This interview with Steakelhorb of Salacious Gods was done through e-mail in November 2001.

Hello, how are you doing?
I'm fine thanks.

Could you please give us a short history of the band?
In 1994 SG was initially formed under the name Profanatica. It was due to Profanatica (US) that the band had to change their name. Almost one and a half years later, after creating their own style the band emerged from the session-room with a stable line up and a new name: "Salacious Gods". Through performing with bands like Altar, Liar of Golgotha, God Dethroned, Ancient Rites and Enthroned the band gained experience and tightness. Salacious Gods can be placed in the category atmospheric black metal. Some musical influences are: Old Tiamat, Samael, Sabbat and Kreator. Their demo called "The Slumbering Silence" which was released in February '99 was limited to 100 copies. Short after this release Salacious Gods was signed by "Coldbloodindustries" (the label of God Dethroned front-man Henri Satler and Berthus Westerhuis: "The satanic Twins"), in pursuit of live performances, before releasing two albums.The recordings for the two albums were done at Frankies Recording Kitchen (Also visited by God Dethroned, Altar and Goddess of Desire) and produced by Berthus Westerhuis. The first album is called Askengris and their latest album SUNNEVOT. These titles are both dialect words, which mean 'As grey as ashes' and 'the sun is gone' respectively. The dialect is spoken in the Northern part of The Netherlands. Askengris was released in the fall of '99 and was extremely well received and reviewed.After the release of Askengris, SG did some gigs with Necrophobic and Goddess of Desire and some headliner gigs. After releasing their second album the band plans to do a European and a Dutch tour with God Dethroned and Aeternus to promote SUNNEVOT.

Your second album "Sunnevot" has just been released. Are you happy with the response so far?
So far we had great responses to Sunnevot the media was very positive about the album. And on our Dutch tour with God Dethroned the response was also good. So we cannot complain.

What does "Sunnevot" mean?
In the Netherlands we a several dialects, the dialect we speaks is called Drents, Sunnevot is also a dialect word which means something like the Sun is gone.

If you were to compare the new album with your debut how would you describe it?
The songs on ASKENGGRIS were a lot older than on our latest album. And therefor they were modified over and over again. The songs on SUNNEVOT are more spontaneous because they were written in a shorter period. On SUNNEVOT the key are not dominant any more which gives the album more power. But it's still melodic.

There has been a lot of hostility and jealousy within the black metal scene in the past decade. What do you think about this?
Fuck it!! There is always hatred between bands. Personally I think it is really sad. Just play music, drink beer and fuck women. I don't have time for this bullshit.

How is the black metal scene in Holland these days?
There is a very good black metal scene in the Netherlands we got bands like Ordo Draconis, Liar of Golgotha, Cirrith Gorgor and a lot of other " underground" bands. As I said there are a lot of bands with no contract yet, in the near future it will become harder for these bands to get a deal. Even for us, after this album the contract will end with coldbloodindustries. So we looking for a new deal with another label.

What inspires you?

Do you listen to anything else but black metal?
A lot of old school death and thrash metal.

You have had a few line-up changes in your history. Do you know what your former members are up to today?
I know where they are hanging out that is the only thing. We don't speak on regular bases.

Are any of the band members involved in any other bands or musical activities outside of Salacious Gods?
Our drummer is playing bass in a Dutch death metal band called Cantara. Our two guitarist are both playing a another band.

If you had to pick three wishes that would all come true what would they be?
Wishes are for believers. So draw your conclusion. Fuck off.

Any final words for the fans?
Buy the fucking album or die.

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