This interview with the guitarist Alexander Beyrodt of Silent Force was done through e-mail in December 2001.

Hello, how are you?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] I'm fine...very busy. I already gave 121 interviews so far and next week I fly again to Japan....the second time in 6 weeks. Looks like "Infatuator" is going well..:-)

Your latest album "Infatuator" has just been released, are you happy with the result and the response so far?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] See question Nr. 1..:-)

How would you described the new album compared to the first one?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] Faster, heavier, more melodic...."Empire" was an album you had to listen 5 or 6 times. "Infatuator" starts with a big "Booom" and it doesn't stop to "boom" till the end of the record.

You will be going on tour with Angra in March next year. Is this something you have dreamed about?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] Well, it is always great to go on tour with a good band. But I'm dreaming of other things..... :-) Honestly, we are very proud to join their tour. It will be a fantastic tour, no daught.

The album came to life at the House of Music Studios in Germany. Did everything go as you had planned during the recordings?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] Yes....

Who made the artwork this time?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] Axel Hermann, he was also resposable for the "Empire" artwork....and he works for Iced Earth as well.

On "In My Arms" the voice of Inka Auershagen can be heard. Who is she and how come she ended up singing with you?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] She is a friend of Andre and Torsten....DC wanted to try a female voice on the ballad, so she came into the game. And she did a great job....normally she is a background singer for Sash, a german dance act.

Could you please tell us about the lyrics of the album?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] DC alsways likes to write personal stuff...for example "Hear me calling" and "Last time" are about DC's brother who died in a car accident..a few years ago.

When and why did you first start playing?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] I started in the age of 14 or 15 ..I was a huge Kiss fan. And the I saw Randy Rhoads live on stage with Ozzy..this changed my life completely.

Do you know where you have most of your fans?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] I think Japan, France and Germany so far

Are you happy with the support from your label Massacre Records so far?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] Well, as a musician you never should be satisfied with your label....they always could do more. But there is one label we are 100% satisfied..NTS France, Olivier Garnier. He is the best in the world.

Any final words you would like to add?
[Beyrodt, Alexander] I wanna thank everybody who is listening to real music...... Heavy Metal is music from the musicians heart...for people with big hearts.....Thanks for beeing in the family.

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