loveones. I work at a logistic company and drive forklift and doing some administrations. Marek is a tile salesman. Toni works as a deliveryman at the national postal company. Pasi is putting books together.

What are your all-time favorite albums?
Wow that was hard…… right now I´m listening to Ozzy´s down to earth and I love it….. all-time?..Consuming impulse (Pestilence).. … Beneath the remains….Ride the lightning….The wall…. Destroy,erase,improve….Shout at the devil……Disco volante (mr bungle) ….Reign in blood…Speak english or die…..The legacy….. Pleasure of the flesh…..hmm.. something like that.

What plans or goals do you have for the nearest future?
We are now trying to play live as much as possible, we want to meet all the people that enjoys our shit and get more routine playing live. Hopefully next year we´ll get a larger tour as a support band. I´m also writing more new material for the next album. The absolute nearest future includes me running to the toilet taking a serious dump!!!! Woooaaaahhh!!!

Any final words for your fans?
Yes!! Thanx for buying or CD and exposing your uggly faces on our shows, and watch out!! We will probably show up near your hometown soon!! I would like to say sorry to the blond guy in the front row last night at the gig. I didn´t mean to land my spit on your head, it was supposed to stick on to the roof.

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