This interview with the bass player Marc Simon from the German heavy metal band Scanner was done through e-mail in August 2002. Since Marc's English isn't perfect there were some minor misunderstandings in this interview but please bare with him and me.

Hello, how are you doing?
Completely well, thank you for the inquire!

Your new album "Scantropolis" was recently released, what has the response been like so far?
You mean why it has lasted that long! That has to do with how Axel and I had to balance out all instruments ourselves and also the photographs as well as the production. All was accomplished in own responsibility. By the way we have built also a small projektstudio for it. That all was not created within a week time. Additionally we wanted to complete the band also.

Not much has been heard from the band for the last five or so years, what have you been up to during this period of time?
From 1998 the band had really a good course. We drove a Headlinertour and a Supporttour in this year through western and south Europe. After the Wacken Open Air in Germany we wanted to to concentrate on new songs. And prepare a rerelease of "Hypertrace" and "Terminal Earth" for the coming year and to give these on a "Best of Scanner" as bonus. So far were the planning. The reality looked different. First Haridon Lee wanted to deal his Artist solo and stand to disposal for scanner only for possible appearances or jobs on studio That has divided the band then and made it somehow broken. Axel as the musical head had to find a new singer, which fits with to scanner and can sing Axel 's Vocallines, this was was not possible so fast. So the conclusion; Axel and I remained only.

Axel and I did not want to give up . We have stuck too much lifeblood in the band. First of all have to form we tries a new band, however was put out the very difficult like itself. Scanners had at the most musicians a so high rank, that hardly somebody trusted itself, to put in these band his knowledge under proof. Nothing remained we had to balance Scantropolis alone. That meant for us a powerful challenge.

All instruments were balanced out by us and completed in part by friendly musicians still. We have acquired the technology for the most part and had to invest also money and time for it, to be able to work profesionell. Missing Equipment was lent from friends. The result has been taken by Axel and me again and again self-critically, song by song. On the other side we looked always for a singer. For some demo track our backgrounsinger Chris helped us. We made "Sister Mary" and "Always Alien" as well as "R.I.P." with her. The voice of a Mrs. pleased us at these songs. Unfortunately Chris refused a longer work with SCANNER, because she/it did not want to have the stamp HM on their career. She. had a best talent.

When Lisa joined the band we could get finally our wish realized to have a Mrs. with expression in the voice in the band. Our live check with Lisa proceeded well it is now listenable on the CD as well at the bonus version of "Till the Ferryman dies".

By then Axel and I had nearly burned out also . The last hurdle became then still a powerful show of strength. We decided to complete the production in our own studio. The result is SCANTROPOLIS as it is to be heard now. Our thanks to all, which have held to us.

You have changed your style since the last album, was this intentionally or did it sort of just happen?
How well each has struck, SCANNERS has now a singer. Songs to write them in the consistent continuation by "Ball of the damned" would be to be expected, were not planned by us. Axel and I were not the opinion regarding the songwriting , that we were so far away from the other albums, in musical feel. Rather I would say, that SCANNER has got a new quality of the music, which gives us more possibility, to write good and interesting songs.

You have also added a female vocalist named Lisa Croft, where did you find her?
We have found Lisa through an advertisement in the newspaper. She/it had gone then fully unencumbered without any a metal backround to the matter. It was completely new for her somewhat. However from the first tact at she stood behind SCANNER and assumed the offered chance. We ourselves are sure, that this step, to get Lisa in the band, was not worse.

I personally think her voice sounds much greater when she sings in German, will we see an album with all-German lyrics next time...?
"Engel" from Brecht is also her absolute favorit song. The song is a one to one transformation of the poem "Over the seduction of angels". Now to the question whether there are still more German titles in the future, I can say only, that it will be this time first but might be not the last.

Who wrote the lyrics for "Scantropolis" and is there a general concept that you tried to follow? Would you mind explaining the album title? Are you fans of the "Metropolis" movie?
Generally Axel wrote the lyrics. Lisa has written one text after an inspiration of myself 'The Gambler". But who ever writes it in the band it just has to fit well to the frame of our conception. It appears, that one expects SCANNER always having a story or a concept album or a red thread following.
In case of SCANTROPOLIS we have taken Fritz Lang`s Metropolis as a motivation for realising the best tech and work with less material.

Scanner started out back in 1980 under the name Lion's Breed, would you mind telling us a little about the early days of the band?
Unfortunately I can not tell very much from this time, since I have come personally after "Mental reservation" to the band. As far as I can remember, that was the band, which became from a pupil band to SCANNER and itself made the first experiences in the buisness. More I can not tell you probably. Axel should do that next time.

What does it feel like playing in one of the oldest metal bands in the world? Do you think the music business has changed a lot during these years?
It is a real good feeling. Especially when one has so grand Fans. It is right that we already have more than ten years on the buckl, but however, we are not old. The Band average in age is 28. The business has changed naturally. Unfortunately not to the good. Think only about MP3. My opinion is CD´s have simply become too expensive and the illegal copy is only the logical consequence.

What are the best and worst things respectively about being a musician?
Them best things? I believe the fans after a SCANNER concert. The worst for a musician? If my intrument would be robbed, or I no music more could make.

Do you know what any of your former members have been doing since they left Scanner?
To the former boys from the band no contact exists anymore. Sometimes you hear from or see somebody for a hello. But what they are doing is not known in the special by myself.

What are your top five albums ever?
Best albums I gladly hear are besides the SCANNER albums:
Judas Prirst Live in Japan
Tony Mac Alpinès project Driver
Dream Theaters images and Words
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon
Dabello Body and Soul

What plans or goals do you have for the nearest future?
Planned is the new CD for spring 2003. For this year some appearances are planned as well, however I can not tell it exactly, there are still no deadlines, first the contracts before you have us lie.

Now to my very own right or wrong section. You are just going to tell us whether you think the following acts would be right or wrong:
Please have understanding for not answering on this category.

a) If someone killed Hitler prior to his mass murder campaigns.

b) To burn down a church because it's "evil".

c) To burn down a church because it represents oppression.

d) Sado-masochism.

e) Death penalty.

f) To lie if it will be of benefit to yourself.

g) Censorship.

h) Religion.

i) Communism.

Any final words for your fans?
[No answer.]

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