This interview with Iván and Dani of Red Wine was done through e-mail by Sam Chronic in May 2003.

Hello, how is everything going for you?
Iván: Quite good, the album is out and now we're doing the promotion work meanwhile we¹re awaiting for playing the gigs. I'm ready to have a good time answering all what you want to know

Dani: Shot up!

Tell us a little bit about the band Red Wine.
I: Well, Red Wine, was formed in Logroño in 1997. Our first album ³Hijos Del Despertar² was recorded at Sonido XXI between August & September 2000. It was released in June 2001. After some live performances, some of them with Dark Moor, we had the chance to open the Saxon Spanish Tour (4 dates) In those dates "Hijos Del Despertar" was licensed and released in South America, U.S.A and Canada.

D: In 2001winter, we recorded our second album "El Fin De Los Tiempos" at Rock Studios, the mastering was made at New Sin Studios.We were lucky to have the collaboration in the choirs of Elisa from Dark Moor & Nacho from Arwen.

I: Yes, it was really great! Then, after some gigs , we began the songwriting of this "Sueños y Locura". During the process we had to stop some days due the recording of the track "Rise and Fall", for the album 'The Keepers Of Jericho - A Tribute To Helloween Part II'. In December 2002 we started the recording of "Sueños y Locura" album at Rock Studios. The album was finished and Piet Sielck (Iron Savior) mastered it.

Red Wine has just released "Sueños y Locura". Your last album "El Fin De Los Tiempos" was a concept album. Does the new album also have a concept?
I: No, although we talk in some songs about dreams, wishes and nightmares.

D: "El Fin De Los Tiempos" was like a tale about the eternal fight between the Evil and the Good. But "Sueños Y Locura" talk about many diferent things: "Rosa de metal" talks about women abusing; "Fuego en la sangre" is about the feelings we all have in a live rock show; "Gigantes de hierro" is about the things that men do in the name of progress, but it"s only fucking up our planet (I think you know what happened in Spain with the tanker Prestige)...

Musically the band sounds to have matured from it's earlier releases. What was the writing process behind the album?
D: Really, the process hasn't change at all. I: One of us come with the song more or less finished and each one of us add his personal touch, we discuss, try other things, and when we thing it's perfect, we discuss a little bit more ;). I thing our sound has matured because we have matured. We have learned from our mistakes and I think the album shows it.

D: Yes, and we know each other better than yesterday, so we can make it sound more "Red Wine".

What does "Sueños y Locura" mean translated into English?
I: "Dreams and madness"

What is the meaning behind naming the band "Red Wine" and what member came up with the name?
I: We all enjoy drinking wine, especially mixed with coke, and we use to drink it in the rehearsals.

D: And in the bars, in the clubs, in the streets, ... ;)

I: When we had to search a name for the band, all of us brought a huge list with possible names... We took several days to select one, and in attack of desperation someone, I can't remember who, say... Hey!! What about Red Wine??.

D: It sounded great, it was funny, and was quite original. Seemed to be perfect.

How is the musical scene is Spain?
I: Always talking in a metalic way, I think it could be better although it has a good health. Almost all of european tours make three or four gigs in here at least, so we can enjoy all of our favorites bands. There're bands that can have an international repercussion as Dark Moor, Vhäldemar or Arwen, but the fact is that metal in here is still an underground movement, that's getting stronger but too slow in my opinion.

Does Red Wine have a tour planned in the near future?
I: Yes, we have confirmed some gigs before the summer, and we´ll do a tour in autumn but unfortunately only in Spain, but it never knows, maybe we can tour abroad soon. (I hope)

What bands and musicians are your influences?
D: Each one of us has its personal favourites bands and musicians, but is easy to see that we all love Heavy Metal. Personally, I really love Hard Rock from the 80's, like Skid Row, Guns N' Roses or so; but I also love many heavier bands from many kinds of metal: Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Angra, HIM, ... The list would have no ending.

What are some of your favorite current bands?
D: There are many of them: Angra, Rage (especially with the last line-up), Sonata Arctica, Lost Horizon, ...

Do you ever feel like you have backed yourself into a corner with being in a metal band?
I: NEVER, I do this because is something I love, and everybody I trust in always support me... that support is all I need... Everything else doesn't care to me.

D: Yes, although we could get rich by singing soft music, and wearing white clothes, and cutting down these nasty long-hair... Do you know there in Sweden what is "Operacion Triunfo"? No comment. running completely drunk in the forest with my gun shooting everything that moves)!!

Are you or any of the members of Red Wine currently involved in side projects?
I: Not at the moment.

If you could do anything else besides being a musician...anything you can imagine...what would you do?
D: Anything I want? Really? Oooh, I always wanted to be a porn-star's bra, jajaja. I think you just have to enjoy what you have in your life. I'm happy just the way I am, and this is enough for me.

Any last words for everyone out there?
I: Thank you for reading an interview from a band who sings in so strange language as spanish, I'd like you listen and enjoy 'Sueños y locura' and I hope we can meet in a gig soon. Cheers & metal for all!!

D: We use to say something that I'm afraid, it has no translation in English. We say "ARRIBA ESOS CUERNOS!!!", so try to understand it the best you can. Is just somethig like: "RAISE THESE FUCKING HANDS IN THE NAME OF METAL!!!". Hope to see you soon. Bye.

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