This interview with Marcus & Kristoffer of Sargatanas Reign was done by e-mail by Vincent Eldefors in August 2005.

The Swedish death metal band Sargatanas Reign was assembled in 1997. In 2002 they released their debut full-length "Euthanasia...Last Resort" through the small native label I Hate Records. Now they have taken a big leap forward with their sophomore effort "Bloodwork - Techniques Of Torture" which is being released by Regain Records. Sargatanas Reign is now a force to be reckoned with on the international death metal scene.

You have recently released your second full-length album "Bloodwork - Techniques Of Torture", what has the response been like so far from the metal media and fans?
Really great! Exclusively high ratings on the reviews and alot of PR-work. You can't ask for more.

It has passed three years between the releases of your two albums so far, why has it taken so long?
It was necessary! That is one thing we learned since our full-length debut, that you really have to put alot of time and effort behind an album, if you want to be pleased with it. We didn't want to make an album that we would hate and be ashamed of after a couple of months! This time we really worked hard and took the time we needed and it resulted in a pretty good album, don't you think?!

Have you already written some new material for the next album? If so, do you have any specific plan on where you are going in the future, musically speaking?
Yes we have, indeed! Hehe, we are currently working on our fourth release which will be a really dark and different album and possibly a bonus cd with it! We are planning to re-record some old songs for the use of it. This will work as a little break in the waiting for Bloodwork pt.II!

When working on "Bloodwork", were there any elements from your debut album that you wanted to keep and were there any particular things you were looking to improve?
Actually we haven't really changed anything. We did sound as we do now, back then. In fact we've wanted all our releases to sound like 'Bloodwork'! Cause that's how we sound, both live and when we rehearse. It is other problems that has caused the lack of quality in our prevs. We didn't have that much to say about the sound on those for example and our instrumental and studio skills weren't appropriate. The sound we have on 'Bloodwork' is not really processed that much, it's a pretty acoustic uptake of us playing on our gear! We wanted to improve everything and nothing with the first ones but this was just a second chance to show our true side!

For your previous releases you have worked with a small label located in your home town called I Hate Records, what has this cooperation meant for you as a band?
Just a step in the climbing upwards! It didn't give us that much except that we learned alot. I don't think that a label like Regain Records just put out an album with a band that hasn't achieved anything. So it has probably helped in that way. It's a shame that the label didn't want to continue pressing our releases since they're really limited, but I believe they have new ideas they want to realize and we wish them good luck in the future.

Now you have moved on to greener pastures and Regain Records, why did you choose to collaborate with them and what are you hoping for to achieve together with the label?
Actually we have signed with them through Blooddawn Prod. and I think it's because it's one of the best metal labels and uprising, and of course that they could realize our visions with 'Bloodwork'. With a Swedish label we also have no language barriers that make problems. I hope for both of us to come out of this as winners.

"Bloodwork" features guest appearances from former Marduk and current Dimension Zero vocalist Joakim Göthberg as well as the father of your drummer Vrashtar, how did this happen?
Just the musical visions that we had and the fact that we could! Joakim is a friend of ours and I really like his voice and think that it's a perfect contrast to Jonas' vocals. It was in all ways better than leaving all backing vocals to me! He also came up with some really cool ideas while being in the studio with us. The speaker voice in 'Blood Katharsis' for example. The case with Stefan's father was just for fun to add some atmosphere in that jazz outro! By the way, that part is recorded by me in my project studio!

The new album was recorded at the studio of your former vocalist, was this a natural choice? Did you have a particular sound in mind for the album? Were you happy with the way it came out?
We discussed the pros and cons for a long time but we decided to record at Endarker since it's in our hometown and we could take much more time. It was easier to record with Devo now when he's not in the band I think. He was great to work with and it went very well. The exact sound we wanted is what you hear on the cd.

You parted ways with Magnus "Devo" Andersson last year and replaced him with your current vocalist Jonas Matsson (ex-Nominon), how did you get in touch with him and what has this line-up change meant for you as a band?
Kristoffer had met him before in Jönköping but it was not until Emil Dragutinovic reminded him that he is a great vocalist that would suit us perfectly that we became interested and so on. Then we gave Jonas an offer he couldn't refuse!

A few of the band members have been involved with various side projects such as Laug Timor, what is going on with these right now?
Nothing of interest!

You have not done that many live appearances so far, are there any tour dates lining up ahead? what can the audience expect from a Sargatanas Reign show? Do you see yourselves as a live band?
Yes indeed, we are a really intense live band that makes much bigger/old bands look like old farts! Unfortunately we have no touring plans yet except a few gigs here and there!

What plans and goals do you have for Sargatanas Reign in the nearest future?
Deliver great death metal! Hopefully some promotion such as touring and videos!

Any final words to close this interview with?
Hope to see you all out there soon! Visit our webbsite!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer these questions and good luck with the band and everything else in the future!
Thanks alot!

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