This interview with Mark Susans of Soul Destruction was done through e-mail in August / September 2001.

Hello, how are you?
Good thanks, just been mixing some new songs this week and really pleased with how they turned out!

Soul Destruction has been around for a while now. Could you please tell us shortly about the band's history so far?
It started about a year ago when I had some ideas for new songs incorporating different elements of metal, industrial and dance combined with really varied vocal styles. I got Dave (Hobbs) involved who is an old friend of mine to play some guitars and stuff and basically we grew from there. Originally we were just gonna write and record material but have just got a live drummer (Simon Gerring) and are working now on a live show to tour in the autumn.

I was very surprised when listening to your latest EP. It is a miracle that you haven't been signed by a label yet, have you had any offers?
Thank you that's very kind of you to say that... To be honest, we wanted to get an album's worth of material together before touting a deal, which we have just completed recording on. We have had some interest from Rising Sun Records but have yet to really push it round the industry and see if anyone will pick it up.

What struck me most was your ability to mix lots of different influences like dance beats and heavy metal but still make it sound like one single entity. Where does everything come from?
Well I'd been playing in bands for years and whilst I love heavy guitars and drums I was tiring of the spectrum of sounds that could be made with just these instruments. We wanted to incorporate different drum sounds and orchestrated type stuff with disonant choirs but at the same time retain a heavy sound with big grooves. It's a matter of hours of experimenting with different sounds, beats and sequences.

Are any of you involved with any other bands or musical projects outside Soul Destruction?
No, this is all we do at the moment.

I know that you were writing a book. Have you finished it? Would you like to tell us something about it?
Yeah sure, I've been writing it for a few years and it's a gothic horror about a man who achieves immortality via the destruction of his soul. I've got a publishing deal lined up with a New York based company and so just need to get my ass in gear and finish it!

As I understand your lives have been full of death and tragedies. Do you think that the music has helped you getting through this?
I think that friends and family have given the most support and have helped us through. The music helps afterwards. It's more of a reflective type thing, after the event where you can examine your emotions and exorcise a few demons through lyrics and emotional music.

Do you listen to any of the new metal bands of today or what kind of music comes out of your stereo speakers?
Yeah, we listen to all sorts from old school bands like Pantera through to nu metal and industrial stuff. We all love Rob (White) Zombie, Fear Factory and I'm just getting into Static-X who I hadn't heard before but love what they are doing.

What are your plans or goals for the nearest future?
We want to get the live show sorted out which will involve all the loops and samples and also some video stuff, then to tour in the Autumn and try to get as much exposure as possible, we think we are doing something that no one else is doing and we want to get heard!

If you were given three wishes that would all come true what would they be?
Wow that's a hard question! Well here goes in no particular order:

1. That I could have a harem that included Denise Richards, Estella Warren and Charisma Carpenter!
2. That suicide could be reversed.
3. World domination for soul destruction.

Any final words you would like to add?
We are making music on our own terms, we do not conform to conventional music structire and anyone who wants to listen to something that requires more than just pushing 'play' should check us out.

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