This interview with Dantalian of Satania Infernal was done by instant messenger by Sam Chronic on March 1st, 2006.

Over the years there has been a rise in the American Black metal scene that stands firm to it's early Norwegian roots. Satania Infernal is another band that shows firm evidence that this breed of black metal is anything but dead and can be carried out stonger than ever regardless of region. I recently caught up with solo member Dantalian to discuss everything from upcoming material to the apocalypse. Read below for more...

To start off with - please tell all of the readers a little about Satania Infernal for anyone who is not familiar with the band
I started Satania to play and produce pure satanic propaganda to those worth hearing it. I have encountered a lot of unintelligent people claiming to be "true" it quite frankly pisses me off. Satania Infernal are a pure element of black metal blasphemies, and misanthropy.

When was the band first created?
The band was formed in 1998, by myself, and guitarist Evil Chuck. The original name was Maleficus. Due to a grand series of unfortunate mishaps such as a suicide, drug addictions, incarcerations, etc. I myself continued after everyone else lost interest in 2001 Satania Infernal was born from the unholy regions.

As a solo project how does the writing process usually take place when creating material?
Well things either go one of two ways, sometimes I write lyrics then guitar etc., and sometimes opposite. When I write I always have each instruments part in my head as well. The most important aspect of Satania's material is Satan. Without the influence of all that is dark, it wouldn't sound the same. Not to forget Hatred, suffering, torture, war, to list a few.

With Satanism having such a large part in your life are you affiliated with any organizations and if not what are your feelings towards these organizations such as the Church of Satan?
The C.O.S has quite a few good ideas. As far as the organization I think it has been to commercialized. I am a "theistic Satanist" or traditional Satanist. I practice chaos magic, as well as satanic and other darkend ritualistic things. I have been serious about the occult since I was 13. As for groups that I support, I would have to say the "Cathedral of the Black Goat" is the only one that I have any contact with. For the most part my satanic aspect is very solitary.

Do you feel that the Satanic aspect of Black metal is beginning to fade in the last few years?
I feel that the original satanic influence within black metal started to disapear when the music started getting popular. I am guessing around 2000 is when the decline really started. The American scene has some sick satanic black metal bands, that makes me proud.

What is your feeling towards the Black metal scene in general and what bands do you support?
As far as the black metal scene, I support "pure" black metal from dedicated black metalists. I feel that the scene today is full of pathetic whores, and posers that think black metal makes them tough. I do respect those that deserve it though. Now bands I support, that going to be hard to sum up. I can name a few. Gravespawn, Marduk, Black Dawn(Fin.), Graveland, Nargaroth, Pantheon, Enthroned, Demonic Christ, etc. you can kind of get the point. I support the bands that are serious, and not in it for image, or show offs, or to get laid.

So what about Black metal bands being on Ozzfest?
Their first show with "ozzfest" is their last as a black metal band.

Great answer... now back to the band - Satania Infernal have released "Banish the Light Eternal" in 2002 and if I am not mistaken you are currently finishing up material for a full length?
The new album will actually be the 6th full length. All of the others were extremely underground. They were, under my request produced in limited quanity. This one will be more distributed, and hopefully more promoted. I don't want to give too much away, this new CD is going to be fucking killer.

Will you be under the same label Necro-Abyssos Productions?
Yes. Satania has been with Necro-Abyssos for quite a long time. Until a better label is interested, I will stay true to Necro-Abyssos Productions.

Is there much support as far as potential to do live shows or is this ruled out due to being the solo band member?
As far as shows go I made a guest appearance at a local show on Fri. With Satania, maybe in the future, but for now just the recordings of the demonic forces that are Dantalian.

How is the metal fanbase in California nowadays?
Cali. has good metal support. There are a lot of people that show up to support the locals as well as the big names.

Good to hear - now for an off the wall question - you are granted (3) wishes of your choice BUT none of these can be MONEY. What are your wishes?
Ok here it goes: First wish, for Bush to die unexpectedly. Second wish, for all true black metalists to unite. Third wish, for the scum that is the human race to be erased like a disease.

Then there would no longer be anyone...including yourself?
Correct. That is why wish ..2 is there. So before it happens the black metalists can have the most sick satanic, party ever known. The finale... total annihilation.

As well that makes for a fitting finale to the interview - is there anything you would like to say to any of the readers out there?
Christianity shall fall, evil will prevail! Humanity will die, and bring end to all their filth. Hail Satan!!! Hail Satania Infernal!!!

Thanks to Dantalian for taking time out of his schedule for this interview. Make sure to check out Satania Infernal at the Myspace link below for MP3's, news and upcoming release dates

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