This interview with the guitarist and songwriter Daniel Olaisen of Scariot was done through e-mail in April 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
I'm doing pretty fine. We just played at the Inferno Festival in Norway and the response was and still is awesome.

Scariot is still a pretty young band, could you give us a short history lesson?
I started Scariot in 1997, along with the In The Woods drummer. After this, there's been several line-up changes as well as the music has developed quite much. Anyway, Scariot anno 2002 is how I intended the band to sound, so now we'll hold a steady course.

Would you mind making a list of your former members? I think Ronny Thorsen, the current Trail Of Tears vocalist, has been a member of Scariot?
Ronny did the growling vocals on our debut, Deathforlorn, and was supposed to join the band on a permanent basis after this recording. Unfortunately, he did'nt have time to both us and Trail Of Tears. Some other former members worth to mention are the In The Woods drummer, the vocalist in Guardians Of Time, the former BloodRedThrone drummer and one of the guitar players in Green Carnation.

You have been involved with Satyricon in the past as well, what was that like?
Yes, I was their live guitarist from 1996 to 1999. It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

How would you desribe your music to someone who hasn't heard it yet?
Scariot anno 2002 plays a mixture of very heavy and powerful metal with references as Nevermore, Pantera and Death to name some bands...

What is it like not playing black metal in Norway, do you get less attention from the media and metal fans?
Actually, that's how we feel it sometimes. Anyway, we know Scariot provides quality and people are starting to open their eyes and take notice of us. We've had this current line-up for 4 months or so, and we're just getting better. We also have some very good songs for our third album and we hope to get the chance to record them with a killer sound.

I know that you had a record deal with Demolition Records, what happened with that? Are you without label support at the moment?
Demolition did a lousy job with our first album. Anyway, we decided to go for another album. But when we'd finished the recording of Tongueless God, Demolition gave us an unacceptable choice. It was easy for us to leave them and this was also right for Scariot. We need a serious label which have faith in our music 100%. The bad part is that we had to pay for the recording ourselves and the album was never released. We're still searching for a decent record deal...

What kind of music do you listen to today and where do you find inspiration?
I mostly listen to metal music and some pop music also actually. I have about 1000 cd's, so I guess I'm inspired of all the music I listen to in some way. I also get very inspired after I've been to a concert!

What do you do outside of Scariot?
I play in two other bands, BloodRedThrone and Cobolt 60. I also work and I have a daughter with my girlfriend.

How come you decided to play metal in the first place? When did it all start?
It all started when I was ten years in 1987 and I got the Tell No Tales album by TNT on cassette. After this it was only metal for me, but I did'nt start playing the guitar until 1993.

What is the best thing about being a musician?
Music is something every single human being do relate to in one way or another. It's just necessary for me to compose music and when things comes out as they are in your mind, it's a perfect feeling!

Is Norway a good country to live in as a musician?
Except from it's expensive to buy instruments, things are great.

How has the Norwegian metal scene changed since the black metal explosion in the early 90's?
I still thinks it's too many blackmetal bands but people have opened their eyes to other metal genres. Norway has quite some good bands to offer and this of course makes it even harder to break through...

What are your top five bands ever?
- Death
- Pantera
- Nevermore
- Dream Police
- Joe Satriani

What are your nearest plans and goals for Scariot?
We have to get a record deal now. We have plenty of new songs and we really want to show the new Scariot since we've changed our style a bit and also mainly use clean vocals now. I guess we'll record a new demo if we don't get any offers in the near future. We also have to play more live and we're doing some shows here in Norway during the summer.

Any final words of wisdom?
If you're a true metalhead, I guarantee that you'll find something interesting in Scariot's music. Take the time to check our site at : and support this upcoming act!

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